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February 26
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JUNE 24, 2010 11:30AM

Zero Calorie Hot Diggity Dogs in Buns

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I tend to eat very little beast, but this doesn't mean I don't appreciate a hot dog particularly around the Forth of July.  On behalf of everyone who doesn't scream "Yay Meat" or who may be trying to cut a few calories from their Independence Day celebration allow me to offer an alternative hot dog.
Dog Selection
The most critical ingredient in this recipe is the dog. Puppies obviously work best based on their size, however temperament should be considered while making a selection. The little delicious morsel of a dog featured above, fits in a palm, has bright eyes and sweet folded ears.   He's obviously very photogenic which is critical to this recipe.
Exhibit A. 
The classic form of dog in bun is exemplified by the following wee  pup in an generic hotdog roll. He's adorable, and low calorie.  This is perfection.
Exhibit B.  
This little pup's patriotic holder helps me better understand the integral linkage between dogs in buns and the Forth of July. I am particularly impressed with this photo since it was taken pre 9/11 and demonstrates patriotism before it became compulsory.
Yay America! B+
Exhibit C.
Don't do this, it's only marginally competent.  First off it is in bad form to photo or video your pets with a distracting background.  The linoleum flooring looks hideous. The dogs are already embarrassed about the bun carelessly tossed on a back and it's missing a good dog smile or anything to make it noteworthy. 
Not so great actually, indeed. C- . 
Bad Hot Dog Costume by ScribbleCraft. 
Exhibit D. 
This is a cat or rather kittenburger. Fail. Did not follow Directions.
Acquire a tiny dog.
Place him in a soft bed of bread.
treat dog meat luxury dish americas perceive dog equivalent child

Take lots of photos instead of eating. I of course would be happy to grade and comment on all submissions.

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OMG can you hear me squealing with appreciation at the cuteness?? You are brilliant. Like you, I am not drawn to things about meat, and assumed I would have to steer clear of Hot Dog Open Call at OS. Thank you for this adorable post. Rated arf arf.
HA! hope you submitted this to the Salon open call~ very creative!
Much thanks all - I thought this would go over better than my "To-furter on gluten free carb thing recipe."
God, so funny. I'm laughing out loud! Love it! Rated!
Every dog has its day.
Tiny, tiny dogs!!! You and I were on the same wave length with our titles!!! Sync! Mine, however, are for eating!!! With chips! Spare the pups!
Ooh, unspeakable cuteness, especially the second shot! Rated.