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August 05
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JULY 6, 2010 9:42PM

Words That Sound Sexual but Aren't

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A purely subjective list, mostly in no particular order, although the word I listed at #1 has a piquant vibrancy I especially like. Obvious choices such as "Aer Lingus" and "bushwhack," as well as the phrase "cunning linguist," were omitted, but thanks to Andee and Martha for the suggestions.

  10.          nasturtium

    9.            uvula (on everybody's list, but with good reason)

    8.            marginalia (thanks to my friend Suzy for this one)

     7.            clematis

     6.            bilabial

     5.            bilbo

     4.            titillate

     3.            emulous 

     2.            coxswain

      1.            kumquat

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Feel free to contribute your own, but the point is to list words that sound sexual, not words that actually are sexual (anyone could do that).
Languid...all the cheap novels use it. But it really doesn't have any sexual meaning. Quite the opposite. One definition is "drooping". As a male I'd prefer to not be languid, thank you very much.
Damn non-existent edit function. STIMULUS.
I need a cold shower.



Ooh, baby.
Oh, I forgot: vuvuzela.
I immediately thought of "stimulus package," but I think Cartouche beat me to it. My 2nd try is: POUNCE. R
succulent (on second thought, maybe that *is* sexual ...)

great idea, susan.
I've always thought "thistle" sounded sexual. I wonder why? And the word pleasurable makes me uncomfortable - because it pretty much should only be used sexually and when it's not, it's weird.
Funny! Erected. Stance. Supple.
Oh, you all are *good.*

Joan H., thank you.

aim, "moist" makes me blush, and I don't blush easily.

irishwolfhound, good point.

patricia k, exactly! I almost didn't post this because I thought it might invite pornographic comments--not that there's anything wrong with porn, but this is about language. So glad everyone who has responded gets it.

cartouche, stimulus . . . mmmm.

Steve, I feel like I need a cigarette, and I don't even smoke.

Rob, and to think how few of us knew of "vuvuzela" until a few weeks ago. It definitely belongs on the list!

MiddleAgedWoman, you had me at "lubricate."

Natalie, "pounce"--good. It sounds frisky. It goes well with "kumquat."

femme, "succulent" just begs to be included on this list. In a ripe, moist way, of course.

Sandra, I hadn't thought of it until you mentioned it, but I agree with you about "pleasurable." It sounds like a word that should apply only to a long, drawn-out, slightly sticky afternoon.

Buffy, you made me laugh out loud.

Ooh, Michael, I like "stance."
I'll be succinct:

These all have other primary meanings.
Lea, you're right. And any word with "cock" in it (e.g., "cocksure") begs to be included.
I love this - my brother and I thought "kumquat" was the most hilarious thing in the world when we were teenagers.
Ann, it kind of still is!
This was such fun! I don't feel the least bit jangled.
joy, hm, "jangled" has definite possibilities. . . .
Very funny and SUCH a good idea!!

Did anyone suggest
-cocktail ?
-Virginian ?
-prickley ?

Thanks for the chuckles!
Mary Ann, those are all good!
penal code, liquor
Bob, great contributions, especially "penal code."
Seaman (obvious), Encroach...there was one more but I forgot it while toying encroach.
Seaman (obvious), Encroach...there was one more but I forgot it while typing encroach.
Pranay, how could we have overlooked "seaman"?! Thank you for that valuable contribution.
Ah! Courtesy of the boyfriend: head cheese.