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MARCH 29, 2012 4:05PM

Navigator Of Lost Dreams

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Navigator Of Lost Dreams
© Surazeus
2012 03 29

Where is she traveling now, dreamer of shadows,
who sees beams of light inside our bodies,
and packs thoughts, she wears in silent affection
for lost people who cannot find their voices,
inside fragile suitcase of her wild heart.

Do I hear her voice echoing off mountains,
shimmering from traffic on endless highways,
whispering behind dire news on radios,
voices of millions swirling among trees
inside swelling bagpipes of her free heart.

We follow your deep footsteps, Adrienne,
leading us through valley rich with your dreams
to dance with death, and look through your clean window
and see this same strange world distorted clear
inside sparkling rainbows of your flying heart.

Teach us to sing, navigator of lost dreams,
so echo of our own voices may guide
stumbling steps through maze of hunger and greed
and we rise above fear to dance on mountains
inside eyeball sky of your sparkling heart.

In memory of Adrienne Rich
inspired by this post by Susan Rich

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surazeus, poet, adrienne rich

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Navigator of lost dreams..Wonderful..And so sensitive...Feels to me almost fragile although words on ink and ρaρer(the surface) but so many feelings.Rated with best regards..Surazeus.
Thank you, Stathi.

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