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Susie Lindau
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April 11
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I am a Boulder writer who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride! I finished a paranormal thriller based on my own experiences. Creepy, right?


DECEMBER 10, 2011 10:51AM

A New Friend for Christmas - 100 Word Flash

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The enormous wet snowflakes fell like confetti as she hurried along the crowded sidewalk. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the rich scent of chocolate and then saw the vendor spray whipped cream on top of a cup while young children waited patiently in line. The warm lights emanating from nearby shops and dazzling holiday displays lifted her small heart and spurred her along.

She swung her head towards the bell ringing man.

“You’re back!” he said. The man drew a white package from his sack.

He reached down and stroked her thick fur as she gulped down the tasty leftovers.


Do you plan to buy your pet a treat for Christmas?

Do you plan to buy yourself a treat?


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Aw, I felt good reading this. Surprisingly sweet but tasty. Hey, I missed you at the Fiction Weekend!
Sad to say, we'll be apart from our pet cat for the holidays. We don't want to, but one of our guests is allergic.
Sad to say, we'll be apart from our pet cat for the holidays. We don't want to, but one of our guests is allergic.
That was a fun read.

A. Walrond, your house is still infested with cat allergins even if your cat is gone.
Thanks for the tip Phyllis (I wasn't aware of that), but we're the ones leaving him behind to go on a cruising trip.
Susie sorry for the double click.
Sweet as good chocolate.
Oh yes, everyone gets toys and treats for Christmastime, pets & humans!

True quote from the daughter, incredulous tone of voice: "mom, why did you buy all of this good food?" Did she mean the delightful healthy veggies, fruits and protein sources? No of course she did not. She meant salted caramel chocolate sauce and mint chocolate marshmallows. The good stuff!
No treats for the cat, just the over abundance of love and affection she gets every day!
sweet as pie just like you..
How sweet! One for my vet. :)
We always treated our pets at Christmas!
ANYONE who does NOT watch that video is loosing out. I am going to post it on FB
I love your use of point of view and craft in mastering flash fiction.

So this is what they mean by short but sweet. My mother's dof likes a smoked pork bone for Xmas.
Oh yeah, treats for all, that is the spirit. Fun post, S. R
Hi Ash! I couldn't get on OS fiction this morning when I blogged. It crashed as usual. It is posted now!
Thanks Ash!
Awww! A. That is a tough one and yet it is so great that you will do that for guests! How thoughtful of you~ Have an awesome holiday!
And a BIG Bow Wow for this delicious post. May your Christmas be dogone good!
Thanks Mary! You are so sweet to come by!
Keri I love it! Your daughter is right. The holidays are for indulging! I NEED to go running tomorrow for sure! I have peanut butter balls on my counter as we speak. (covered in chocolate of course)
That is awesome enough Outonalimb!
Thanks Linda! Especially after all the sweets I ate at the Christmas party we went to tonight! Whoa. Pure sugar!
Thanks Blinddream! Please pass it along!
I loved this when I read it on facebook and yet I wanted to comment here on OS. Im so glad you write these snippets. You are goood!!!
I felt like a pet getting a treat when you gave us that great video!
That is awesome CC! Thanks for stopping by to read~
Dianne it is hilarious!
EVERY day is Christmas for my little diva, Coqui. :D

Love the 100 word flash venue! This was quite a good one! Watching and hearing my puppy chew his bone, realizing everyday is Christmas for him! No day unrewarded for his cuteness and love.
Wow! Thanks Fusun. I really appreciate that~
I love that video. My dogs wouldn't be nearly as accommodating.

My dogs have different desires. Bowie will get a can of tennis balls. Trinket and Jeb will get squeaky toys -- though Jeb will destroy his in ten seconds and then he'll get one of Bowie's tennis balls to chew on.
Aww....Thanks for reminding us that there are other beings to be kind to!
Dogs do see with their noses. As always, you captured the scene immediately, its physicality as well as the emotion of the moment and season.