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SEPTEMBER 4, 2010 8:16AM

Life With An Architect: Thanks For The Laundry Room Project!

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 Our laundry room used to really suck.  I am not an ungrateful person.  I had a laundry room.  I didn't have to go to a laundrymat unless I was washing the blankets or quilts that fit our King size bed.   I thought it sucked that we had all that space and no place to fold or hang laundry as we got the job done.   It is still the same long narrow room.  It no longer has a recycled plastic accordian door, unpainted drywall.  It's just not at all ugly anymore.

I don't really like to fold clothes in the rest of the house, but I couldn't really do much in there about folding and hanging the laundry.  We moved into our house five and half years ago.  So I did wait for this remodel for a while. 


The cabinets
 are recycled.  They were once in the kitchen as upper cabinets, but they weren't convenient for me so we took them down and saved them for this project.  Dan refinished them and created the network of shelving that wraps around the corner and the panel that covers the plumbing behind the washer.  He has a little more trim to put up on the shelf beside the washer.  This is because when he got close to having figured out and refinished all those cabinets and had built the shelves, our 5 year old Maytag DIED a cruel and expensive death.  So after much research of rebates, efficiency, repair frequency and pricing, we bought this hot metalic red number.  The slight difference in size and configuration caused a bit of trouble in fitting everything.
Now I have good storage for my vases, the laundry detergent, bleach and all that other stuff is behind closed doors within reach of the washer.  Nice.  So Nice!


After all that work with the vertical grain fir cabinets was accomplished, there was the building of the folding surfaces.  We used a two sided plastic laminate from the Ikea, and with the help of the gigantic equipment our neighbor has in his cabinet making shop Dan fitted the entire design to the wall, attaching it in the back and leaving space for a laundry sorter beneath the table plus other additional storage.  The main table is six feet long.  

Did I mention all the painting!  There is no window, so the sunny, but not too bright yellow keeps it modern, bright and clean looking in here. 

The shelves are also from Ikea.  The brackets are the same design as the wall hooks we put up over head for dividing our hanging laundry for each person.  Some of the track lighting that Dan installed to bring light to every spot that we need it while doing laundry shows in this photo.


Here's a closer look at the cabinets & shelves.  It's so nice not to have to cram vases in here and there wherever I could find a little space.  Now when I bring flowers into the house I know exactly where the vase I want is located.  One more little instance of suffering has been averted!



The laundry room is on the bottom floor of our home at the foot of the stairs and is just beyond the Field of All Buddhas.   Of course, it seems appropriate to me since it is as if it was the Compassionate Buddha, or was it that fat, laughing Buddha, as Dan that ended another minor source of my suffering (in the laundry room) and it is he who I have to thank for this indulgent wonderfulness.
To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kind that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude.

 Albert Schweitzer

Thanks Honey Bunny!


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dan is the man!

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Dan is the man! I love peeking in at your home. I still have a copy of the BE HAPPY wall which will never be topped. What a nice addition to your home on the lake of Toad. I want to read more of your thoughts that you added at the end of this.
The Field of all Buddhas is just down the stairs from the BE HAPPY wall. It is a way that I remind myself that Buddha-nature is in all beings whether they realize or cultivate it or not.

I don't discuss my spirituality around here much because it feels like what a brain surgeon would experience discussing brain surgery with a donut fryer. I did do some posts early on and from time to time I can't help but have a spiritual take on things, but I can't do what Monte does. I am not afraid for the condition of anyone else's soul the way some Christians may be.

That last picture was Dan on Lummi Island about a week ago.
I haven't been to rummi lummi for many years now. I almost bought a place there once upon a time.
Dan is your man for sure, Suzanne! He's done great work. Enjoy your red Maytag and the neat new laundry room. It's beautiful, just beautiful. I like your Buddha collection too. ~R
Thanks Fusun, BUT, It's an LG washer. I won't ever buy another Maytag. The one that died was terribly expensive and breaking after 5 years when your price tag is over $1000 and the use you get is from only two people, that is not acceptable, as far as I am concerned.

That Dan sure is handy! I have the same washer/dryer in an ocean blue color, I just love it. It was my one indulgence when I first moved in.

So good to hear from you!
This time of year, I am incredibly busy, though after this weekend things will slow down a few notches.

Thanks for coming by Sparking!
Thanks for the tour of the transformation effort. rated.