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DECEMBER 25, 2011 10:37AM

Cutting Up at Christmas - My Gift to You!

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One of my favorite holiday traditions is illustrating a family Christmas card. Over the years it has often included skiing and snowboarding off cliffs and roof tops. Some represented traditional themes like baking cookies together as a family and others illustrated what my family had been up to in the past year; a brag letter without the GPA!

This year I found myself drawn (no pun intended) to a card I created two years ago. I knew it would be time-consuming and a huge challenge, but hey, that’s just how I roll.


As I began my first prototype – and there were many – I realized how much this year’s card resembled the basics of writing a story.


Christmas 11 024

Both of them start with inspiration. Amazing pop-up books created by Robert Sabuda greased my rusty cogs and sent them spinning.


They both require an interesting cast of characters



with a plot to pull the them together.



Detail helps convey the theme.


Tension must be created in order for the story to unfold.



Christmas cards arrive each year,

From those I love both far and near.

As I open each one I am anxious to see

The holiday message sent out to read,


And yet as I looked at my blank sheet of paper

With the panic of Christmases past,

It always seems that a deadline is looming

Before I can draw one at last.


So I am trying a brand new technique this year

One I learned from writing my book.

It’s better to fly by the seat of my pants

Than to overthink, plan, and rework


So see what you think and I hope you’ll enjoy

The result of impulsive imagination.

Remember it’s true it’s the thought that counts

As you observe my salutation!


Suspense should build up to ....  


It is an added bonus when the moral of the story leaves you smiling.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love,

Danny, Susie, Kelly and Courtney


Writing a story and hand-made Christmas cards both require a lot of time and can present unique challenges. After two weeks of drawing, cutting, and pasting, the cards were dropped into the mailbox. Just like pressing “publish,” I smiled and hoped everyone would enjoy what I created.


Do you look forward to receiving holiday greeting cards?

Do you send them?


Happy Holidays!



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Thank you. A hand made gift or card is always greatly appreciated because of the time and care it takes to make it. Plus, it is unique.

We're terrible about sending cards: one year yes; one year no.

Merry Christmas! R
The talents one encounters on OS! Thanks very much Susie and Merry Christmas to you.
Great job and merry Christmas!
Thanks Trudge, Abrawang and Patrick! Merry Christmas to you!!
I was hoping you would show some of your cards! Yay!
Merry Christmas to you and yours, Susie, and may your New Year be bright : )
...and what a nice looking family you have there...
Wonderful!!! Thanks for this and have a wonderful holiday!
Great job S. Merry Christmas to you and yours and may you all find peace and health in the New Year.
I do love your idea of making your own card how very cool. Your family must look forward to what your creative juices have come up with every year!
Susie.. so much talent..
HUGGGGGGGGGGG.. almost forgot.. my glasses are dirty hahaha
Your creativity never ceases to amaze
This is so precious, because it was created by you. I love the card, the poem, but above all your friendship and generosity as you share your many talents, Susie. All the best to you and your family.

I love sending greeting cards, and receiving them too. Used to make my own from the potographs I take, but didn't do that this year.

Hope your new year pops, as well!
This is so cool and beautiful too.
I have been doing Ecards for a few years, but I love getting the
ones from friends and relatives with kids and grandkids. Its fun to see them grow.
rated with love

Have a wondrous Christmas season and please keep your caring observation, drawn with love and meaning, alive in this great forum.
I sure appreciate what you have given: Merry Christmas!
Wow! That's really cool, Susie. I'll bet the people on you card list were delighted to receive it. Sending cards has become too expensive, so I don't go beyond my immediate family.

Ive been thinking lots about the relationship in all the creative arts. It is a process no matter what the project and it has so many traits in common. I find that a good story has just as many twists and turns as a complicated drawing that is trying to express a big theme. Or there are little snippets too that are just like a quick sketch.
When I used to go to a figure drawing session it was like an orchestra setting up and tuning the instruments. We all jostled for our places, sharpened pencils and arranged the paper. Begin.
I love your card and the process. I think you have amazing energy. Merry Christmas.
Very cool.

Merry Christmas!
Absolutely wonderful.

As for me, I can't even bring myself to sign and post a single card... I don't get many any more, needless to say...
That's a card I'd save. Wonderful.
This is just wonderful. Now I am certainly enthusiastic about making these at some point. This also makes you save alot of things that might not be because of this. Your Good and today your Great.
So cute and beautiful. Happy Holidays, Susie. R
Wow. I have all I can do to write a line or two on a store-bought card and get it off sometime before New Year's Day. You are something else!
What terrific artistry. Thank you for this gift.
Susie, this is terrific!

On occasion over the years, I have made my own little Christmas cards too but none as creative yours! I have a little idea of just how much time you must have put into this, but the feeling of sending a personal handmade card and the joy of receiving it I think is so worth it!

Thank you, Susie. It's been an absolute pleasure to come to know you more and more this year.
That was so cool! Great Job, and Happy New Year~
Thank you so much Just thinking! I hope you have wonderful holidays!
Thanks Cathy! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family too!

Thanks Tg! I sure hope so and I wish the very same for you as well!
Lunchlady thank you so much! So do I! I literally panic every year wondering what I will make, but somehow I always come up with something!!
Lunchlady thank you so much! So do I! I literally panic every year wondering what I will make, but somehow I always come up with something!!
Thanks Linda! I hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

Thank you so much MC! That means a lot to me!
Wow! Fusie you made me tear up! I am so glad that we met too!

I wish the same for you too Lea!
How unique and wonderful!
RP - I love seeing the families change as well! Opening a card is like a gift! Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you Inthisdeepcalm and the same to you and your family!!
Thanks Jon and Lezlie! I hope you are enjoying the holidays!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! TOO NEAT!!!
Zanelle you are so right in your comparison! I hope you are enjoying your holidays too!

Thanks Mimetalker! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Thank you Myriad! I hope your holidays are wonderful!

Thanks you Jlsathre

Thanks Algis! That means a lot to me!!
Thank you Thoth and Happy Holidays to you!!

Thanks Chicken Maan! I still have a couple more to make since they are still coming in-Yikes!
Thank you Mary!!

Little Kate the pleasure has been all mine!
Scanner - Thank you and the same to you!

Thanks Blinddream! I am so glad you came by!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Tink!