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Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
New Plymouth, New Zealand
December 02
Retired psychiatrist, activist and author of 2 young adult novels - Battle for Tomorrow and A Rebel Comes of Age - and a free ebook 21st Century Revolution. My 2010 memoir The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee describes the circumstances that led me to leave the US in 2002. More information about my books (and me) at


JANUARY 18, 2014 1:16PM

The CIA Role in the Arab Spring


(more from my research for A Rebel Comes of Age)

L’Arabesque Americaine (French edition – not available in English yet)

by Ahmed Bensaada (2011 Michel Brule)

Book Review

The current military junta in Egypt supports growing suspicions that the Arab Spring

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JANUARY 17, 2014 2:01PM

How the CIA Promotes Nonviolence

(More from my research for A Rebel Comes of Age)

As Ward Churchill (in Pacifism as Pathology) and Peter Gelderloos (in How Nonviolence Protects the State) suggest, white middle class activists have very complex psychological reasons for their dogmatic attitude towards political violence. However i… Read full post »

JANUARY 16, 2014 2:33PM



(More from my research for A Rebel Comes of Age)

1968: The Year that Rocked the World

by Mark Kurlansky (Vintage 2005)

Book Review

1968 was a year for citizen uprisings around the world. Kurlansky comprehensively reviews 19 of them.* Student activists and workers on both sides of… Read full post »

JANUARY 15, 2014 2:02PM

How Nonviolence Protects the State

how nonviolence protects the state

(more from my research for A Rebel Comes of Age)

How Nonviolence Protects the State

Peter Gelderloos (2007 South End Press)

Book Review

How Nonviolence Protects the State takes up where Ward Churchill’s 1985 Pacifism as Pathology leaves off – expanding on Churchill’s basic

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JANUARY 14, 2014 2:03PM

Pacificism as Pathology

pacifism as pathology

(more of my research for A Rebel Comes of Age)

Pacifism as Pathology: Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America

By Ward Churchill (2007 AK Press)

Book Review

Pacifism as Pathology is a collection of essays centered around Ward Churchill’s original 1985 essay “Pa/… Read full post »

JANUARY 13, 2014 2:35PM

Teenagers in the First Intifada


(More from my research for A Rebel Comes of Age and the role of youth in sparking revolution)

Like the 1976 Soweto uprising, the first Palestinian Intifada in 1987 was instigated by teenagers experiencing a breakdown in family life and parental authority.

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JANUARY 12, 2014 1:59PM

The Role of Youth in Making Revolution


(Sharing more of my research for my new novel A Rebel Comes of Age)

Much has been made of the role of youth in sparking the “Arab Spring” revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa. The willingness of Arab citizens to rebel against some of the world’s… Read full post »

JANUARY 11, 2014 5:22PM

Squatting 101


(Another post based on my research for A Rebel Comes of Age – with specific advice on how to stop your bank from foreclosing on you. A new ruling in US bankruptcy court means that roughly half the foreclosures which have occurred since 2008 are illegal.)

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JANUARY 10, 2014 2:34PM

Teen Homelessness: An American Disgrace

homeless teen

(Sharing some of my research for my new novel A Rebel Comes of Age.)

In the US, children under 18 represent one-third of the US homeless population. 2.8 million American children have at least one episode of homelessness every year, while 1.35

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JANUARY 9, 2014 1:20PM

The Way Forward


Guest Post by Steven Miller

(In this final of 6 guest posts, Miller discusses the role of reform in drawing people into action against the state.)

Nothing Can Be Done by Fighting for Reforms and Nothing Can Be Done Without Fighting for Them

We can summarize the salient features of… Read full post »


Guest blog by Steven Miller

 (This is the 5th of 6 guest posts in which Miller discusses the corporate vultures descending on the Bay Area)

San Francisco’s Invasion by Corporate Predators – Part V

These are the best of times…. or so

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JANUARY 7, 2014 1:47PM

What Really Happened in Detroit


Guest post by Steven Miller

(This is the 4th of 6 posts in which Miller describes how Detroit residents and auto industry pensioners were deliberately swindled by Wall Street, with the help of the state and federal government.)

What Really Happened in Detroit

With Detroit’s financiaRead full post »

JANUARY 6, 2014 2:27PM

Obama's Privatization Agenda


Guest post by Steven Miller

(This is the 3rd of 6 guest posts in which Miller describes how Obama is re-engineering society on behalf of the ruling elite.)

Part III – Obama’s Privatization Agenda

From Obama’s State of the Union Address:

So, tonight, I

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JANUARY 5, 2014 3:09PM


wall street

Guest blog by Steven Miller

(This is the second of 6 guest posts by Steven Miller describing the financialization of capitalism and the takeover of the global economy by bankster speculators)

Speculators – Part II

Today the financial industry

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JANUARY 4, 2014 12:59PM


corporate flag

 Guest blog by Steven Miller

(The following is an brilliant essay in 6 parts about the takeover of democracy by monopoly capitalism – that includes solutions.)

Capitalism in the 21st Century is no longer based largely on profits resulting from a real  economy producRead full post »

JANUARY 2, 2014 12:57PM

Are They Trying to Kill Us All?


Obama Disregards Court Order on Antibiotic Use in Livestock

Nothing exemplifies more clearly the corporate takeover of democratic government than the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approach to Food Inc’s routine use of antibiotics in animal feed. Thirty-six years… Read full post »

DECEMBER 30, 2013 4:45PM

Honoring the Real Nelson Mandela


In “The Mandela Barbie,” BBC journalist and investigative reporter Greg Palast’s eulogy of Nelson Mandela provides a rare breath of sanity in the media stampede to remake a legendary Marxist revolutionary into an icon of free market capitalism. According to Palast, &ldqu/… Read full post »

A great video about a 30 year old community food forest in Davis California.

Despite working full time jobs, residents can produce 70% of their food needs in their front and back yards.

The beauty and simplicity of permaculture and perennial food forests.

Full video free online at

http://wwwRead full post »

DECEMBER 25, 2013 1:29PM

How Permaculture Can Save Humanity

 London Food Forest

How Permaculture Can Save Humanity and the Earth, but Not Civilization

by Toby Hemenway (2013)

Film Review

Below is another great video on the history of horticulture by permaculturist and ecologist Toby Hemenway. Hemenway’s main premise is that agriculture… Read full post »

Great clip from Ryan Dawson from House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on extending the US occupation of Afghanistan past 2014. There is total silence when Pentagon officials are asked how much the war in Afghanistan costs and how many GIs have been killed or wounded.

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DECEMBER 22, 2013 1:48PM

My New Book Goes Live Today

Rebel cover

My young adult novel goes live today on Smashwords. The ebook (all formats) can be downloaded for $3.99 at It’s also available from other purchase links listed at the bottom.

Here’s a 3rd and final excerpt from Chapter 24. Below is a Yo… Read full post »

DECEMBER 20, 2013 12:50PM

Dirty Truths

dirty truths

Dirty Truths

by Michael Parenti (City Lights Books, 1996)

Book Review

Nearly 17 years old, Michael Parenti’s 1996 Dirty Truths offers an analysis of the national security state that props up monopoly capitalism which is largely missing from scholarly “leftist” literature./… Read full post »

DECEMBER 18, 2013 1:30PM

Deliberative Democracy


Slow Democracy: Rediscovering Community, Bringing Decision Making Back Home

by Susan Clark and Woden Teachout

Book Review

Slow Democracy is about a process known as “deliberative democracy.” This is a type of direct democracy in which community members play a

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DECEMBER 16, 2013 1:19PM

Are Left-Right Labels Obsolete?

chart4Many activists are starting to reject traditional liberal-conservative and left-right labels as overused and/

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DECEMBER 14, 2013 5:34PM

The Rally

Rebel cover

A Rebel Comes of Age – release date Dec 21, 2013

Another Excerpt from my young adult novel (from Chap 22)

When Clemente finally took the microphone, the stretch of McDonough between Patchen and Malcolm X was wall-to-wall people. The hip-hop activist, an attractive, thirty-something La… Read full post »