June 21
Curiosity may kill the cat, But for humans, Curiosity cures Ignorance.

MARCH 24, 2012 2:50PM

Taibbi Talks Bank of America on Current TV

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Check out Matt Taibbi on Current TV's The Young Turks last night. The topic: Matt's recent Rolling Stone article about too-crooked-to-fail Bank of America. "It’s no different than here on the streets of New York where you see people selling fake Prada bags or phony blue jeans. What they were doing is selling phony mortgages… It was a giant fraud scheme. The fraud on Wall Street — they think it’s some kind of abstraction, it’s bankers ripping off other bankers, it’s some kind of insider-trading scheme where it’s a victimless crime. That’s not true — it’s bankers ripping off old people and retirees." Watch the clip: 

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[r] I caught this. Taibbi keeps getting it right! Moyers has a chilling multi-parter on Wall Street's economic rape of America! This week showed Clinton signing off on getting rid of Glass Steagal! Dorgan of ND declaring it would bring on calamity. Cold comfort in saying I told you so. How much blame, mostly escaped, all of Congress now and then along with Clinton and especially long time "on hands sitter" Alan Greenspan deserve! I like that Cenk and his show! Still too pro-Obama for me but bearable. libby
*whoosh* sound a toilet makes flushing whole countries down. the system is dead, fred.