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APRIL 18, 2010 6:47AM

Good News Sunday: Casablanca Lilies in My Future

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Lily Sprouting

This becomes this: 

Silver Spotted Skipper in Casablanca Lily by BeautifulRust.

I got 5 of these Casablanca Lilies to plant in my garden today.  They were already potted, so I got a head start.  

Black Spicebush Swallowtail in Casablanca Lily by BeautifulRust.

The buds look like this:

DSC_0001 by yarnzombie.

Casablanca lilies by dginvt.

 This is what a mass of them look like blooming in a garden.  And did I mention that they smell like heaven?

I am planting them in an area of the garden I prepared and have reserved for lilies and peonies.  I have these planted there already:

Stargazers by Clyde Barrett. 

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How beautiful is that?
I'm jealous. Aidan was saying the other day he wished we had a garden.
Gorgeous. And the Casablanca lilies have a beautiful guest!
Aidan helped me plant most of the Stargazer lilies. He'll be here when they bloom I think!
Beautiful ! Especially the butterfly on the Casablanca lily shot. And do I see some nasturtiums in the background? Marvellous !
WOW! those are amazing, like giant snowflakes!
ahhhhh,makes me breathe in and I can almost smell the flowers.
Wow, beautiful pictures. The butterfly pic is awesome- thanks for sharing them with us. Enjoy your week!
I missed this one...Lillies, huh? Never tried them. They are beautiful.
OMG! I'm so jealous. The flowers are beyond beautiful and the photography is sensational.