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MAY 2, 2011 8:46AM

Playboy Magazine's #1 Pick!

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Jesse, Courtney, and Doug with Raphie the buffalo. 

Finals week began at 7:00 A.M. Saturday morning at Colorado University at Boulder. They will continue until 10:00 P.M. Thursday night. Walking through CU’s campus this week shows a very different side of the school that was recently named Playboy magazine’s #1 party school in the United States for 2011. According to the magazine, this declaration was primarily due to the participation of half the student population, over 15,000, in “reefer madness” on April 20th. It also stated that Boulder which is a city of 94,000 is home to over 50 medical marijuana dispensaries, 4 breweries, and is within a short distance of mountain ski resorts.


Anthony and friends study at Norlin Library 

As students cheered for their new ranking, it caused apprehension among the faculty and Boulder residents. Historically, CU has been one of the tougher schools to get into. Trepidation grew over maintaining its reputation for rigorous academics and high standards after learning of this award.  My daughter is in the midst of finals and finishing up her freshman year. She is a business major. At many other colleges, they start with a student load of basic requirements, taking business courses sophomore year. At CU they start right in with business classes, in her opinion, to weed out the weaker students.

Courtney is on the Gold Rush Dance Team which cheers with the Marching Band at football games and other events throughout the year. Last Thursday they performed for an outdoor Alumni event. When I asked about the new Playboy magazine ranking, the students replied that they thought they received it because of 4/20. They didn’t think there were as many people in attendance this year. The ranking came a week before the event, so the magazine’s statistics were based on last year’s event and the announcement acted as an advertisement. The administration estimates 8,000 participated this year and 75 to 80 % were not even CU students. The total student body is currently 31,000. They went on to say their teachers had been very upset and brought up their concern for future enrollment and donations. 4/20 cost CU $50,000 in clean up and security.  


Kashina and David are hard at work. 

Regardless of Playboy magazine’s infamous ranking, CU students can be found cramming for exams in crowded libraries, cafeterias, and coffee shops all over campus. This precedes the mass exodus that will occur at the end of the week.
It will soon be over...
 Look what actually rolled up beside me on my drive home from CU!


Gold Rush Dance Team, the Marching Band, and the #1 Mascot, Chip! 
All photographs and video by S. Lindau

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Susie, it looks like Playboy will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a different #1 party school as it looks like they are totally in error here!! Thanks for the informative post countering their designation!
a fresh break from today's news r.
While I only read the articles in Playboy, if you are going to pose nude for a magazine, it doesn't get any better than Playboy. I think it's an individual decision and unless someone is going into politics, could have very little effect on their careers. Of course, thats just me. My daughter is now 36 and I doubt I ever have to offer her any advice!
Thanks Designator!! I know. The libraries were packed!!
Thanks Jonathon! I hesitated, but finals are over on Thursday, so I had to get it out there...
It amazes me that Playboy manages to hang on in this day and age. Still, I can't imagine that their rankings count for much. Nice job on how this type of thing effects a school and its students. Rated
In my humble opinion there is nothing wrong with being a party school and marijuana should be legalized. I was a sorority house director at SDSU and it was considered one of the top party schools in the nation. That doesn't mean they didn't work hard, it just meant that they played hard too. I was like that in college and it is a time for learning about all kinds of things including your major.
Thanks Gerald!! You would think so and yet parents are so overprotective these days. It doesn't take much to change the minds of those who are looking at colleges.
Thanks Zanelle!!! I went to the University of Wisconsin when it was the #1 party school-woohoo!
I too Susie am placing up a non Obama piece. Steve's brother went to Chico a very party school and I do believe it was featured in Playboy.
They just keep hanging on right? :)
Rated with hugs
Thanks Linda! I went to UW- Madison during the years of it's #1 pick!!
Gosh, this made me long to go back to school. I forget how fresh and invigorating it is.

Very interesting, to see the influence of Playboy on a thriving school. Those two differing factions...
Thanks Beth!! I was surprised by the students reaction to it. They said that 4/20 brought out all the seedy, unkempt, burn-outs to campus.
Malcolm Gladwell was on Fareed Zakaria's show yesterday talking about the folly of college rankings. He was mostly referring to the academic prestige thing, but I think the "party school" ratings are just as dumb. Just get on with the education why don't you.

I enjoyed this.
Thanks Bluestocking Babe!! No kidding. I think they'll do anything to get a little press!
Thank Toritto!! I bet it is!!!
On a smaller scale I went to DWU ,Mitchell SD, a Methodist college, it also was considered a party school?! Go Figure! It us what you make it! Love the cheer team, you must be very proud of your daughter.
Thanks Cindy! I'm glad that she landed with a great group she met through dance team and the band!!
Thanks NeilPaul!! That's a good way to look at it!!
:Thanks Jane!! That limo did just roll up when I left campus! What are the chances!!!!
Sounds like you had fun!!
That's awesome Jramelle!!
All work and no play is good for no one, so if they can handle both, then good for them. Good luck to your kids.
The video didn't track well, I'll look at it another time.
The low percentage of students at 4/20 doesn't surprise me. If Playboy wasn't old guys living in the dark ages they'd realize all the potheads are old people, aka my age group. What a bunch of old dorks.
Thanks A. Walrond!!
I wonder how many people will apply to CU Bolder because of that ranking. I wonder how many will be accepted because they applied because of that ranking.
Thanks for setting the record straight.
rated with love
Thanks RomanticPoetess! I agree. I think UW-Madison grew during the years it held that ranking!
Thanks L'heure! That is so true!!