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Susie Lindau

Susie Lindau
Boulder, Colorado, USA
April 11
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I am a Boulder writer who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride! I finished a paranormal thriller based on my own experiences. Creepy, right?


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JANUARY 16, 2012 9:14AM

I Dream of Dreaming

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Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night, bolting upright as the cold air hit your sweat-drenched body and realized you just had a nightmare? I have. In one of my recurring dreams, I am late for a final exam, only I never attended class the whole semester. The location is always very sketchy and my transportation usually includes an unreliable, wrecked car which I steer from the back seat. The road ends in a construction site complete with huge orange netting and striped cones of the same vibrant color.  The problem is that from my awkward position, I cannot hit the brakes!  While attempting to climb into the front seat, I gaze in horror beyond the ripped up road at a perilous cliff and then the car speeds up. Just as I am about to take a dive off the precipice, I wake up.

Once, I manipulated the test anxiety dream and miraculously got there on time complete with notes in my pocket which the professor let me use. The nightmares ended for years, but they are back!

Other Dreaded Nightmares:

Neglect Dreams -

A monstrous aquarium was left in my care, but I hadn’t fed the fish in months. While examining the green algae-filled tank, I discovered there was just one giant fish left!

One night I dreamt that I had a newborn, but no previous memory of it. I became frantic while sprinting from room to room trying to find baby bottles and diapers. Finally after locating them, I couldn’t remember where I left the baby!

Dreams of Horror -

My teeth began to fall out. They were like round stones rolling around inside my mouth that I spat into the palm of my hand.

Running from Imminent Death -

I tried to escape from a madman in what seemed like the thickest of black mud while the knife-wielding pursuer closed in. As he pounced on me from behind, I woke up with a pounding heart.

Inappropriate Attire Dreams -

The discovery that I was walking around naked in the grocery store was so embarrassing. I dashed through the frozen food section and yanked red pizza boxes from the glass case to cover myself! Then I looked around to see if anyone noticed.

Where does all this craziness come from?

While pouring my first cup of coffee the next morning, I remembered the stress dream from the night before.

I said to my husband Danny, “What a waste of a time! Why can’t I dream about something amazing?”

My Favorite Dreams:


Have you ever dreamed you could soar above everyone? I have flitted through puffy white clouds with the bluebirds and cardinals until realizing where I was. Then I gradually lost altitude and was grounded. I flapped my arms and willed myself to rise again to no avail, but it sure was great while it lasted.

Breathing Underwater!

While on my ocean voyage, rainbow-colored fish swam beside me.

Being a Super Hero!

Why couldn’t I be the heroine in a great spy dream where I have super powers complete with super body? One night I dreamt that I attacked a gnarly gang of kidnappers. First, I broke into their ramshackle villa which was perched on a mountaintop. A few kicks and karate chops later, I released the hostages.  It was so easy and the rescued group was so thankful. I smiled and said, “Aw, it was nothing. Really!”

Sex Dreams!

Better yet, why am I wasting my time on any of those when I could be having a perfectly good sex dream? And if I am going to have imaginary sex, why not have it with a movie star? I have watched enough Jude Law, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt movies for them to seep into my subconscious. Danny has remarked in the morning that I must have had a pretty hot dream since I was moaning in the middle of the night. But do I remember? NO!

“Well, why didn’t you wake me up when I stopped? Maybe I would recall that dream instead of the stupid one about a final exam!” I roll my eyes remembering a flash of the orange cones from the night before. “Ugh!”

Do you have recurring dreams?

What is your favorite dream?

All photos by S. Lindau

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Oh this is such a great list. I had a dream once where I discovered I could fly but only about a foot off the ground. I was in my backyard flapping my arms and finally got so I could give a big jump and soar up for a short time. Oh it was soooooo fun and very real. Really high flying has eluded me tho.

I like dreaming of movie stars. I had a nice date with David Letterman once and he was my friend! We laughed and talked and had some amazing adventures together. I missed him when I woke up and remembered he can be a jerk too on his show. George Clooney and I were friends once too in a dream. I bet it is hard on celebrities to be in so many dreams.
I don't like stress dreams. That is a sign that your life should slow down or go in another direction. I wake up with my teeth clenched. Not good. And nightmares are bad because they are so real. Yikes. Thanks for this list. Great post as usual.
We all have recurring dreams.

I like the ones where I am in a foreign city and am exploring the streets and avenues on an invisible skateboard.

Very nice story. Thank you for sharing your dreams.
Zanelle - Thanks for stopping by to read! Flying dreams are the best!
How weird would that be to have strangers dreaming about you??? I love your list of midnight visitors!
Thanks Mary!
I love your skateboarding dream. It must feel like flying!
Two nights a go I dreamed that I was stuck in water and could not move for lily pads. I eventually made it to shore but anyone who knows me and my fear of water knows I woke up with a sweat.
Well done Susie@!!
Thanks Linda! You are so awesome!!
Have you considered all of these could be great topics for your fiction writing? Our mind is a stage for our subconscious to play freely when we sleep - like children whose parents are away for a while and cannot supervise them. I've had flying dreams ever since my childhood, and it feels so easy - just a few rotation of my arms and up - up - and away I go. Sometime we should meet near a star to the left of the moon and compare what we see. :o)
I would absolutely love that Fusun!!!
Oh you have so nailed these! rated!
Fun! I still have the exam dream even though I haven't been in school in 44 years. Why does college seem to give us all a lifetime of anxiety? I don't wish for sex dreams anymore. ...too messy.
Oh I hate those naked dreams or going to the bathroom in front of people. Now that's a stressful dream!.-R-
This is great. For a writer, to have dreams like this is the best. I get some of my best ideas from dreams. I wake up, and have this story blocked, not written, but blocked, in my head, and I don't care what time it is, I'm up writing the story. I go back to bed and edit it the next day and have a hundred errors, but the premise is there. I love my dreams, especially the weird ones!
I am late for a final exam, only I never attended class the whole semester...
this is one of my recurrences.

along with resurrection of my dead, my mom & dad,
sometimes my dogs.

they are quite old, feelble, needful.

i know they are gonna die.

I dream in vivid Kodak color all the time. No same dreams tho. My mom says that dreams are for our entertainment. I dream of winning lottery numbers, past loves, new people I have no idea who they are, work, yes even work, the weather, driving, horses, etc. I am well entertained but once in a while a dream will come that really does pan out one way or another. Thanks for sharing. Rated with an Ila smile of course :-)
Gerald you crack me up! You need control the dream and have good clean sex!!!
Hahaha, poor you. This morning I woke up dreaming I was doing yoga on a floor mat, I've never done yoga but woke up without any of the usual aches and pains!

I've read about those dreams, many like the teeth falling out, flying and such are common but I've never had any of them. I do have some unusual dreams some of which I see on the news the next day, or that happened to people I know the day before, but that's another story.

I hope the yoga turns into a recurring dream for me, it worked well.
You are so lucky you remember your dreams-even the bad ones. It's rare I recall them once I wake. But as a child I did have a recurring dream that involved cowboys and Indians. Too many episodes of The Rifleman and Bonanza I guess.
That is so great Scanner! I have weird ones too, I just need to write them down...
I had a recurring dream as a child, 0ne which I drove the one brother Timmy pretty nuts with. He was the closer in age, so my chum. I was always dreaming that we had gotten to the edge of a forest, and a sort of light-tunnel was there, a house, illuminated at the end of a long passage. But even though we took hands, we were unable to walk through the darkway of the trees to get to the house at the clearing.

It was nothing so remarkable, only in that it happened, over and over and over. I would wake him; Timmy! I had that dream again! Yeah? Go back to sleep.

But -- when I bought this house, my Home, so terrified, alone, having been all but left at the altar when the special, ink-fill fountain pen I got as gift for signing my mortgage began to rattle in my hand over the words whispered so viciously into my ear, I am not going with you.., I signed the contract anyway, and bought it, on my own.

I had never seen the place empty; they still were exiting. So, with the key in hand, the house empty for the first time, I named it, Brave House, and went to bed that night, having come in with the furniture, with a ditty bag packed.

Upon awakening, in the dawn, I looked out the kitchen window, my own, for the first time.

There, before me, at the slight vision of the house that lay behind, was the perfect vision of my childhood dream. The trees, the tunnelway across, the dark inside that opened to a clearing, the house now just visible in the coming sun's rise.


Dreams do come true. It is the reason I know I landed exactly where I belong.

Beautiful post, oh, so many dreams came to mind, but I speak too long.

James those nightmares seem so stressful! I wish you many sweet dreams my friend...
Jali! So good to see you.
As soon as I started concentrating on having more wild imaginative dreams, they became more boring! Go figure~ Sounds like yours are amazing!
congrats on the ep my love!!
I have several of these dreams recurringly. The test one in particular and the driving from the back seat and then trying to climb in the front to stop the car. Also the flying one and realizing I'm out in public nekked as a jaybird. My most recent and very lucid dream had me in a restaurant thinking I had just gotten Alzheimer's. That was the scariest I believe I've ever had. mainly because it was so real, and I remember thinking in the dream that OMG I've got Alzheimer's.
Sounds wonderful L'heure! Keep on dreaming!
Ischmoopie - I bet those dreams were great!
I got a tip that really works in fact almost too well. Before you go to sleep, say to yourself, "I will remember my dreams." Say it several times and believe me you will!!
Songbird that gave me shivers!! Wow! How amazing....
Ha! You write it so well, why don't I get dreams like that? Beautiful post, Susie; loved it. R
Some of those dreams are fairly common Susie. I've had the flying, crumbling teeth and trying to outrun the killer in a muddy bog. And of course sex dreams. Ihe flying is a little like swimming in air.

I used to have occasional nightmares but it's been many years since I could remember one. When I was younger I decided not to wake up just to see how bad it could get. Sharks were circling around a rickety raft. Eventually I tumbled in. I was supposed to wake up as the shark approached but decided to see what happened. It took a large bite out of my stomach which woke me bolt up. Boy did I feel queasy.
Your Dreams are so dreamy and I share your enthusiasm for them and more..
Chicken Maan that is so funny that you had versions of the same dreams.
The Alzheimer's dream would mortify me..
Dreams often reflect our innermost thoughts, some of which are valid interpretations of our own senses of reality.

People, places and things we dream about reveal our ideals which we observe and absorb during non-dream phases of our lives.

Nightmares and night terrors are another animal. Recurrence is generally indicative of an underlying health-related issue our minds and bodies endure when our ego expresses itself.
Being an insomniac who solves problems in that half sleep mode the only 'real dreams' I have are usually a total mess.
No usually too pleasant to be honest but I used to write them down so they wouldn't fade awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay as so many do.

Great post and keep practising the sex dreams - you know you want to.
"Press send please FRed(tm) and wake ZEus(tm) as he seems to be enjoying his sleep too much."
I love this post. I've had many of these dreams. They're classics. The sex dreams I don't have nearly enough of, though. I think my subconscious is still Catholic.
I've had the flying dream and the loose teeth dream, but I clamped down hard so they wouldn't fall out. My next visit to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned he discovered that four of my front teeth are detached from the roots. That is one dream that I wished not to come true.
I have a recurring dream of falling from a great height...I actually woke up on the floor a couple of times.
Congrats on the EP, Susie.
Abrawang - Wow! That was one powerful dream! Thanks for sharing~
The edge of Hell--i'm ususally at the outer edges of a pit of tormented souls. There are other 'chosen' ones along the edge. I'm told to be careful or I'll be pulled in myself. I have sympathy for the tormented and wish to free them. I slip.
The last Hell-themed dream was shortly after my ex moved out. (The marriage was part of my personal hell) I was told that the Gates of Hell had been found. I say "yeah, right... Whatever...!" The person shows me what she found and we approach a cattleguard along a fence. as I take cautious steps toward the guard I feel something enter my chest and speak through me. I woke to the sound of my voice speaking words I don't know!
Thanks Algis! I love it when I remember them~
Belinda T - So very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
Sometimes I dream I'm back at a job where my boss abused and bullied me. Thats a bad one - I always wake up really upset and am sad and anxious the whole day. Other times I've dreamed I've bought no old "fixer-upper" house and am trying to remodel it. I must watch too much HGTV!!! ;-)
I had a variation of your first dream just last night. I was heading to an exam for which I hadn't studied, in a class for which I hadn't turned in any of the assigned homework for the semester.

A while back, I posted here about what I called my recurring "M.C. Escher dream," in which the hallways in my old workplace never led me to where I wanted to go, and the elevators never stopped on my floor. (And I could never find a bathroom!)

I also wrote once about a semi-erotic dream I'd had about Hillary Clinton, but I didn't post it because I was afraid to read the comments!