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February 26
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APRIL 6, 2009 7:40PM

Save the Fennec Hare: he's adorable and endangered

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Of late, I have found myself seeking happiness and joy looking at baby animal pictures. I would like to  take a moment to discuss animals - particularly baby animals that I would like to hug and are also endangered.  Let us discuss the rare Fennec Hare.

Recently (formerly the best site ever) posted about this cutey. 

The moment I saw him I thought: how perfectly cute in every way. Everyone on earth would agree that this creature needs to be fruitful and multiply. When I initially read about his endangered status I thought to myself, this is just the sort of animal I need to support. Screw the Condor. The world needs more baby bunnies with giant ears and sad giant eyes. 

He's adorable just like a fennec fox. I also love fennec foxes, who doesn't?

I decided to research the fennec hare to see what I could do to ensure the survival of this most precious of  species. Not many hits, obviously a very rare animal. More searching, and Google fails me. I'm frustrated. I want to send money to whomever is taking care of these perfectly adorable baby animals. 

A little too perfectly adorable... I grow suspicious. Then I took another look at the baby fennec fox photo in comparison the the fennec hare and all of the sudden I realized I have been duped. The Fennec Hare is a multimedia hoax, a photoshop.

Damn it.

Zooborns - How could you? Really? Don't you know your website is frequented by crazy cat ladies like me who melt at the sight of all manner of baby animals? It's a crime!

Just when I thought I found a new baby animal whose pictures I would email endlessly to co-workers. But no, Zooborns. The fennec hare is a rouse. Instead of adding him to my list with the red panda and otters he's on the list with Yetis.


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I also hate that it is a hoax but I figured it was when I saw that zooborns posted it april 1, 2009. So I just knew it had to be an apiril fools joke.
The first little sweetie is obviously a kitten....still cuter than crap though.....