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September 24
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JUNE 23, 2012 7:47PM

Red Haired Boy

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Red Haired Boy
© Surazeus
2012 06 23

I listened to David play Red Haired Boy
picking guitar of timeless mountain light
while driving somewhere on numberless road
going away or heading onward home
I forgot and lost my way without care
thinking about my Texas-town best friend,
hot summer afternoon at fishing hole,
who gassed himself in his truck, eighty-six,
I never learned till twenty three years later,
then stood two hours on lonely sun-fired hill
somewhere between Seattle and Miami,
and arranged small red rocks on dusty slope
to spell his full name, David Daniel Smith,
and I wished we could ride our bikes again
on christian college campus, drink root beer,
and climb brick wall outside library hall,
and write about adventures in spy books.



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He must have been a very good friend I am sorry he was gone too soon...
We had a good time. I moved to Seattle and lost touch so I never knew until two years ago.
Listening and remember those I've lost before their time... thank you.
Add my sympathies to all of the others. So sad.