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FEBRUARY 8, 2012 9:04AM

My Inexplicable Idiosyncrasies

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Do you have some ridiculous habits that no matter how hard you try to break, you just can’t? You are not alone. My list is long and time is short so I have gathered my top ten. They are in no particular order.

If you look closely, you will find two of these plastic ties

#1. Saying “um, ah, or like,” as I tell a story

Is there some reason why I must keep vocalizing while visualizing? And why “like?” I like hate that expression! I am not like 16 years old anymore. Am I like going into my second childhood?

#2. Forgetting to cut off the plastic tie that holds the price tag of a purchased item

Sometimes the plastic is really strong and if I can’t break it with my bare hands, it stays on the item for eternity or until my husband clips it off. He informed me that he found one on a decorative basket yesterday. I purchased it over 10 years ago. I know. Now do you feel my pain? Tennis shoes are notorious for these kryptonite-strength ties and I own a few pair of shoes that still sport them.

#3.  Procrastinating appointments

How hard is it to pick up the phone and dial? I am not sure why I don’t do it right away. I wait until my hair looks like I put my finger in an electrical socket or my car’s check oil light has been on for weeks before I make a phone call. I feel tremendous relief after finally scheduling so I can’t believe it takes such a long time!

#4. Not redeeming gift cards

I have a couple massages, a facial, and one for downloading books to my Nook. I love all of these activities so why not use them. Duh!

#5. Not finishing projects

I tend to be very enthusiastic and have a lot of energy. Once I get an idea in my head, I can’t wait to start. The problem arises when one tiny decision gets in my way. I brought up several family photos to hang in the hallway and then I thought, “Do I really want them up here?” So here they are after almost a year!

#6. The elephant in the room

Do you ever get so used to seeing something you meant to put away a long time ago that it becomes part of the décor? I am a neat and tidy person, but my Christmas card project is still on my desk. I wonder if the box will stay on it until spring or summer.

#7. Chewing the inside of my mouth when I am nervous

I have no idea where this habit came from. It is not pretty when I have noticed others exhibiting the same behavior. That is usually when I realize I am doing the same thing! Why not just buy gum?

#8. Crossing my legs

I am crossing them now. In Catholic grade school one of my teachers insisted that all 7th grade girls cross their legs because it was ladylike. I can’t think of a worse thing for my leg circulation since I sometimes sit for hours. I think it has contributed to my left knee problem as well. Thanks Sister Mary Whatever-your-name-was!

#9. Forgetting names

And speaking of remembering my teacher’s name, it is such a bummer when I run into someone I have met before, but can’t introduce them to my friend or family member. This is especially embarrassing when I recall asking their name the last time I saw them. Many times it is because they have a version of my name. Why can’t I remember other Susies, Susans, or Sues?

#10. Not purchasing everything I need at the grocery store

I stroll in and just like a shot has rung out, I begin racing down the aisles. It always seems like I can’t get out of there fast enough. If I am sprinting out and remember a forgotten item, I say to myself, “I’ll pick it up next time.” What’s up with that?  There isn’t a record to break for fastest time in and out of a grocery store, so why not just go back inside and buy the tin of cinnamon for God’s sake!

On a side note, I often lose my list between my house and the store. Then I usually forget to buy the critical ingredient I originally went there for.  The list always miraculously appears at the bottom of my purse later in the week. WHY?

When I think about it, now that I have written about these ridiculous peculiarities, maybe this will be the end of them. That would be like so awesome!


Can you relate to any of my quirky conduct? 

Do you have any weird habits you would like to break?

I challenge you to come up with your own list!

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Very Real list and I can relate to all of them. But there is one that you absolutely have to change. You MUST get the oil in your car changed every three months. They usually put that little sticker on your window so you can't miss the date. I go to Jiffy Lube as it is quick and easy and never needs an appointment. They offer you all sorts of other services too but you can usually just say NO and go on your way. But that is so important. The other things are pretty human and funny. Aren't we lucky to have such tiny things wrong. Very lucky.
I agree about the oil and as soon as I wrote this, it guilted me right into the garage.
I consider myself very lucky.
Thanks Zanelle!
The last one is me, right-on. I go in a store and I'm out in minutes. I do no dilly-dallying like someone I am looking at right now(and smiling:-)
I am not a dillydallier! I could break the record for fastest in and out of the grocery store.
Thanks Scanner!
I'm afraid we haven't got the space nor time for my list - great post and I agree with Zanelle - very lucky to have tiny things wrong.
Weird habits? I've got plenty including some of yours but #4 isn't one of them and I'd like to help you with it, by taking those gift cards off your hands. I'm a horrible procrastinator but not with stuff like that!
Lamm Chops Isn't that the truth! Thanks.
I share a number of these with you; the rest of my idiosyncrasies are too numerous to mention, though.
Picking up the bottle of prescription pain killers, opening it, changing my mind and closing the bottle, putting it down, and telling myself I don't really need it right now. And doing that every fifteen minutes for four hours
I tap my foot like I am now hahaha
I am not that neat so there are lots of things out of place. My desk is a small country..:)

Margaret, I can't figure out why I procrastinate using gift cards. I think it may have something to do with #3!
I am becoming my uncle who used to call everyone Buddy or Pal because he couldn't remember their names. My daughter still reminds me I once called her Penny, which is not her name, but is the name of our dog that died four years ago. R
I defintely can relate to most of yours. Especially #9 - forgetting names. Even in a setting where I see people every day, it takes me forever to associate the right names with people. I remember a particularly embarrassing incident where I was in a work staff meeting and was trying to talk about an upcoming project. I turned to the person managing that project and ended up having to come clean that I couldn't remember him name to save my life... even though, I had been working with him for over 6 months. Eek.
Miguela believe me when I say this was a top 1o list. It could have gone on and on and on.............................................................
i cross my legs too.
guys say, "whatcha, a f.g..t?" (offensive homophobic term )
i say, "nope, twas how i was taught, by my father"
"mmpfff..seems..huh..doesnt look right.never seen it."

habits! i got so many, all of them together, they define me.
i got this habit of closing my eyes when i talk to someone.
i also got this other habit of willfully brutalizing the
english system of grammar & syntax & sometimes
god help me
even spelling,
but also paragraphs.

i cant do paragraphy.
i also make up words.
also, i cannot say no.
also lots of weird things.
luckily none as weird as your not redeeming gift cards.
now that is odd.
#3 and #5 are symptoms of ADD --which I share.
Okay. Now that's weird. ADHD. I share many of your idiosyncrasies, but I call them 'added dimensions.' About the crossed legs, I caution you: I was careful to NOT cross my legs for a number of years due to concerns about circulation, then when I wanted to cross them, I couldn't! Apparently, you SHOULD cross each leg alternately over the other to keep your hips open. Or even, wind one around the other, and wind your arms, too...see Eagle Pose in yoga. Maybe too much of any one position is not good. So celebrate your ADHD and know that you'll never be in one position too long! Namaste.
DH you are showing restraint which is awesome!
Thanks for reading~
Jon I am glad you could relate!
That is so funny Gerald. I hope that your daughter has a sense of humor! Thanks!
#9 is my pet peeve...the funny thing about it is that I sometimes can't recall the name of someone i've known for years yet I have no problem
remembering others whom I've met only one time. Isn't that weird?
Darla I think that is pretty common when we are distracted. Then for me, once panic sets in, I can't remember my own name! Hahaha!
James it is so true that some of our habits end up defining us! I know the gift card thing is truly weird...I think I am saving them for a really rainy down-pouring and special day!
Lea - I don't think I have ADD, but I think I am gifted at procrastination!
Ha! Not weird at all; like Margaret said, you should see my list. R
I have read and thoroughly analyzed your Idiosyncrasies and I can explain them:

You're a sociopath and you're gay.

I'm pretty darn certain of this.

Aaand--Your welcome.
Thanks C berg for the tip!
I chew the inside of my lips too. It makes me look weird and it's a habit I can't seem to break. Also I bite off hangnails, like it's too much trouble to go get the nail clipper. Then I'm left with this ugly mark on my finger. Ugh!
I don't know if you have a smartphone, but mine has a notepad on it which is where I keep my grocery list. I hate going to the grocery store because my brain enters the Twilight Zone the minute I go through the doors. I get mesmerized by the displays, samples and end caps and forget what I came in for. So my iPhone notepad has saved me a lot of frustration and wasted trips.