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Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
New Plymouth, New Zealand
December 02
Retired psychiatrist, activist and author of 2 young adult novels - Battle for Tomorrow and A Rebel Comes of Age - and a free ebook 21st Century Revolution. My 2010 memoir The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee describes the circumstances that led me to leave the US in 2002. More information about my books (and me) at


FEBRUARY 27, 2015 8:25PM

The Airlines' Toxic Little Secret

How Safe is Air Travel?

If you’re planning a plane trip soon you need to know about a condition that can cause airline pilots to develop brain fog and become confused and disoriented during flights. It’s known as aerotoxic syndrome. Tristan Loraine, former pilot and founder of… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 25, 2015 6:41PM

White Like Me

White Like Me

Scott Morris (2013)

Film Review

White Like Me is a frank examination of white privilege featuring long time white civil rights activist Tim Wise. Contrary to popular misconception, the political disenfranchisement of people of color didn’t end with the Civil War or the 1960s/… Read full post »

oil tanker

US Backs Russian UN Resolution Targeting ISIS

According to Bloomberg’s, on Feb 10 the UN Security Council adopted a binding Russian resolution threatening economic and diplomatic sanctions against countries and individuals that help ISIS and other terrorist groups profit from trad

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FEBRUARY 21, 2015 5:38PM

Black Girls Matter

black girls matter

Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced and Underprotected

Kimberlé Crenshaw (editor) 2015

(Free PDF)

Black women are the fastest growing segment of the prison population. Black Girls Matters summarizes the research linking Zero Tolerance schools with the growing percentage/… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 19, 2015 3:58PM

The New Jim Crow

new jim crow

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

by Michelle Alexander (2010)

Book Review

In The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander argues that the War on Drugs and mass incarceration of African Americans functions as a racialized caste system similar to Jim Crow segregation… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 17, 2015 3:56PM

Seattle's New Youth Movement

For Martin Luther King day, the Garfield High School Black Student Union held a panel discussion on Seattle's burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement. In their first major protest, thousands of Seattle students walked out of their high schools when the grand jury failed to indict Darren Wilson… Read full post »


According to London Broker, Global Economy is Shrinking

The main premise of Life After Growth: How the Global Economy Really Works – and Why 200 Years of Growth are Over  is that global economic growth has ended. Western governments conceal this fact through debt creation… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 13, 2015 4:58PM

Why a Low Fat Diet Makes You Fat

(And Causes Heart Disease, Cancer and Tooth Decay)


The Big Fat Surprise


The Truth About Animal Fat: What the Research Shows

The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet lays out the scientific case why our bodies are healthiest on a diet rich/… Read full post »


Dream 2015 is a shocking new report describing the systematic impoverishment of people of color. By denying them access to banking services (eg checking accounts to cash their pay checks), Wall Street forces them to rely on fringe financial services, such as check cashing outlets, payday… Read full post »

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyword

Simon Klose (2013)

Film Review

This film’s title comes from hacker jargon – AFK (away from keyboard) means "in real life," as opposed to "virtual." It’s about the Swedish trial of the world’s largest file sharing site. In 2009 when… Read full post »

Inside the Dark Web

BBC (2014)

Film Review

Inside the Dark Web is about Tor, a technology that prevents government and corporations from spying on us when we use the Internet.

The World Web has been described as the world’s best tracking device, thanks to the wealth of information… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 5, 2015 4:33PM

A Suspense Thriller About Hacking

Algorithm: the Hacker Movie

By Jonathan Schiefer (2014)

Film Review

From the title, I mistakenly assumed this film was a documentary. It’s actually an extremely well made thriller about a group of hackers who are kidnapped and tortured by Homeland Security.

The film noir style is vaguely rem… Read full post »

The Internet's Own Boy: The History of Aaron Swartz

Brian Knappenberger (2014)

Film Review

The Internet’s Own Boy is about computer prodigy and ardent free Internet activist Aaron Swartz. Swartz allegedly hanged himself in 2013 two weeks before going to trial on federal charges under the Com/… Read full post »

john lennon

The second of two posts about the late political researcher Mae Brussell

Operation Chaos

In addition to her other research, Mae Brussell also played a vital role in bringing the CIA’s Operation CHAOS to public attention. According to Brussell CHAOS, which was launched in 1967, played… Read full post »

JANUARY 31, 2015 5:01PM

Mae Brussell: Forgotten Superhero

Mae Brussell Pine Cone Photo

Part I of a two-part post on political researcher Mae Brussell

For more than 25 years, Mae Brussell (1922-1988) was America’s preeminent researcher into the suppressed history of political assassinations, covert operations, mind control, secret societies, organized banking crime… Read full post »

JANUARY 30, 2015 3:53PM

My Lawsuit Against Facebook

max-schremsMax Schrems

Yesterday I got my first update. on the class action suit against Facebook. I honestly forgot I was suing them. The substance of the suit is that Facebook has been engaging in illegal data gathering and information sharing with the

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predator drone"We didn't even really know who we were firing at."

The traumatic nature of their work is leading drone operators to quit the Air Force by the hundreds.

In the following video, former senior drone operator Brandon Bryant expresses deep regret for the six years he spent with the… Read full post »


 From the Guardian:

Former host of NBC’s The Tonight Show Jay Leno voices support for the women have come forward claiming they were sexually assaulted by comedian Bill Cosby.

"I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe women," Leno tells the audience at… Read full post »

requiem for a species

Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth About Climate Change

By Clive Hamilton

Allen and Unwin (2010)

Book Review

Most of Requiem for a Species is a detailed analysis of the sociological and psychological factors that lead all of us (including climate activists) to deny the/… Read full post »

JANUARY 23, 2015 4:10PM

The Cost of Racism to White America

The Cost of Racism to White America

University of Massachusetts Professor John H Bracey (2011)

Film Review

In his lecture, Professor Bracey blames racism and white privilege for US having the most poorly organized working class in the industrialized world. From the start of Jim Crow after the… Read full post »

JANUARY 21, 2015 5:30PM

A New Economic Model to Save the Planet


Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth

by Juliet Schor

Penguin Press (2010)

Book Review

The main premise of Plenitude is that neoclassical or free market economic theory falls short in addressing the global economic crisis because it fails to account for the negative ecological impact/… Read full post »

JANUARY 19, 2015 6:12PM

Credit Card Nation

credit card nation

Credit Card Nation

by Robert D Manning

Basic Books (2000)

Book Review

Credit Card Nation is about the role of plastic money in the rise of consumer capitalism. In addition to heartbreaking stories of real people struggling with credit card debt, it provides a comprehensive

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JANUARY 17, 2015 4:02PM

Roundup Linked to Autism and Alzheimers


Recent research reveals the main toxic effects of glyphosate, the main ingredient in the Monsanto weedkiller Roundup, are identical to the typical biological markers for autism and Alzheimer’s disease. MIT researcher Dr Stephanie Seneff PhD is also alarmed by the correlation between… Read full post »

creating waldens

Creating Waldens: An East-West Conversation on the American Renaissance

by Ronald Bosco, Joel Myerson and Daisaku Ikeda

Dialogue Path Press (2009)

Book Review

A Buddhist neighbor loaned me this odd little book. It consists of a series of conversations between 2001 and 2005 between American… Read full post »

JANUARY 13, 2015 5:33PM

Sticking It to Chomsky

languageLanguage: the Cultural Tool

by Daniel Everett

Profile Books Ltd (2012)

Book Review

The purpose of this book is to outline a dispute in the linguistic community between those who believe that language is acquired – that human beings develop language as a cultural tool – and

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