June 21
Curiosity may kill the cat, But for humans, Curiosity cures Ignorance.


Whatever S&P’s agenda, it has nothing to do with avoiding default risks or putting the US on sound fiscal footing. It appears to be intertwined with their attempts to absolve themselves from responsibility for their role in the 2008 financial crisis, and they are willing to manipulate not o… Read full post »

The debt ceiling crisis is the latest case in which the radical right in the South has held America hostage until its demands are met. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln refused to appease the Southern fanatics. Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress chose not to foll… Read full post »

 Washington's spending has recently been higher as a percentage of the nation's economic output than at any time since World War II. But by the same measure, Washington's revenues are the lowest in more than 60 years.

So does the U.S. have "a spending problem," as Republicans keep repeating in t… Read full post »

It used to be that a sworn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution was the only promise required to become president. But that no longer seems to be enough for a growing number of Republican interest groups, who are demanding that presidential candidates sign pledges shackling them to t… Read full post »
Throughout human history, the climate system has been a source of life and death, the sun and rain capable of feeding our crops and bringing us comfort, or unleashing
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Commodity traders employed by the banks that had created the commodity index funds in the first place rode the tides of profit. Read full post »

APRIL 28, 2011 10:26AM

A National Strategic Narrative

This Strategic Narrative is intended to frame our National policy decisions regarding investment,security, economic development, the environment, and engagement well into this century. It is built upon the premise that we must sustain our enduring national interests – prosperity and security &n… Read full post »

For the first time in recorded history, a sitting president of the United States found it necessary to produce his original birth certificate for public inspection. Not once, in 235 years, have we ever demanded proof that our president was born on American soil. full post »

APRIL 16, 2011 1:53PM

Top Ten Tax Charts

Next time you lament the separation of church and state, ask yourself if you would prefer a Muslim government in Egypt over a secular one. The word "secular" means "of this world." It describes a government that confines its rules and regulations to matters of this world rather than matters of… Read full post »

I’m a retired teacher and I’m pissed. No matter what form of media I look at, I’m confronted with constant references to the various budget crises. The federal government has a deficit. States have budget problems. Cities face massive shortfalls. And school districts are on the edge… Read full post »

MARCH 18, 2011 3:13PM

Crushing the Democrats' Base

Put simply, Republicans are conducting a radical attack on the Democratic Party, aimed at the roots of Democratic power and sustenance. The battle is occurring in Washington and around the country, and even if the right doesn't succeed completely, the fight will almost certainly leave Democrats weake… Read full post »

About this Video It was the last 200 years that changed the world. In 1809 all countries of the world had a life expectancy under 40 years and an income per person less than 3000 dollar per year. Since then the world has changed but it was not until after the… Read full post »

Joe Klein --a way to dramatize the complicated issues at the heart of regulatory reform. The President should appoint Warren. The Senate should be forced to vote on her, so the public will know who really wants to clean up Wall Street and who doesn't.


The Dodd-Frank law was an… Read full post »

Let's begin with a multiple choice test. The United States of America is:

a) a for-profit corporation;
b) a family, like the typical American family in a 1960's sitcom;
c) a nation -- with a national economy and nation-sized problems.

If you answered "c," there's good news and bad news. The… Read full post »