300 Sunny Days in Colorado

Susie Lindau

Susie Lindau
Boulder, Colorado, USA
April 11
Writer and illustrator
I am a Boulder writer who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride! I finished a paranormal thriller based on my own experiences. Creepy, right?


JUNE 14, 2011 8:46PM

Swept Away! - Flash Fiction

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As Felicia bit down on the straw of her Camelback and sucked the lukewarm water into her parched throat, her legs pumped with relentless force pushing down as hard as she pulled in the tightly bound toe clips. With gloved hands she gripped the handlebars, engaging her upper torso in contracted energy. She noticed only a couple bikers on the mountain trail today. “Probably, due to the warnings,” she thought.

The first time she had gone out mountain biking with her boyfriend Jacob, Felicia fell in love with the sport. She filled her lungs with pine fragranced air, enjoying the exercise and time spent outdoors.

One morning, Felicia stopped over at Jacob’s to bring him blueberry muffins. She took out the key he had given her months before, slid it into the lock, and turned the knob.

“Jacob! I have a surprise for you.” Felicia strained her eyes in the darkened studio apartment and immediately became confused by the shapes formed under the sheets of her boyfriend’s bed. He wasn’t alone.

“You bastard!” Felicia screamed. She began pelting him with the warm missiles.

Jacob threw up his hands to protect his face as the pretty blond slid down under the covers. “Felicia! What are you doing here? Stop!”

With each word, she fired away. “How – could – you – do – this – to – me!” Felicia stormed out, but then turned and yelled, “Whore!” She threw the key at Jacob and hit him in the nose, slamming the door behind her.


In the weeks that followed, she continued biking to clear her head and mend her broken heart.

The thick evergreens that lined the path and the tender wild flowers which bloomed in the understory in shades of purple, yellow and orange were swallowed up in darkness as the clouds above her gathered. She swerved to avoid the large rocks, but pulled up on the handlebars and hopped over the smaller ones utilizing the shock system of her bicycle and picked up the pace.

The rush of crashing water from the swollen river beside her thundered louder. Felicia felt a cool breeze at her back and the fine golden hair on her arms stood on end. Rain began to pour down on her helmet and she had to stop and take off her sunglasses to navigate the muddy trail. Her heart and mind raced, as the river overflowed its banks and water streamed across the trail. She pedaled to a rocky knoll jutting up from the forest floor, when she heard a man’s voice call out, “Over here!”

She rode to him and he reached out and pulled her by the hand up the steep embankment.

“We don’t have much time. C’mon!” He dragged her up rocky slope. They reached a shelter under an outcropping of rock as the rain pelted overhead as the river roared below.

“I’m Kevin.”

“Felicia.” She locked eyes with the handsome man with gentle brown eyes and curly hair that glistened, realizing she hadn’t let go of his hand.  


500 words!



I am dusting off my “Rockhopper” to start mountain biking again. With all the tennis I play, it has been hard to find the time, but recently I learned that one of my knees may have to be replaced in the future if I don’t. My kneecap slid over when I twisted it thirty years ago in a skiing accident. It has been grinding the back of the cap ruining the meniscus. This is very common in women. In order to move it back into position, I need to build my thigh muscles. I will be out on the trails breathing in that pine scent in Colorado once again!


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Wonderful story, full of excitement.
Glad you will get to be out there soon.
rated with love
great story and welcome to my knee world.
rated with hugs
jacob means james. i apologize. for james-es.

great little bit of fun.
Thanks RP! I went for adventure/romance this week!
Swift and vivid! I felt the ride. I had to laugh at the muffin-ing. I could smell the pine and the granite.
Thanks Linda! I have been to the doctor many times and they never mentioned surgery. They would just give me a list of exercises to do.
I will save gas too!
Man he could sing! My knees too and I keep running into excuses not to do something about it.
I enjoyed your story and wouldn't mind seeing more at all.
Thanks James! I didn't know that~Glad you came along for the ride!
Biking in the fresh Colorado air must be good for many ailments - from a broken heart to building leg muscles. Good story. I wish you well in your knee problem. I know the pain.
Thanks Ash! I could just see her smacking him with them. I have bit that granite biking out here too~!
Thanks Lunchlady for stopping by. Queen is my favorite. I used to sing that song when I rode through Madison.
I dusted off the bike today and had great expectations except I am doing something wrong with the pump. If I can get those tires pumped, I should get in a ride tomorrow after my early morning match-yawn!
Thanks Fusun! I think I really bruised it in the moguls the last time I skied. I am so happy today though. I played a singles match last night and haven't had any pain and no ibuprophen. I definitely have dodged a bullet and am going to make an effort to move that stubborn knee cap. I started wall sits yesterday...
I liked the way you integrated the rush of moutain biking with the rage of being cheated on. R
Thanks Trudge! They are powerful energies. A positive one voids the negative. I always feel better after exercise. I can't wait to get back in the saddle!
Love it! Reminds me of when I ran ten miles a day to forget a shitty boyfriend when I was in my early twenties. The rush!
Rei that's amazing and you know what I'm talking about. We need those endorphins!
Thank for stopping Blue!
Love the story...I usually send grammar corrections as PM...but this one is kind of funny...is she really throwing "missals" at her cheating man:
"A missal is a liturgical book containing all instructions and texts necessary for the celebration of Mass throughout the year. " (wikipedia)
Or is it missiles made of blueberry muffins?
Just added a funny moral dimension for me. I had to share.
Liked the ride, too.
Helvetica - Hahaha! Thanks for stopping.
Sounds like the beginning of a rock hopper romance. Take that, Jacob.

Nothing like riding a bike. I ride a racer, a ten speed just like I did when I was a teenager. I'm not a mountain biker but power to you. I'd wreck my knees for sure, Felicia. Um ... I mean Susie.
Too funny Scarlet! I am firing up both bikes so I get out and hit some kind of terrain. Luckily this is a fiction piece. I have never had to throw any muffins. Hahaha!
I love that photo and the story! Flash!
Thanks Zanelle! The picture was so wild i had to give it a little space so you could read the words underneath it!
Great story and all the best for all future biking expeditions.
O, come on, if that's not a tease I don't know what is. And what's with the 500 words. More! More! More! R
Could be it's not the muffins you bake, that keeps a boyfriend, but the ones you squeeze!

Nice of you to toss them breakfast though; and I reckon she'll need that key.

Good writing. Very good writing.

*Maybe you need a boyfriend who reads.......* (̄ᴥᴼ)
Love, betrayal, sport, food fight, new found lover! What more could you ask for in 500 words. Thanks for taking me along for the ride.
great work. But I am not suprised. After reading your previous posts I have high expectations which you meet every time !
Great read:) Rated
I thought she was going to come to a bad end. It ended perfect. Sorry about the knees, I've have 3 hip transplants, I know the feeling.
Moral of the story: after every Jacob there is a Kevin; you may have to bike up a mountain and cross a river, risk landslides and possible cougar attacks, but the hand you want to hold is out there somewhere. Aww, it's kinda sweet really. :-) (particularly the muffin missiles)

Nice read. Cheers
excellent way to start a new relationship.

good ride! :)
What a ride! I love this, Susie. Great story.

{And glad to hear you will be hopping on your bike soon - for your knees and for the joy getting out there)
Thanks Moana for stopping to read and joining our group!

Thanks Robin!
Oh la la! Fun story - and good luck with your knees.
Thank you Thoth for coming to read. It was fun to pack in the action!

Thanks Sky!! How do you make those cute little noses????
I thought the description of being on the bicycle was accurate and engaging--nspires me pull out my big orange beachcomber. Signed "Fat Bottomed Girl"
Thanks Out on a limb! I am glad you enjoyed the ride!!!

Gosh Anonymous that is so nice of you to say! You made my day!!!
Thanks Neil! I am really enjoying these flash fictions. I have written a few now and they are easier for everyone to read plus it's a great exercise in editing!

I considered all kinds of endings Scanner, but I felt she deserved a new man in her life!!
Thanks Seth -I am glad came by to read. I tried to pack a lot in this time!
Great story. I like the idea of the warm muffins being used as missiles. Yup, great visual.
Good muffins wasted on a bastard!

Now I want to go mountain biking.
Thanks Jonathan!

Thanks Ingrid - I am so relieved that I haven't had any pain with it even though I have been playing a lot of tennis. I still plan to get out there and get my legs in shape as a preventive measure!!
Jacob was an idiot. Why give a key to your girlfriend if you are going to "entertain" other women in your bed? Felicia was well rid of him! lol

Good luck with building up the quad. Won't the pedaling exacerbate the knee problem?

Bet Kevin turns out to be a knee surgeon. That's life!
Thanks Alysa!

Thanks for stopping Miguela! I have always wanted one of those bikes!!

Sheila I got to the part where she discovered them in bed and so I thought muffins might be almost a comic relief way to "give them to him!" - thanks!
Shiral c'mon out and we will hit the trail!
Lezlie - the knee is not strained while pedaling. It will build up muscle around the kneecap and will pull it back into place. Right now, it has slid off to the outside just enough to rub when it is stressed in skiing. Tennis hasn't been bothering it "yet." Now that I know what I could face, I am going to take rehabing it seriously. I have had lists of exercises for a really long time, but I have been in denial about it.
Blogging about it will help my resolve. Thanks!
Leon - That would be ironic!!
Excellent - there is something to be said for gentle brown eyes and soft curly hair of the man. Rated.
Thanks Jali for stopping by! I am glad you liked her rescuer.. ; )
You packed a punch in 500! What a fine exercise in the spirit of brevity. I should try it.

Those wee noses? I press my nose to an ink pad then lean waaaaaaaaaay forward to the monitor screen......


If you want to do it the hard way, click on "Edit" at the top of your screen, > "Special Characters" > "Symbols" > "Phonetic Symbols", then look around; you'll see it.

Thanks for reading Luminous! Go for it! I am going to stick with flash fiction because it attracts more readers.
Thanks for giving me your secret formula Sky! I will probably just use it in email and leave you to your special signature!