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JUNE 22, 2013 6:15PM

Blowing the Whistle on Homeland Security

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Another Whistleblower Fights Back

In spite of all the publicity and public support the Edward Snowden case has generated, the majority of whistleblowers suffer in silence. Below is an amazing interview with former US Customs inspector Julia Davis, who was declared a domestic terrorist by the Department of Homeland Security for following established protocol in reporting a potential security threat. The threat, in this case, involved border crossings of 25 individuals with known links to terrorist groups. As Davis indicates in the video, she never dreamed of becoming a whistleblower – she was merely doing her job.

When she inadvertently exposed corrupt practices the intelligence community over responding to this and other security threats, DHS retaliated by charging her with domestic terrorism. This, in turn, led her to be imprisoned twice, though she was ultimately exonerated of all charges.

As she later learned, DHS justified the domestic terrorism charge on the basis she supposedly made derogatory statements about DHS. She explains that the label of “domestic terrorist” is a ploy used against prospective whistleblowers because it deprives them of important Constitutional protections under the Patriot Act.

She has ultimately come to the conclusion that the main function of DHS isn’t to protect Americans from potential terrorists but to harass dissidents and whistleblowers.

Davis has helped produce a documentary about her ordeal called Top Priority

Among other projects, she is undertaking an independent investigation of the systematic harassment one of her supporters and her husband – who both subsequently died under suspicious circumstances.


photo credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District via photopin cc

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More evidence that the main purpose of Homeland Security is to monitor and harass dissidents and whistleblowers - not terrorists. What really gets me about this case is this woman had no intention, in fact wouldn't dream of becoming a whistleblower. She thought she was only doing her job.
There is something incredibly wrong in the USA. How can anyone have any confidence in a government agency - indeed, in the government itself - when wrongdoing is ignored while those who report it are viciously attacked by government agencies.

Your enemy is not Al Qaeda; it is the corruption of your most trusted officials that you need to fear the most. What form of "Democracy" is this supposed to be?

DHS. bush-cheneys gift of stupid-verging-on-malicious bureacracy that just keeps on giving.
Insofar as I know Homeland Security is the first and only US government agency to use the word "Homeland" in it's name. To my mind that alone makes it suspect. R&R
This is a horrifying story. What the hell is going on? This is worse than the woman FBI agent in Arizona who tried to get the 911 terrorists stopped before the bombing. I think we are in deep trouble.
As far back as the Kennedy assassination, cover ups have been based on protecting people in government who weren't doing their jobs, which is the best conspiracy theory about that event that I've yet come across. Things appear to have gotten worse. Assuming that this video is accurate, and I don't currently have a reason to doubt that, a lot worse.
There's some crazy stuff out there. Some of it isn't being picked up most anywhere yet. There are allegations from an NSA whistleblower that judges, congresspeople and others are being targeted for spying and blackmail. Of course, this is the age-old claim of why Kennedy was killed. That he was being blackmailed and thus represented a security leak because of his reckless behavior. So he became expendable.

There is no doubt that this isn't anything new. As you and other commentors note........

I couldn't agree more than it is appearing that the DHS is a domestic spying operation.
Yeah. There are crazy things going on in the USA.


I think many of these scandals have some something to do with the thing that secret agencies are becoming divided especially on the issues what to with wars going astray.

There must be many inside cia, who are thinking that the whole recent policy in the Middle East has been a complete failure already since 'Arab Spring', which had a lot of cia involvement already from the beginning.

Now the war in Syria is getting very bad and it seems that Americans are not going to win it, what ever they tried to do.
I think they can't justify much of the federal funding, and so it becomes ok to invent terrorism to keep their jobs. Obama does not strike me as sinister and evil, but there are elements that are impossible to ignore any longer. Journalists are muzzled, innocent people are jailed for telling any truths that might jeopardize jobs or careers of the corrupt... Judges are playing along. what the hell is going on, and how do we stop it? Any ideas as to how this allowed to stand for so long, under Obama. Look up Brandon Raub, Moshe Joseph, and Barrett Brown for some chills. Most don't understand how laws can be manipulated. They don't understand the dangers they face due to the Patriot act. Until enough of them do, and they voice it enough, there will no incentive for leaders to change their ways. In the meantime, too many view the world in terms of partisanship,and the bad apples thrive on these fake distractions.