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Amanda Gulledge

Amanda Gulledge
April 27


MAY 19, 2010 9:59PM

God blessed Norway?

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  • Ranked highest of all countries in human development, 6 years running
  • Ranked the most peaceful country in the world, 2007
  • 3rd wealthiest country
  • 2nd on Environmental Performance Index
  • Lowest homicide rate in the world
  • 2nd highest GDP
  • No death penalty
  • Universal health care
  • Gay Marriage is legal

Estimated earned income Female:

Norway: $46,576

USA: $34,996

Estimated earned income Male:
Norway:  $60,394
USA: $56,536

 Gender Empowerment Measure:

Norway: 2nd

USA: 18th

The Democracy Index

Norway: 2nd 

USA: 18th

Quality of life: 

Norway: 3rd

USA: 13th

Press Freedom Index:

Norway: 1st

USA: 20th

Global Peace Index:

Norway: 2nd

USA: 83rd

  Life Expectancy:

Norway: 80.5

USA: 79.1


International Reports

Human Development Report


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They also have the Nobel Peace Center, very tall men, beautiful train rides through the mountains. Bergen. The fjords. I would live there if I could get a job and cope with winter.... it is the best place in the world.
Wow. Sounds like the place to head for.
Is it that Norway is looking good, or that the USA sucks so badly?
Nice post AG. I had a clue but not the details, and talk about a beautiful picture!
I had Norwegian ancestors, but that was about 1500 years ago and I don't think anyone has been back.
The pic at the top looks like a Thomas Kincade painting to wonderful.
Thanks for sharing these wonderful facts.
I know a few of them in Canada and they are wonderful. Always in a good mood and very outdoorsy. Don't get me started on the gay marriage thing. It has been legal in Canada for years. It's like the boogey man in the US.
%^^&**. !!!!!!

Rated with hugs and admiration of your beautiful picture.
But Jesus is American; so there. Thank you Amanda for this necessary post and for the links. R
Ah ha! THAT'S where wifey and I need to move! Norway! (I'd probably stick out like a sore thumb, though)

Tee hee, it's me. I did it. When I was a kid and my mom taught me to say my prayers she said to remember to include Aunt Nora in the blessings but, smart ass that I am, I always said "Bless Aunt Norway."

I thought God would know I really meant Aunt Nora.

Toby Keith sure embodies the ignorant American redneck.
And one of the most beautiful countries on earth.
I am a decendant of Hogo the Noweigian. He migrated to Scottland in the 12th century.
I wish I lived there.
Thanks for this info.
ya vi elsker dette landet!
I believe I am part Norwegian Poodle

Amanda, that's fascinating! I wonder what their secret is? Hey, let's move to Norway! :)
I dont get how we ranked so high on the "Global Peace Index"???
Sounds wonderful but...too cold for me. :)
Yeah, but do they have The Real Housewives of New Jersey?
Amanda - This is quite illuminating! Thanks!
Yeah, what Cranky said!! And that other fellow, fklsdghjdfkg fgfdsjksdfh!!! Do they have cheap jeans and accept paypal? ;D

And on top of all that, it is absolutely beautiful!
education, education, education...add all these statistics up, and the only result that makes any sense is that Norwegians are far smarter than Americans.

Then again, in a world of Sarah Palin, that isn't saying much
Bless Norway for its salmon catch and the lox that can be made from it. claims to be "the most comprehensive source of international cost of living index information." True or not, I wouldn't know. However, if you Google "International Cost of Living Ranking April 2010" Xpatulator pops up. Its article and ranking of the 282 most expensive cities shows up on other websites. So with that long-winded intro -- Oslo, Norway is ranked as the 5th most expensive city in the world. My humble Chicago is #141. Which pretty much means that (if I had a salary presently) I'd need to earn a nice chunk of krone more in Oslo to maintain the standard of living I currently enjoy (mostly) in Chicago. So the higher salaries for men and women in Norway isn't surprising.

Nonetheless, for the other reasons you list, Norway would be a lovely place to live.
When I was younger and visited Norway, I told myself I would live there some day. I believe I will some day keep that promise to myself, because Norway is Heaven.
Our God seems to have it in for North Korea and Africa, and the Middle East. And Asia. And us. And Iceland, for some reason. And Haiti. Our God seems seriously pissed off, for whatever reason.

Maybe, all this time, we should have been praying to Thor and Woden and things.
Let's not leave this out:

Income Tax: 54.3%
VAT: 25%
TOTAL: 79.3%
79.3% - where to now, Tonto ?
No, you can't all come to Australia.
It is where Spitzbergen is. That is the answer to your question.
There is a place I lived in Alaska called Little Norway. Petersburg is one of the wealthiest fishing ports of the west coast. They celebrate May fest every year with lots of Vikings roaming the streets. The Lutheran church rules in that town. Some say it is a drinking town with a fishing problem. Beautiful there even in the foggy winter and rainy summer. I miss it but it isnt that peaceful. It is still part of America and there are quite a few Sarah Palin lovers there. sigh.
And yet we Norwegians still complain...

The average Norwegian pays about 34% in income tax. And we get universal healthcare for that. No need for health insurance.
Redneck - "They ain't got no mexicans. That's why they're better."

Norwegian "Dude, STFU"
If it weren't so cold...but hey, can't have everything. And their taxes sound more reasonable to me.
I'm sure they must have much closer immigration monitoring than we have here. Otherwise they couldn't handle the influx! :-)
It would seem we still have a ways to go to live up to our reputation.....
Conversation with a Norwegian doctor. "I bet you pay high taxes." "No, I don't think so. I pay about 50%." "I would think that was high. I'm in the 50% bracket with state and federal taxes, but pay about 37% after deductions." Norwegian doctor, "But I get so much for my taxes. I have free, universal, health,care, free schools through university, free libraries and other services, good highways, and national defense. What do you get? Interstate highways that aren't kept up and a military."
FYI: The small country of Tobykeithastan ranks first (globally) in serious slow talking guys who look you square in the eye while they talk slow. It also ranks dead last below Nothinglefttoliveforia and Westeatshitanddie in quality of living index and table manners
America will never be Norway or any other Scandinavian country. It's not just the scenery,healthcare,education,low crime etc. It is a different state of mind, a different outlook on life.
If the US government annouced a bill was passed and starting on a certain day, everything would be done as in Norway, there would be riots.
Amazing post Amanda! You did a lot of research on this one and it shows!
rated A+++