DECEMBER 15, 2009 11:55PM

I wonder

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I wonder

What is it like there,

where you live?

Not the city, exactly

just your place in it.

I wonder

If you have a routine,

that suits you.

And, if you consider yourself...


I wonder

What your voice sounds like,

or more importantly- your laugh.

What you might say to me-

if we were to chat

Knowing that we will never exchange-

 even a look

I wonder

silly, ordinary things about you

and if it is inappropriate to ask. 

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I read it slowly. Twice.

I don't think it's inappropriate to ask the questions you have here.
Ask. All we can do sometimes is ask.
This is really neat. I wonder the same things about people on OS. You didn't as anything inappropriate in my eyes. ~R~
Thanks, Natalie. You are among the handful of friends on OS that I truly cherish.

Right, Mypsyche.

Lionspride: It is fascinating to me, getting to know people- that I have never met- through their writing.
Thanks, Fire. You have a beautiful post tonight as well.
I wonder too. In some ways, one gets to know others better than in person. Or at least another part of them. Good and thought provoking.
Wonderful. Ask always ask.
Lovely and haunting...a universal feeling, rarely put into words...xox