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Susan Creamer Joy

Susan Creamer Joy
Paris, Iowa,
September 30
Retired Domestic Space Cadet/Current Arbiter Of Midlife Dysfunction
Not often
Artist, Poet, Writer, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Lover, Seeker, Follower, Listener, Communicator, Found, Forgotten, Sainted, Sinner, Struggling, Sentient, Surviving...So far, so-so....... Unless otherwise noted, all of the artwork accompanying these posts was created by and is the property of the artist.


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OCTOBER 26, 2010 12:21AM


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For every sigh she makes a mark

And captures light to let it lie

Her pen will rake her thoughts apart

The words her eyes could never cry


She bids the secrets in her heart

to speak in honest, gracious tones

and writes from where the healing starts

A blessed gift from her alone


She bravely holds an open gaze

To sights whose wounds have often scarred

Extracting grace from all her days

In language grief has never marred


Within each letter placed with care

Her best intentions softly told

Of hope as perfect as it's rare

A precious spark for all to hold






Cranky Cuss has also posted a birthday tribute to our Joan.  Check it out!
And just to make sure all of the bases are covered, Ann Nichols has written a beautiful piece for Joan, and so has L intheSoutheast!   What a party!

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happy birthday, joanie!!!!

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Have the most wonderful day, Joan dear! Your words have brought so much to so many... Your writerly light shines like precious moonbeams on an otherwise dark night.
Happy Birthday, Joan H!
(Thanks Susan for the celebration and poem of her!)
Your words and images sparkle as always, Susan. Interesting that you and I both used the word "grace" about Joan. Her picture is probably in the dictionary next to that word.

Happy birthday, Joan!!
A beautiful poem for a beautiful woman. Happy Birthday Joan. I love your writing. -R-
Beautiful poem, Susan, so completely worthy of Joan! Happy Birthday!
happy birthday joan! lovely poem, suzi, you throw a good party1

Lovely poem ... wonderful party, Susan!
lovely poem, susan, for a lovely friend. happy birthday times two, joan! have more cake! xoxoxo
Ah...Happy Birthday, indeed! One of the warmest members of OS. Hugs and big birthday wishes my southern sister! (R)
Go Susan for beauty and words.
Go Joan.. well you go girl.. it's your birthday.
Rated with hugs
And now a lovely poem. OS may be full of spam but it's also full of kindness.
Lovely picture-perfect poem of felicitation!
Susan and Joanie - lovely, warm, wonderful women and writers with great power, heart and delicacy. Cheers! and Happy B-day!
Joyous womb exit day...yeah, I like to phrase things differently...You've got two of the best presents here with Susan and Cranky's posts...lucky you...lucky us.
how cool :)
Happy Birthday Joan!!
Lovely poem and a happy birthday to Joan!
Best Wishes,
Happy Birthday day Joan! Susan this this was a great poem for a great woman!
What a wonderful birthday gift Susan!
Happy birthday Joan!
Such a lovely tribute! Happy birthday, Joan!
Amazing. I feel so honored to know both Joan and you.
Susan! Again, speechless. Your art, your poetry... and this time it's for me! Honored does not begin to describe how I feel. Thank you thank you thank you... xoxo
Happy birthday Joan!!!!
Another happy birthday, Joan!!! (Susan: gorgeous poem here. Very nice!)
Lovely poem and tri bute Susan! Thank you for reminding us. Joan H. is one of those inspiring women for whom there is no distance between what she believes and what she does with her life. You're right...when she leaves a comment it as though something shimmering remains. Happy Birthday, Joanie! Many many more and thanks for all you give here! xo
Very nice tribute to one of the great writers on OS. Happy Bday Joan!!
So lovely all around.
Happy birthday, Joanie!
Beautiful birthday tribute written from one beautiful woman to another. Happy Birthday Joan!
Happiest of Birthdays to you!!
Joan, Happy Birthday, I have enjoyed your work and also the company and fellowship... have a great day..
sweet poem!

Happy B-day Joan H!
Nice poem Susan. Have a great day, Joanie. Happy Birthday, baby!
Happy Birthday, dear Joan ! Thank you Susan for this gorgeous tRibute.
Lovely poem and painting to celebrate a great lady!
Joan H is one of the really classy people at OS. Happy Birthday
Plus, she makes a mean roasted chicken.

Happy Birthday Joanie!

Stopping in at lunch to say thanks again for all the love...
Oh, Susan! This is simply beautiful! What a true and fond reward our Joan has earned by her own kindness and grace-filled character here on Open Salon! You have captured her essence here with such delicacy and tenderness. Bravo!

Happy Birthday, dear Joan! You make me smile! :)
What a lovely post! I hope Joan appreciates this beautiful poem and artwork. Happy birthday to her!
OMG, I've had so much cake at all your parties, I'm about to bust for you, Joanie... isn't this a great day?
A perfectly elegant poem for our perfectly elegant friend. Nice, Suzi.

Susan, this was just such a beautiful piece and lovely art in honor of Joan!
Oh my - I'm late to the party again. So very nice of you Susan
!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
Happy Birthday Joanie!
She rocks!!!

So do you!!!
Happy Birthday, Joan H.
So bizzare. I must have been gone. How did I miss this last year??? Happy last birthday too Joan!