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December 02
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FEBRUARY 13, 2013 5:51PM

Bill Maher Interviews Julian Assange on HBO

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assange portrait


Last Friday on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Maher interviewed Wiileaks founder Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

They discuss the illegal investigation of Wikileaks the FBI tried to carry out in London, the federal grand jury in Virginia looking at charging Assange with terrorism and the legislation Senator Joe Lieberman proposed declaring all Wikileaks staff as “enemy combatants” to enable their imprisonment at Guantanamo.

They also discuss Obama’s kill list, which according to Assange, enables the US government to assassinate its own citizens, arbitrarily, at will, in secret, without any of the decision making becoming public.”

Read more and watch the full interview at Raw Story

 photo credit: Abode of Chaos via photopin cc

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I don't know why Americans tolerate the likes of Lieberman even breathing their air. I don't think a more repugnant specimen of Homosapien has ever walked the earth.
Lieberman ought to be declared a noxious insect and a can of RAID applied......

Julian Assange once said, “Capable, generous men do not create victims, they nurture victims.”

I contract that against another thing I just read...

Pentagon Creating New Medal For Drones

and I literally just threw up in my mouth.
He will, of course, be assassinated. His organization will come under attack. His associates and employees will indeed end up in GitMo or a worse place. And nothing short of a complete and successful uprising of the American people has even a hope of stopping it.

I think we all know how "complete" such an uprising will be, and that gives us a clue as to how successful.

If you're not careful, Sky, someone will send a drone after you. That's why they assassinated al-Alawki, you know. For stuff he said on the Internet.
I saw it, Dr., and what Jack Heart said. R
[r] Stuart, thanks for this! None of the criminals exposed by Wikileaks, like the snipers from the aircraft in Collateral Murderer, have been prosecuted for killing a rescuer and shooting his children. Yet there is Assange living in captivity expecting to be droned.

Stuart, Al-Awlaki was accused of being a "propagandist" but then that was revised to be an "operational" agent ... and who knows the reality but we can guess, can't we? Arbitrary politicalization and proliferation of the Terror Tuesday kill list disposition matrix.

I'm guessing the CIA and Obama's death squads should no reality or used to but now are lost to mission kill creep. Them and the lawyers willing to play with language, nudge it over to the murder list. Just like the torture lawyers in the DoJ did for Bush, so goes the same M.O. for Obama, twisting the law at the sadistic and irrational and dictatorial pleasure of the president.

As for the 16 year old son, was he supposedly collateral damage in trying to kill someone else or was he the target? Being "operational" by being blood relative? But, Obama et al. do not feel accountable to explain anything. And Congress does not demand. Nor does most of the citizenry. What a nightmare. best, libby
like the painting of Assange.
Thanks for posting this here. I would never have heard about it otherwise.