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Susan Creamer Joy
Paris, Iowa,
September 30
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OCTOBER 22, 2010 9:21AM


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I come from a long line of psychics.   Most hail from my mother's side of the gene pool whose clairvoyant waters run to depths of inky blackness. Yet there also exists a significantly greater volume of normal, shallow ancestral tributaries; thus ruling out the possibility of unilateral genetic insanity.


Growing up Catholic most of these other-worldly proclivities were never discussed with those outside our family.   But within our mystical tribe they were routine.  So much so that I thought nothing of them until I was much older and realized through my friends that no one else's mother could read their mind and that the "Blue Lady" who frequently manifested to chat with my grandmother was not marketing her prophetic wisdom at everyone's dinner table.


By then I'd had enough paranormal encounters of my own not to question the value and validity of such preternatural exchanges and thought only that it was a shame so few others shared that same metaphysical advantage.


The clairvoyant element of the bloodline apparently flows through the matriarchy and impacts the firstborn daughter; from my great-grandmother, to my grandmother (who was the eldest of nine); to my mother (her only child); to myself and now to my eldest daughter.


I have an intense aversion to the idea of ever visiting Salem, Massachusetts.


My grandmother was an eccentric personality in her own right.  She was a cabaret and opera singer; beautiful, exuberant, loud, large and extreme.  Believe me, she did not need the added eccentricity of psychic proclamations to make herself known.


But there she would be reciting for all who were within earshot the latest news from the 'Blue Lady' or  what her "psychic-ness" told her or recounting her afternoon with my paternal grandfather among the flowers in his precious rose garden on the grounds of the house she then occupied.  The house she purchased two years after his death.


It was when visiting that same large, rambling old house as I was growing up, that I often saw the apparition of a lean, elderly man in stripped pajamas drifting from bedroom to bedroom late at night, nodding in calm gratification that we were all tucked in, safe and sound.  He was not my late grandfather, and although I did not recognize him as an ancestor of mine, he never frightened me.  I simply assumed he was The Sandman, whom I believed in at the time as much as I did in Santa Claus and pitied him for the ungodly nightshift hours mandated by the terms of his employment.


Both my mother, my eldest daughter and I share the gift of moderate precognition as well as a deep 'knowing' as it regards the soul and integrity of a person.


However, the same can also be said of every dog I've ever owned, which implies that the gift is really in the ability of my mother, daughter and I to articulate our findings with relative accuracy and insight.  


Every sentient being has this potential.


When I was in high school, my mother knew of the death of my boyfriend a week before it occurred in a car accident and was visited by his confused spirit three days after his death.   She let him know what had happened to him and diplomatically informed him that it was both alright and necessary for him to move on.  


It is no secret that an affinity for psychological counseling comes in handy when mediating with the deceased.


Many times as my daughter was growing up I was 'called' to go into her bedroom where it became necessary to interrupt her nocturnal conversation with whatever disembodied traveller had situated themselves at the foot of her bed or in the corner of her room.  I reminded them both that she operates on a linear plane where it is important she get eight hours of sleep before school in the morning.


 With rare exceptions it ended peaceably, and on the occasion it did not, it was always due to my daughter's healthy obstinance and her refusal to believe that the ability to read and write have more credibility in this world than does the knack for guiding the deceased towards the light.

Not every supernatural encounter was pleasant, and there have been a number of times when they've been downright hostile.  I cannot count the times throughout my life that I have been shoved by an unseen hand.


The first time came when I was an infant in the arms of my mother as she descended the stairs in the family home of my grandmother's second husband, Hiram, at the Blauvelt Mansion at Bluefield.



My mother said that she was violently pushed down those stairs and yet no one was anywhere near her at the time.  Miraculously, neither one of us was injured.  She claims also to have felt a mysterious cushion of protection upon landing, which would have been necessary to escape certain injury on those unforgiving hardwood floors.


Not very many years later I would experience that same phenomenon when at age three I was outside by myself on a winter's day and pushed off the snowy bank into the frigid waters of a small stream.  I was under water for several minutes and heard a disembodied female voice clearly speak the words, "Not yet, Susan."  Seconds later I was fished out by the woman whose house stood on the property because she 'happened' to glance out an upstairs window and saw me there.


When I was five I was again pushed down the stairs by a force unseen only this time my rescue came from an equally invisible source that pulled me back by my shirt as I was in mid-tumble then gently righted me, lifting me off the step ever so slightly before setting me down.  


These sorts of occurrences were commonplace and while I was never afraid and had faith in whatever angels or guardians protected me, 

I have developed a healthy regard for the use of bannisters and rarely descend any steps without a firm grip on one.


For a time I took my show on the road believing my sensitivities could perhaps be used to benefit others.  I spent over a decade using the Tarot as a springboard to give 'readings' for clients, each one centered around aiding them in the spiritual aspects of their earthbound road trip and helping them realize the precious meaning of their own unique lives.  


But I abandoned that practice when I realized that most people don't want direction in their lives as much as they want to be told what to do, how to do it and where to go to make it happen.  No one on earth has the right to orchestrate the destiny of another.  


I'm not playing gypsy witch.  Go make your own future.


Admittedly, I have spent the great majority of my adult life attempting to disengage from this filmy realm of non-being.  I have a hard enough time training my attention on the salient aspects of daily living without the added muddle of extrasensory engagements to further confound me.  


Instead I have tried to channel whatever otherworldly knowing I may stumble upon into my words and my artwork where I can incorporate these prescient musings into grounded and practical wisdom that everyone can benefit from; right here, right now.


If given the choice, I'd rather lift the spirits of those I can see than commune with those I can't.  After all, it is the quality of the spirit within us that should be our primary consideration while we are here.


And as for my supernatural confrontations on the stairs, they can keep trying to trip me up, but they'll never succeed.  I'm simply not ready to depart.


Rest assured, they don't stand a ghost of a chance.



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Ahhh....another beautiful layer to Susan. I'm not surprised. I see it your art, particularly the eyes. You draw eyes that see. Loved the piece. So timely, so spooky, so good!
I hesitate to write, you may already know what a great post I think this is. Is you daughter still clairvoyant and how does she handle it?
Thank you, Stayce, girl! Now if I could just get my aging body to cooperate as much as my intuition! Time to go work out on that damned elliptical again:)
Exquisite life you have had! That house really does look spooky. I respect your abilities and I can see all the influences in your Art Work. I think the blending of the spiritual and the practical is the trick in life both to happiness and success.
Hey Scanner....yes, my daughter is still extremely sensitive, but she deals with it very well. She's twenty-five now and an incredible young woman, as are all my babies...and yours...and everyone's! We are lucky, are we not? :)
I have had several meetings or feelings with things not on this earth.
You and your daughter must be very special people that they seek you out.
But I already knew this..:)
Rated with hugs
i grew up right next door to Salem... it's a great place: the House of the Seven Gables, Gallows Hill, the Witch Museum and a real nice Dairy Queen by the wharf.
This is great stuff, Susan. I have always felt there were humans with special powers. BTW: are the Redskins going to beat the Bears on Sunday? :-). R-
The OS Psychic Hot Line

Call: 1-800-MISS- SUSAN

Only 99 cents per minute

Along the lines of Dave's question, any read on the Chiefs? ;) Of course, being an atheist, I'm also a skeptic, but you kept me engaged to the end. That is a sign of good -- no, great -- writing, especially when I sit here thinking, "Well, maybe..."
Susan, I have no trouble in believing this story or in believing in spirits. We human beings are so limited not only in our abilities, but also in our understanding or grasp of the spiritual world. Heck, in Missouri, we're the "Show Me State!" I found this post extremely facsinating!
The Amazing Randi has a standing offer for decades of a million dollars, held in escrow, for anyone who can demonstrate any kind of supernatural or extra-sensory ability in a carefully controlled test. If you have a real ability, perhaps you could prove it and donate the million, if you like, to a school in Detroit or Doctors Without Borders.
What a wonderful story, well told. I have always wished I had psychic abilities and have tried to tune into spirit through Tarot, pendulums and channeled writing. I have had some success but I clearly do not have the gift. Another wonderful painting.
rated with love
There was a time in my life when I would have read this, snorted, shaken my head, and moved on. Not any more. The place that I live now has changed me.

Wonderful, fascinating little memoir.
In my family it skips around passed from my mothers side. All of us including the 1st first born who is male and my sister and I have it in varying degrees. I figured out early on playing the ouija board at slumber parties that the other children didn't just know things.r
Susan- I've had many encounters with spirit, some good, some known and some unknown. I have little to say about spirits of angry persuasion, because they are not welcome and I don't want them to think they are! Great post, stay connected to your daughter.
I am so boring compared to you! No dreams to remember very often..no spirits I have even seen....no artistic abilities to be able to draw on.
I think it is why I call you friend...so you cna cover those gaps for me.

r -
I'm a skeptic like Greg, and consider the people who try to make a living out of it to be con men. If you're so psychic, then you must know what my comment is going to be, right? That this was fascinating, exquisitely written and that the drawing, as always, was eye-catching? Uh, yeah, good guess.
Excellence and beauty intertwined once again, Susan. SOOO like you. ; - ) r
This is wonderful; thanks for sharing your experiences and also your great wisdom around this gift. Oh the stories I could tell of the places I've tread where angels wouldn't. But thankfully, good spirits were looking out for me!
I suppose you already know what I'm thinking...~r
Well written, love the pictures, and why am I absolutely NOT surprised by this new information about you? You're a fascinating lady, Susan!
Thanks for sharing these experiences. I agree that everyone has this potential. The way I understand it, this is a channel that some tap into. Also, my sister Lauren tells the story of being pushed on some stairs by a lunatic spirit. I guess I should feel somewhat relieved that my antenna doesn't pick up this particular channel.
"... it is the quality of the spirit within us that should be our primary consideration while we are here." - Yes. I really have too much to nod at and comment on about all of it so I'll just say, beautiful post.
Am touched by the way you share your experience and understanding of all of this.
Susan: Beautiful art. Tell me something, can you make sense of this?

I went to my grandfather's funeral in PA about 30 years ago. Small town, very evangelical, and my grandfather was a patriarch/Christian. All 4 siblings flew in for the funeral from FL and MT. It was open casket so I was able to see a fly running around on his nose. Suddenly, I was seized with a vision of me having oral sex with my sister. I was horrified. Never before had I ever had or even remotely thought about such an event. I was strictly a heterosexual and I am female. I never told anyone about this until I told a therapist. I just lived with it and thought that it was an event.

However, about 10 years ago it was revealed that my grandfather was a pedophile and had had sexual relations with 5 of his grandchildren. One was my sister at the age of 5. She had been raped.

Was I getting a message from beyond?
Spooky and fascinating, Susan. I'd stay out of Salem too!
Fabulous story, Susan. You never stop fascinating me. Well deserved EP, congratulations.
Yes, there are surely occurrences we can't explain as there are those who can access those occurrences them more than others. While I can't go farther than that, I'm certainly able to get to that point. R
It runs in my family too but it's not something that was spoken of. Where I come from ignorance goes beyond mere insults of the people who know everything, it can cause physical harm.

I've only met one psychic who is both clairaudient and clairvoyant and he always says it's nearly impossible to tell the future, especially very far out because all people have free will. You can change your mind and stop on the way home and someone else may bump into you and everything changes. Seeing the past seems to be easy for him though and his ability to grab unusual names from thin air is accurate if he is hearing them.

I am claircognizant like you and also am empath (unpleasant!) I am only clairvoyant in my dreams (mostly bad ones) and am never get audio whatsoever. The future is always subject to change so I wouldn't invest much in paying to have my fortune told.

I have almost no belief in the piddly little modern sciences, economics and silly engineering principles. My parents tried to buy me a new Camry for my 50th birthday 4 years ago and I fought my family tooth and nail for 6 months as I despised every one I drove. I have no idea why they fight me on these things, I'm perfectly logical. My mother should get over the fact that she didn't pull out of the market when I nagged her in Jan 2007 and just learn to listen. Oh well it's only money, easy come, easy go.

I'm like you, I wouldn't charge people, as you say the knowledge is there for everyone to access. I'm grateful I don't see spirits, my dreams are bad enough, you're very brave. Great post, you're very brave.
Gorgeously done! You have no idea what this meant for me.
And congrats on your getting an EP for this one!
Zanelle- I couldn't agree with you more :)

Linda S.- I'm not sure how 'special' we are...just available, I suppose!

Chuck S.- Actually, I love Salem, although all I have done is to drive through it. But I lived in Connecticut for years and adore that part of the country. I'm really not afraid of Salem at all...:)

Dave R.- About the Redskins vs. the Bears...for your sake I hope so!

Leapin Larry- Aww...for you all calls are free :)

Shawn P.- Believe it or not, I'm a skeptic, too:)

Patricia K- I test everything, too, so Missouri is a good fit for me...show me!

Greg C.- I think I'll leave those kinds of shenanigans to The Amazing Kreskin or Uri Geller.....that's not a gig I'm suited for! Actually, I much prefer ferreting out the psychological/physiological connections to things, which is why I love handwriting analysis:)

Romantic P.- Sure you've got it...you just haven't made peace with it yet. It certainly is not nearly as enviable a gift as non-judgement or unconditional love. I'm still working on that..:)

Brassawe- You live in one of the most mystical places on earth, you lucky sod! Of course, you no longer scoff....:)

hugs, me- The ouija board was quite the thing for my sister and I growing up, but now I would not touch one with a ten foot pole and consider myself extremely lucky nothing bad came of it. Yikes!

Junk1- I think we've all had encounters of some kind. It is just a matter of recognizing that. And you are wise to keep the door closed to 'whatever'!

JD- You've got a heart as big as the great outdoors. Isn't that enough? I'd trade you in a heartbeat, friend!

Cranky- Oh, you old stick-in-the-mud...you don't believe in anything fun! And yes, there are a lot of cons out there in the gypsy witch world....also in government:)

Delia Y- Thank you! It is all and everywhere, right?

Antoinette E.- The world needs intrepid souls like you!

Joan H.- EVERYBODY knows what you're thinking, sweet lady! Always something wonderful!

kitd- You think I could channel a musical spirit who'd teach me to play the flute like you?

Anna V.- Yes! Be glad! Besides, everyone's antennae is perfect for what they need :)

heidibeth- Working on the spirit within is a full-time job, isn't it? :)

anna1liese- I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
impermanentlife- My personal theory is that since energy can neither be created nor destroyed and everything exists in parallel dimensions as past/prestent/future simultaneously, what you likely picked up on is exactly that: The residual energy of this depraved act. Oftentimes when people pass away after having lived lives of significant darkness, that energy that was 'them' is too dense to be able to move on and lingers close to earth. Obviously, you were sensitive to that. Who really knows for sure? I am so sorry that your sister and cousins had to endure that.
Bellweather- I hear ya!

Fusun- Thank you and I love your fairy princess avatar!

Nikki S.- I'm not sure I can go much further than that either, so you're not alone there:)

l'Heure Bleue- I know we have spoken of this before, and it does not surprise me to know you have experienced all this. And, yes, it can be a tough road as an empath. But I really do believe we are given only what we can carry even when it seems extreme. Hang in there!

Halloween Maven- I'm so glad you seemed to get so much out of this:) I was very reluctant to publicly go down this road, but I figured why not? Being candid is important to me. It helps me stay in check:)
Very interesting. I sort of envy you - but not the stair part. Please continue to be careful! R.
I appreciate your recognition of dogs' psychic abilities. I tend to think of mine as being dense in that respect, but now I'm thinking maybe there really is someone in the dining room every afternoon around 3, because Dog 1 always acts like there is. That's a gorgeous house, but those stairs!
Alysa S- You envy ME? Sweetheart, YOU are the one in Paris...sigh :)
I promise to be careful in the stairs but I'd much rather be watching the water flow along the Champs Elysees! Trade ya?
Mumbletypeg- Yeah, those stairs were something else! I'm not sorry to have moved on from that place:) I'd double check that dog of yours, too! Sounds like he's onto something:))
Susan: Thanks. It was probably that because nothing more like that ever happened. But, what he did has affected my sister and brother forever. Neither are OK. Of course, he was a revered member of the community. But, back then, dialog was not that open about these behaviors. I am glad he is dead and my sister told me she was looking at his body with hate.
I am not at all surprised at your extra-special intuition. I've always known that artists-- the great ones--are not entirely of this world.
I am not at all surprised. I've always suspected that artists--the great ones--are not entirely of this world.
A very wonderful post. I understand your gifts, having some measure myself. I think that we all have the ability, some are more in tune that others. I appreciate what it is most of the time, I have a healthy sense of real caution and have protected myself from somethings, kept the door closed. I appreciate where you are and what you know. R
Disturbing. Wonderfully written, of course, but...disturbing.
Better yet, why not combine the things we're jealous of? You can come to Paris and tell me about all the no doubt fascinating spirits that linger here! :-)
I always thought everyone saw with my eyes. I am still sometimes surprised when they don't. I had a feeling about you, I love that you use your incredible gift for drawing such beauty.
Susan; we learned the hard way to stay away from that board!! My girlfriend asked her mother to throw it out!!
I'm fascinated! I'm quite sure I have not one iota of any psychic ability. Congratulations on the EP, Susan ... So wonderfully written!
It seems the spirit of spam is upon you today. I was yanked backward out of the path of an oncoming vehicle ... only I was standing alone. Well, it looked that way to me!
I, too, am a skeptic (although as a freakishly intuitive skeptic who often thinks of people at times she later discovers to be the moment of their deaths, I am also at times forced to be skeptical of my own skepticism!). Despite my left-brained, scientific leanings, I really enjoyed this beautiful piece of writing, especially your colorful description of your gene pool. Your posts are always a delight.
I had no clue...
Like Stacye says, yet another layer.
And on the cover. Yay!
Susan, This both ingrigued and scared me. You're more than a weaver of words and creative images. You're wise to practice direction rather than prediction ... it's dealing with the energies present to help us make the choices take us where we need to be. Bravo.
Your work is breath taking. Period.
I've been visited by and after people that I cared about had died.
My perceptions were both striking and mundane at the same time..
I experienced that "knowing" that you describe only in my case it's more like a strong suspicion that over time I realized must be correct, and the curious presence of a point of light that I can tell is not really there and tha over days disappears.
I have never had the foggiest of what I might do about it!
As usual Suzi, you write beautifully.
Although not as strong as yours, and not in the family way (that I know of), I recognize some of these psychic threads in my own tapestry, not nearly as embroidered and woven through as in yours. I decided long ago to turn from developing this sense, as the burden was greater than I could psychically bear. With great light comes the darker spirits circling the edge between light and dark, and we attract all spirits, not just good ones.
It sounds like the spirit of the ages is still alive and well with you. It can be both a blessing and a curse. Here is hoping the blessing are more plentiful than the curses.
the story's plenty spooky, susan, but i like it anyway. and the artwork -- gorgeous, as always. i love that woman's look!!
Fascinating. I've never had these experiences, but know people who have. My wife's mother always dreamt the death of family members, for instance.

But if I had your experiences, I'd buy a ranch house. Just sayin'.
You are a very gifted writer too! :)
Brilliant post. I like the way you view your gift. Your talents clearly can overlap and enrich all of us. Rated.
This doesn't surprise me Susan.
I really like this part of you and of course your amazing writing and art always inspire me.
Wonderful! How absolutely fascinating. I imagine it must be somewhat of a burden to have psychic powers, but what an amazing gift, too. You and your daughter, and your mother and grandmother before you, must be truly special women. I envy you.

Reading this and seeing the photos of the mansion made me think of Isabel Allende's first novel, The House of the Spirits, a novel I adore and have read several times. Perhaps you have or will write a novel or story about the special powers of the first-born daughters in your family?