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Susie Lindau

Susie Lindau
Boulder, Colorado, USA
April 11
Writer and illustrator
I am a Boulder writer who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride! I finished a paranormal thriller based on my own experiences. Creepy, right?


DECEMBER 30, 2011 8:48AM

Into the Vortex - 100 Word Flash Fiction

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Traxin applied more pressure to the steering column as the ship’s vibration increased to an incessant shuddering which made his gray head rattle on the end of his long ringed neck. “I hate this place. It smells and there are too many life forms creating constant turbulence.” He stared through the small portal at the menacing bright-colored shapes and swerved around the erratic entities.

“Whoa. Babe! It’s time! 10, 9, 8. What the Hell?” John swatted at the moving object and sent it spiraling into space.

The illuminated colored ball fell as shouts rang out across the square.

“Happy New Year!”


If you look carefully, you will see Traxin fly across the screen!

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?
Have a Happy New Year! 

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I see Traxin. What a great name for the main character. Or maybe John is the main character doing all the swatting? Love these snippets. Thank you and Happy New Year!!
Thanks and Happy New Year to you!!
I don't have any idea where Traxin came from, but I can imagine more adventures with the little alien. Hahaha!
Excellent Flash Fiction. Happy New Year~Ж
Thank you Scanner! Happy New Year to you!!
I see Traxin, too. You really are a master at this. r.
When universe's collide. Happy New Year! R
You did?! Thanks Jon and Happy New Year!!
Exactly Trudge! Happy New Year to you and yours!
I like the alien new year concept very much.
Thanks Mary! I picture him as a cute little guy with a very odd shaped body...
Happy New Year to you!!
And happy New Year to you Susie.
Thanks Abrawang and Happy New Year to you!!
Excellent my sweet Suzanne
Happy New year and huggggggggggg
Thanks Linda! Have a Happy New Year too!!
Susie.. I just got up. I saw S and thought Zanelle. My brain is not funcitoning at its full peak.. Wait... it never does..
I just typed Brian instead of brain too.
Time to go have something to make my brain smart.
I love you
Linda no worries! I answer to all forms of the name Susan and don't even care how it is spelled!!
:) Thanks!
All the best for 2012
Traxin, the little (?) who flew into our world at the wrong time!
Luckily it sounds as if, he will at least be giving us another visit.
Have a great time tonight.
I am tempted do write another adventure since his personality is pretty big for this world!! Hahaha! Happy New Year!
Tiny aliens are always funny. Happy New Year, joyous Susie.
Was that one of those new electronic bugs that fly?
Very Douglas Adams, Susie. And now John must pay for his insolence in swatting the flagship of the Vl'hurg armada!
Thanks Helvetica! Happy New Year to you!!
I guess so Algis! Thanks for stopping by!
Oh Seth you got it!!! Hahaha! Thanks for stopping~
Sorry I missed this, Susie! Your imagination and flash fiction skills just amaze me.

Thanks Fusun! I keep working at it...