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February 26
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FEBRUARY 5, 2010 12:40PM

Low Self-Esteem Friday

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During the night an army of microscopic vikings plundered my face, leaving little red marks as remnants of their war. They used my eye lids as a battlefield, and clearly shot canons under my eyes. They dug trenches around my mouth to hide from their enemies. They It's the only logical explanation for how I look right now.

It's Friday, which is casual day. For the rest of the world this is a happy occasion involving Hawaiian Shirts, and possibly a fashion statement for the brave. I feel like wearing a giant burlap sack over a burka. All things considered, I think this outfit would suit me well. 

My hair looks like this, but instead of featuring a radical growling bear weave, I'm sporting one giant tangle that looks like a single dreadlock.

Crazy hair weave

Oh, and to complete the look shampoo dripped into my eye in the shower.  I hate today.


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Um, you look pretty good to me. If this is a bad day, I'd love to see a good one.
Never understood the rational behind casual Friday. The one time I tried to participate I was fired.

What a Tigerskin Speedo isn't casual?

Strength, peace and love to you.

Oh no the shampoo in they eye! I woke up with a bhindi style pimple.

It makes me understand why people worship satan. He seems to be someone to placate. Know what I mean?
Good article. Glad you are no longer interested in being a good Republican. There really isn't such a thing. Just thought I'd let you know. But in all fairness, there is no good politicians either. It's a real oxymoron.
It will get better. :) I'd say keep it simple on casual friday; too much work only backfires.
Aw, honey, I've been there. Rated!
(I never liked casual Friday, either).