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Susan Ostlie

Susan Ostlie
Albuquerque, New Mexico,
June 27
Past lives - graphic artist (pre computers), teacher of the gifted - middle school - now RETIRED! Quilter, hiker, bibliophile, environmental educator.

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APRIL 14, 2010 11:35PM

A Subtle Desert - Spring Flowers

 Bend low if you want to see the flowers offered by the New Mexico desert in the spring – they are, with few exceptions, small, subtle, and complex. Their blooms are fleeting, following the occasional spring rains, the canyons seeps, springs, and snowmelt.

PICT1010 cropped  PICT1035 cropped

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First tinwork project

 Tinwork candle sconce

One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons shows two middle aged women studying a canvas. One comments, "I'm serious - you could really pursue this as an embarrassing hobby." The artist, in her paint splashed smock, looks vaguely pleased, similar to the way I feel when… Read full post »

             Once upon a springing morn lily round a green, sweetened pond was born a crystal bane, a tiny drop of gargoyle’s mind: the thimble witch. Wee she was, a dainty bite for dappled cows, for munching sheep, for snotty facey ch…

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Who knows how I decided to quilt. I had always liked sewing, and as  children, we had slept under our great-grandmother's quilts in the winter.

Grandma quilt 05-09

Great Grandma's quilt 

For the winter they were simple squares, sewn from wool suit fabrics, tied, not quilted. Heavy, dark-colored, and d… Read full post »

Sunrise above the Sandias - my latest quilt/duvet cover  Not sure how this all works - my first attempt at a blog - this is a photo of my latest quilt/duvet cover - Sunrise above the Sandias with Mt. Taylor, Volcanoes, Rio Grande in the foreground. designed for my daughter so she would not miss the New Mexico sunsets… Read full post »