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MARCH 19, 2011 2:23PM

Glee Hate Update!

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glee rain

After reading your comments, I decided to give Glee a try tonight. And I loved it. Maybe it's because they did two songs from my favorite movie, Singin' in The Rain (also my favorite sick-day movie), as well as a number from Chicago. Maybe it's because that singing teacher is awfully cute. Whatever. I'll be watching again. Everyone deserves a second chance!


I have to confess, and there must be others of you out there; I don’t like Glee. 

I love musicals. I’ll attend a stage musical any day of the week. In high school, I went to every local school’s production of whatever they were amateurly performing. I paid ridiculous amounts of money and used my daughter as an excuse to see Wicked twice. I know every word to every song in Gypsy, have seen Singin' in the Rain and American In Paris countless times, and have recently put my daughter through the five hour torture of Funny Girl closely followed by Funny Lady. I tune in to PBS performances of Les Miz, own the cast album of Chicago (the movie – I loved it), and still dance along with Rita Moreno in West Side Story. I know who Marni Nixon is.

So, I figured I’d love Glee. Glee would make me gleeful, and I could get a musical fix every week. I was introduced to it by my giggling teenage nieces and their mother (their mother doesn’t giggle, but she is one of the smartest people I know). They are a musical family, so it made sense that they liked it, and I trusted their judgment.

So I tried to watch it. I really tried. And I couldn’t stand it.

I couldn’t stand the story lines. I couldn’t stand the dialogue. I couldn’t stand how insipid and silly these people were, and I was disgusted by their behavior. I couldn’t stand (dare I say it?) Jane Lynch’s coach character (she’s really mean). It was a major disappointment that I couldn’t get past these issues to enjoy the musical stuff. I also discovered how inappropriate the story lines would be for my 11 year old, and therefore we would not be able to share in this glory called Glee. I was really looking forward to this fresh alternative to movie and stage musicals, to the memories it would trigger, to the joy it would bring me. It was exciting to think of participating in America rediscovering the musical format.

But I am not a part of it.  I am out of the loop. People talk about Glee, there are scandals and controversy about Glee, and I am clueless. It’s okay. I just nod and smile and stuff more peanut butter sandwich into my mouth around the lunch table, take another sip of wine at family get togethers. Then I go home and crank my Chicago album and do my Catherine Zeta Jones imitation in my pajamas.

I know what I like.


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It's not really hate, it's merely dislike, but I needed a zippy title. ;)
I happen to like it, but really-the story lines seem far too mature for what the typical high schooler experiences. Or am I just too old? I'm a musical theater lover as well--will be seeing Aida next weekend--but I do enjoy the music on GLEE. Amber Riley, who plays the character Mercedes can sing!
I have never seen an episode of Glee! xox
Thanks, Robin, I knew I wasn't alone.
I Love Chicago especially the jail scene and I am right there with you singing and dancing in pajamas...As for Glee I tried once but it is too commercial, to American Idol or something. It just felt wrong.
I like it and I am glad what it is doing with the gay story lines.
My take..:)
rated with hugs
I love that it makes no sense and could never happen, I find it a fun. To each his own. There was a line in the movie Sabrina were Lilley Tomlin says in amazement to her stuffy boss something like "YOU want tickets to a musical where they spring into song for no reason at all????" I always think of that when I watch glee.
I do watch a like Glee, however, I do know what you mean by the inspid and goofy dialog and story lines. My favorite thing of all is the eclectic group of talent they found for this team of uber talented singers, dancers, actors and very much love seeing the cameos of musical greats like Edina Menzel (Wicked) and even Gweneth Paltro, who haas grown on me as a singer and likable, multi-dimensional actress. Some of it is annoying, granted, but overall, I find it entertaining and a good distraction.
Sweetfeet, I haven't watched any TV series since I started on OS. But my wife and daughter love Glee, so occasionally I'll be in the kitchen getting something to eat and I hear some pretty interesting music coming from the living room. Sure enough, it's Glee. I've even hung out a few moments to watch some of the choreography. What I find hilarious is that these really first-rate performers are playing high school kids deadpan. The other night, as I was heading to bed and they were watching Glee, I stopped long enuf to catch the end of an amazing dance sequence by a bunch of boys dressed in blue suits with red piping. They were arguing about whether they should wear read suits with blue piping for a competition when in walks a skinny boy who informs them that Pavarotti has died. Turns out Pavarotti was the boy's bird. He then asks if he can sing a little eulogy to his "friend," and breaks into a beautiful tenor a capella rendition of Blackbird, Fly. Gradually the other boys joined in with rhythmic hums and harmonies. I laffed so hard I was afraid my wife and daughter would kick me out of the room. It was one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen. Sorry. Didn't mean to hog the comment thread. blackbird singing in the dead of niiight...Take these broken wings and learn to flyyyy...hum hum hummmm
Well, it's been a while. Maybe I oughta give it a shot one of these nights...
I haven't seen it. I love musicals (of the old school sort, not the more cacophonous modern ones), but I haven't been tempted to watch it. Interesting, your point about the storylines and your daughter. But, then, it's hard to find anything appropriate for an 11-year-old, isn't it? When our kids were young, we brought them up on the Marx Brothers and Errol Flynn--and The Wizard of Oz, of course.
Wizard of Oz is an all time favorite. And the reason I know all the words to Singin' in the Rain and American in Paris is because she watches them all the time. Yes, the oldies are the best!