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AUGUST 21, 2010 4:20PM

The Frustrated but not Even Remotely Conflicted Vegetarian

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So I read that stupid Francis Lam article about killing the rooster & it really upset me so I spent like all morning writing this article about how I've been a vegetarian since I was 19 & how wonderful it is to be a vegetarian & how pigs are smart & cows moo all night when their calves are taken off & butchered.  There were hunting stories & Dad stories & redneck stories & snake stories.  I mentioned ice cream & chicken skin & mosquitos.  I used the word "coagulate." I covered 40 years of vegetarianism in a mere two pages!

REALLY -- the article was, in memory, borderline brilliant & funny & only MILDLY sanctimonious & I worked for HOURS on it, writing & revising & trying to be clever and less preachy, & when I hit Save Draft & Preview it all disappeared. 

When it disappeared, I swore a lot & then I WROTE a stream of swear words & hit Save Draft & Preview and it WORKED!  Deep sigh.  So then I went back & deleted the swear words.  And this is the condensed version of my vegetarian blog.

I wish I'd never read about the rooster.  It was a perfectly nice rooster.  Yeah, it crowed like roosters do, but there are people who will take crowing roosters & give them perfectly nice homes.  We don't kill people because they "upset the neighbors."  Well...some people do...but they shouldn't, & when they do they usually get sent to jail.

Why eat a rooster when you can have a perfectly lovely vegetarian burrito?  There are so many delicious things to eat that don't involve chopping a living breathing creature's head off.  So why do it?

Rest in peace, rooster who probably liked pecking around in the yard & crowing with the morning sun & who, I am sure, asked for little & was happy enough with his humble life.  I'm sorry, but an axe to the neck doesn't seem all that freaking humane to me & being the axe wielder is surely nothing to crow about.  (Sorry about the pun, I'm TRYING to be less sanctimonious, but it's not easy, especially when I'm pissed.)

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I wondered where you were when this came up. I missed the rooster story but think you covered it enough that I won't be reading it!
You have to start saving every third sentence because I know you and what got lost would have been filled with humor and love and some hate...not that what you did write isn't but you know what I mean!
I enjoy eating veggie burritos with you and admire your strength in vegetarianism. You have never faltered in all these years and I am really sorry about chasing you around with that dead naked turkey that one year. But it was funny to watch :) Love ya
I like this and I especially like your title!_r
I liked this, having just befriended a partridge,recently, I am a wee bit more sensitive about needless slaughter..I lean more toward vegetarianism, having a garden with all the lovely fresh plant prizes. I could read you all day, your fun and funny!
Glad I missed the rooster story and I feel your pain with that save draft thing.. happened to me once..
Never again.. I cut and paste before I out it up.
Rated with hugs

I bet it was a great post, you have a gift for story-telling, I love to heare the roosters crowing in my neighborhood, ti brgina me back to my childhood, but I have to confess I have nothing against eating them

please don't hate me
Ha! ll2 -- Suuuure you're sorry...I spent a long time locked in that bathroom : )

Glad you liked it, Joan! You would've REALLY liked the original. The more I remember it, the better it gets...

thanks, Cindy! A good garden is a vegetarian's best friend! (Also in my case it helps to have a husband who can plant a garden because when I plant stuff it just sits under the ground & refuses to come up.)

Hi Linda! I don't know how to cut & paste! I typed it once directly onto the post (BIG mistake) & then typed it in Word Perfect & THEN typed it on the post (with editing). But I am glad you missed the rooster story, too. I wish I had!

(Although, in all fairness, the title about killing a chicken WAS a pretty big hint about what I was about to read. I think there also should have been a warning about the photograph of the sweet rooster that was taken moments before his violent end because that made it doubly sad.)

Thanks, Roy -- it WAS a great post, I'm sure! And, of course, I could never hate you! -- you're my audience!
Hopefully you chanted through your frustration : )
I admire your passion for vegetarianism.
I hate when that happens. The deleting thing, I mean. :)