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February 26
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OCTOBER 8, 2009 4:30PM

Cat Congress Celebrates Cheeseburger

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Pleasing kittens across the country, LOLcat Simon, finally gets cheeseburger.


"Nom, nom nom" said a wide-eyed Simon as he relished the deliciousness of the cheeseburger he had long been denied.


The cat congress, after busily debating the merits of yarn reform have spent half of the day’s session staring into space thinking about the good fortune of Simon. Fluffy (R-Arizona), made a motion to declare the day a national holiday, however this was largely ignored as a giant piece of lint floated across the hall.

Aragon Fur-Fur Kitty Boy (D- Connecticut)  issued the following statement:

"I can has so much happy, when I think about my fellow LOLcat eating the cheeseburger.”

Up until this point, the cheeseburger has been the long standing wish of every LOLcat. Presently it is unclear what the LOLcats will want now that one of their brethren have finally achieved this lofty goal. Happy Cat, senior advisor to Ceiling Cat, has asked all LOLcats to be patient and “invisible golf clap” for Simon.  


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Yea!! Cheezeburger!!!!

Also wondering if Basement Cat is busy working on a proposal to raise cheezburger taxes now...