300 Sunny Days in Colorado

Susie Lindau

Susie Lindau
Boulder, Colorado, USA
April 11
Writer and illustrator
I am a Boulder writer who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride! I finished a paranormal thriller based on my own experiences. Creepy, right?


OCTOBER 28, 2011 9:05AM

Vanished - 100 word Flash Fiction

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Tricia had wasted time choosing a costume and now darkness swallowed the winding country road. The party ended long ago while she had lost her way. Fog enshrouded cornfields came to life as aged stalks resembled zombies. The paved road narrowed then changed to gravel. Turning around she spun the car too fast and rolled it over.

After climbing from the crumpled wreck she rubbed her aching head.

Incandescent light beckoned from a farmhouse. Entranced, she stumbled through the corn.

Tricia banged on the door.

It opened on rusted hinges. The woman looked right through her and asked, “Who’s there?”

Have you ever panicked when you were lost?

What is your favorite Vincent Price movie? 

If you are a fan of his, check out the video mash-up. It rocks! 

Photo by S. Lindau

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I took that photo on a foggy September morning. The web was enormous!
I loved the photo and by god Susie.. I want more.. really well done.
Thanks Linda~
They are really fun to write!
This is enough jangling nerves for a day. :) r.
Was the farmhouse made of gingerbread? I am wondering. "Entrancing" in just 100 words.
Susie, another thriller alright. This are getting tighter and tighter each week.
Thanks Jon! I don't know if I can make "it" stop after Halloween. I may go through Thriller withdrawal! Or maybe not stop at all.......
Thanks Neil! That morning everything was glazed with dew and I realized we had been attacked by spider during the week. Giant webs were all over the lawn! ooooooooooooooo
Perfect mood for this time of year. Well done!
yes, I have panicked when lost. and I have no favorite VP movie, I love them all. Great photo.
The suspence builds perfectly.
I think Tricia replied, "Soup!" After the woman said, "Who's there?" and then the woman said, "Soup who?" and Tricia replied, "Soup who Man!"

Hitting all the marks again, Susie. Well done.
Thanks Miguela! I don't think it was made of gingerbread, but that leads to a question. Do dead people eat?? Oh, yah if they are zombies! Hahaha!
This is just sweet, and perfectly matching pic; well done, Susie. R
Thanks Outonalimb it is a great exercise for me!
Thanks LE! Haven't seen you in a while~ ; )
Thanks Dianne! I got lost trying to find my friend's new house for a GNO Christmas party one year. This was before cell phones....
Trudge - Excellent!
I know. I get more frustrated than anything else....
Thanks Sarah! Love your avatar... ; )
Blinddream you crack me up! Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
Awesome image, and the story creepy like only you can deliver :)
Thanks Seth! I appreciate your kind words~
Great scene, Susie. And agreed...Great Photo, too!!!
An admirable contribution to this week's prompt, Susie!

And wow, that spiderweb! Very atmospheric, and I never want to meet the spider that wove it.

Excellent story! Love the photo. RR
Thanks Ingrid! I am happy to say that with the 15 inches of snow this week, the spiders have gone into hiding. Not in my house I hope.....
Thanks Thoth! That was an amazing web!! There was one that stretched across a window too! Insane spiders.......
Thanks so much MC for your sweet comment! I keep working at it....
Thanks Imore for stopping by to read!! I hope you will stop again~
Oh! Thank you Shiral!
Those spiders are fat and juicy tidbits for all the robins around here! Thank God....
Thanks Rita. I am so glad that you are part of the gang again!
Wow - that's a great photo...and I envy you for being able to get so close to a spider web! As for the story, I like how it could be a prompt unto itself - so much to imagine here!
Now that was the coolest, most visual, set-up! You could sell that as a movie treat-ment. I trick you not!
R and linked to the pumpkin Facebook!
Loved it!! Who's there? Woo!
You are the master of flash fiction, Susie. Chills down my spine.
The photo looks so rustic, well done!
Thanks JR! I am glad it got your heart beating faster~

Thanks Alysa! I love doing Friday Flash fiction because it 100 words is so limiting makes me choose my words carefully. It would be a fun prompt!

Thanks Ash! I just Facebook friend requested you~

Zanelle thank you! Noooooo oooooooooooooone...........

Thanks so much Fusun! They are a great exercise.
The spiders were insane in our yard. I hadn't noticed until the foggy day! After all the snow, they seem to have gone dormant, or have they come in the house..................................