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MAY 26, 2010 2:12PM

Masters of the Universe

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  • Resurrected
  • Greek God 
  • Gorgeous
  • Name means "Lord" 
  • His followers celebrated the "Festival of Adonis"
  • Multiple versions of his birth exist
  • Some claim he is the son of a God


 6th Century, BC
  • Beard
  • Loving protector
  • Creator of the world
  • Battles the forces of evil



 610 CE

  • Islamic true and almighty god
  • Creator of the universe
  • All-merciful, compassionate and omnipotent
  • Healer, Shepard




  • King of Gods
  • God of Heaven
  • Lord of the constellations
  • Had the power to judge and punish the wicked
  • Involved in a Trinity/Triad
  • His son bit off his genitals and made them into three dieties



Maya God


  • Created the world
  • Sky God




  • Virgin Birth
  • Wounds of suffering from her son dripped blood that sprang an almond tree
  • A girl tasted of this forbidden almond fruit and delivered a baby boy
  • This baby boy was raised by local shepards and named Attis, he died
  • Resurrection of son




  • Symbols include: Figs, Chariots and a serpant
  • Worshipped and celebrated with holidays
  • A God of Resurrection
  • God of wine and grapes
  • Hymns were written to honor him


Serpant God, Maya


  • Created mankind
  • Created the idea that a God should be praised 
  • First created man of mud, then of wood and later made them into monkeys
  • Finally was happy with the human he created out of maize



"The Unseen"


  • God of the Underworld
  • Symbol: 3 headed dog
  • Ruled over a miserable underground place of the dead where mortals would go after being judged
  • Ruled during a time when people assumed you would "rise" and "haunt" the upper world is you weren't properly buried
  • Enjoyed having sacrifices made in his honor
  • Was feared by his followers



"made the world safe for mankind"  - Aelian, Varia Historia, 5.3
  • Virgin born
  • Battled monsters and demons
  • Resurrected and made a God.
  • Had a large following  that praised him.
  • He choked a snake.
 Early God of the Ancient Egyptians
  • God of protection 
  • Virgin born
  • Horas's mother fled to the Nile to hide.
  • Horace was God and protector for the people of Egypt

" Indra alone filled full the earth and heaven" - Hymn XXX


  • God of rain and thunder 
  • Was also known as:  "Lord and ruler of heaven"
  • Battles against the "demon underworld"
  • Hundreds of hymns have been written in Indra's honor.
  • Beard.
  • Indra ascended to heaven


Father, Son, Ghost -  2nd Testament
  • Virgin born
  • Savior, healer.
  • Sacrificed and then Resurrrected
  • Reappeared on third day.
  • Large following
  • Ascended into Heaven
18th Century A D

  • God
  • Virgin birth
 5th Century B.C.
Father God , the God of the hanged 

  • Sacrificed his own eyeball.
  • Sat on a throne.
  • Symbol: The Valknut, a trinity of triangles.
  • Lived in a Kingdom paved in  gold.
  • Long, Grey beard.
  • Involved in the making of:
The first two humans:  Ask and Embla
  • He was hanged and his own spear pierced his body.
fifth dynasty of Egypt 

  • God of the Afterlife.
  • Resurrected
  • Could grant eternal life.
  • Shepard
  • Accepted offerings
  • Murdered by his evil brother
God of the Sea
  • God of sea storms and earthquakes 
  • Sailors would pray to him to make their sea voyage a safe one
  • People would even sacrifice horses to their God, Poseidon
  • Name stems from the words "Lord, Husband"
  • Birthed a talking horse
Fifth Dynasty of Egypt
  • Sun God, Ruler of all he created.
  • Was good compared to the monsters of the underworld. 
  • Was reborn and renewed.
  • Temples were built in his honor.
18th Century Egypt
The original Savior
  • Savior.
  • His divine intervention could save from evil.
  • Represents the concept of: Salvation.
  • Praised by the people.
  • Virgin birth
  • Shepard 
  • God of food
  • Resurrected
  • Called the "one true son"
YHWH, Elohim
"The Jealous God"
  • Large following
  • Accepts offerings
  • Deals with a demon of the underworld, a talking snake.
  • Praised by the people
  • Beard
"King of the Gods"
  • King of the universe
  • Sky God
  • Beard
  • Sacrifices made in his honor
  • Praised by the people
  • Snake
  • Large following

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So much for that whole "one true God" thing of The Bible, hmmm?
Holy plagiarism, Studman!
Boy, Amanda, for someone who doesn't believe in God, you sure write about Him/religion alot! LOL
P.S. This was really cool.
Oh I thought this was another bot spoof oh well this is ok
HA! I love that you included He-Man at the end Amanda.

This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by a self-proclaimed, ascended master: "The only difference between you and I is that I know I am God and you don't."

I've been saving that for the right piece one day...

Great images, thanks for showing me the ABCs of surreality.
patricia k: It fascinates me. xoxo.... it is cool, thank you.
Rita: lol, I'm so so sorry to bait you ;) Don't make me make one...
Sparking: I'm God. You better ask somebody ;) Surreality. love it.
By the power of Greyskull!
There is nothing new under the sun . . . but this is a pretty cool collection!
Left out one. Sarah, the teabag goddess.
It is so tempting to play with matches while our myths hover close in brittle parchment.....a bonfire of the vanities.
I Love this, Amanda! Such a treat! And nice way to bring people of different places and times together! (Are you Xena, Princess Warrior??) Love, Julie
Through the works of Joseph Campbell, I think we can own up to our consistency in choices for religious symbol. Nothing is new under the sun--not even a sun god.
I do respect your beliefs. I myself hold there to be more to our world than can be contained in the pages of any book.
He-Man notwithstanding, I like the briefness of your comparison very much. You touch on many points without any self-imposed ruling on your part. Nice work! rated
Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. Wish I could remember who said it. "All religious argument boils down to 'My imaginary friend is better than yours.'"
Owl: Nothing new, indeed. Humans are consistent. Good to see you.
Leon: Tarnation... I sure left out a big one. That was funny.
Mr. Fawkes: Vanities... that about sums up this tribue. Should have called it Ego trip.
Julie, don't out me. I am Xena, blogging warrior and this is my trusty keyboard. I call him, Keyboard. Julieeeeeeeee
Poor Woman, my party hostess with the mostest, thank you. I wanted to do a tribute. Seems we want something to believe in, something strong and magical and able to save. xoxo
Froggy, goodness I love that. And, uh... mine truly is better than yours. so there.
Hey Geezer Chick, lol
This is a nice, succinct contrast - I've always been fascinated with how some similar themes thread through vastly differing religions (eg, virgin birth, trinity, only son, creation, talking animals, etc). Nicely done.

Ummm - Am I supposed to genuflect on my way out? I'm just asking because I want to be sure to stay in sync with OS social mores. You KNOW how I frown on deviance from the law of the LAND!

Fun Post, Amanda!
"Birthed a talking horse" What? Poseidon is Sheldon's father?
It is kinda hard to choose; well done, Amanda.R
Thanks for bringing the collection to the tip of our fingers, Amanda!
Well hello, Kit. Are you here for a little soul renewal? I hear you have suspect platelets from that John. (not THAT kind of John) Why are you still standing here? On your knees!
Geez, Stim. It's like I try and try but can never succeed in getting one past you. Horses a*s ;D
Take your time, Thoth. Shipping and handling are free.
FusunA: It is a pleasure to grant you easy access to a short list of long beards.
great subtitle:
a short list of long beards
i'm more likely to believe in a goddess, truth be told. ;;

nice lineup, amanda.
Wonderful collection of deities! It's a pantheistic smorgasbord!

A great collection of gods similar to this but in more depth can be found in Cunninghams "Gods and Goddesses."

I loved this post though, as I've had rituals with half of these fine fellows!

"You can never have too many saviors" - Scott Backula in Lord of Illusions.

Liked it!
Sigh..I just got home and now I read this great piece which reminds me of seeing HeMan at Universal Studios.
Great Piece,
Rated with hugs and a lot of steroids.
Sorry - I thought the one knee was sufficient. I see I was wrong!!!

::getting prostrate - where's Cranky for the giving of prostration lessons!??!)::

You do realize, of course, that given that I have no cartilage (only stained platelates) in my knees, someone is going to have to help me up or I'll be here all night. And wouldn't THAT just look SILLY!!!!
You forgot DOG, the Big Dog, who is held in reverent esteem by the Canine Cult. (See the Golden Retriever Rule) Otherwise a pretty thorough compilation of mythic god-humans :)

I stopped reading after "His son bit off his genitals."

And Kit, stop talking about me. My ears are ringing!
This was fascinating. Your mind is an incredible thing. I loved the little details, like he "choked a snake".
Such a cool post. You are a force of nature ,and should put up your picture with the others.
I like how you put these all together, especially he man.
Very interesting indeed.
Where is the photo of the great and powerful OZ hiding behind the draw string curtain? :)
A "divine" romp indeed!
Well. Here I lie. All night. Can't get up. Still prostrate.

Someone. ANYone. Please help me up!

And Cranky - have you no stomach for a little divine family squabbles???

And now. Seriously. Someone get me up off this floor!
Poor Woman: I agree and think OS should allow a bottom title bar for just such an addition!

That is because you 'are' one, Femme ;)

Trilogy...THEY knew, they just don't want to tell. :D
Thank you, Doug! It's a smorgas 'Lord"!

oooh, lucky Linda! I bet Universal was fun! Do tell...

Buffy, What I forgot ... was to add you, my dear doggy deity ;) *sniffs your rear in respect

Cranky: I think you owe Kit an Open Letter of LoOove~~lol

Dr.Spudman 44: Have you choked your snake today? Dr? Dr? Open that locked door now!

No, YOU are Fernsy. *gives you four eskimo kisses

Caroline, hey! Thank you... (I like how He Man says: "aloft" I bet he is also a writer?)

Mike: get out of my head!!! I was going to do that!! How did you know? (checks outside bushes for a peeping mike)

A. Persistant: I could use a divine romp ;0 good to see you! xx

I walked in and Kit! Off the floor,Kit! Cranky said he has built an alter in your honor and has burned all the photos of Ann he had lining his wall above all those creepy candles! Get up, lolol
Exclleent! Joseph Campbell has nothing on you.
Amanda ,

Check the puddle under the bush and you will then realize it was 'Peeing Mke' and not 'Peeping Mike'
Those are a lot of heavy dudes to be pissing off, Amanda. You might should consider wearing garlic around your neck, or something.
I love this. Here's my caption for He-man:

He was man-- a he-man.
Rode a lion.
Pretty gay.