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December 31
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NOVEMBER 23, 2010 10:33AM

You Had Me at Harvard

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A woman I know, who we’ll call Emily, wants to marry a doctor.  Actually, she wants to marry a doctor, lawyer or anyone who makes tons of cash.  Whenever I run into her, Emily shares stories about dating medical residents and rejecting normal guys because she’s “waiting for her doctor.”  She’s very Shirley Feeney that way.

During the last presidential election, Emily and I attended a fundraiser where one of the Kennedy cousins was the keynote speaker.  Charmed by the younger Kennedy’s boxy good looks and aristocratic charm, Emily made eyes all night, fantasizing the guy would become so enchanted he’d whisk her away to the compound.  Ultimately, she left the party Kennedy-less but with a new romantic goal: Emily wanted a blue blood.

And now, it seems my friend, and thousands of single gals like her, are in luck.  This year, a team of Harvard Business School grads launched dateHarvardSq.com, a dating site for singles looking to “connect with Harvard University educated doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, academics and professionals.”  In other words, rich, brilliant guys and gals who rightly consider the world their oyster.

Of course, not everyone at Harvard is a square-jawed blue blood with a family crest woven into their polo shirt.  But I’m sure the site’s creators are counting on this mythology to sell their wares, and admittedly, I get the appeal.  After reading the articles in Vanity Fair each month, I always turn to the party pages to drool.  Who wouldn’t want to be invited to a “ball” held on an “estate” in the Hamptons?  Who wouldn’t want the luxury, the free time, the worshipful admiration showered upon the immensely wealthy, extraordinarily privileged and phenomenally well-educated?

There’s only one problem.  Those people don’t hang with commoners.  Emily, lovely as she may be, is a middle-class Midwesterner and grade school teacher.  Though she’s cute, she’s no Dutch countess.  Emily thinking she has a chance with an aristocrat is like me fantasizing George Clooney might go for a pint-sized writer with allergies and enough student loan debt to save a small African village.  Ever seen a yacht party photo captioned, “His Royal Highness Lord Constantine and wife, Susie, Cleveland Public School teacher?”  Me either.

And there’s another problem.  Blue bloods probably don’t have trouble finding dates.  If they can’t find them on their own, they undoubtedly have vast social networks which connect every Muffie to her Biff.

Which probably means dateHarvardSq.com is left with Harvard’s losers, its rejects, its George Dubyas.  And you can find those guys on Match.

Still, how awesome would it be if academic institutions started hosting their own dating sites?  We’d have BigTenMen.com for girls who like chubby frat boys interested in football, Bud Lite and hurling on themselves at parties, while DukeDudes would be for chicks who enjoy participating in misogynistic sex scandals.  CommunityCollegeCrush would be for those who need extra help starting out on their life paths while TechInstituteTreasures would attract women who dig earnest men with tattoos and townie accents.

Or we could just cut to the chase and create a website for people who consider wealth the most important “quality” a partner can have.  We’ll call it “MisguidedChumpsWhoEndUpAlone.com.”

I’ll get to work on the branding.

**Reprinted from Laura K. Warrell's blog Tart & Soul at www.TartandSoul.com.

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Blue bloods at Harvard? Not anymore. If she wants a Harvard blue blood, she'll have to find a 90 year old alumnus.
if she'd ever been to a party even kinda sorta like the one she might be fantasizing about in the hamptons, she'd realize how vapid, boring and staggeringly conceited most of those men are. has she considered making that money her own very self instead of trying to marry it? whatta concept!! very funny post, tart.
John and Femme Forte, I'll share your advice with Emily. I've suggested she try to make the big bucks on her own, but for some reason that doesn't seem like a workable solution. Thanks for your comments!
you might enjoy the SocialNetwork/facebook movie which offered a glimpse inside the world. a misogynistic one among others. would be curious what you think of the movie.
Will, what's wrong with engineers? I thought they were on the list of dating dos for gals who want money.

vzn, one of my good friends recommended the Facebook movie for different reasons. Perhaps the time has come to check it out!
ms laura ... i commented at your website but would echo "uzn's"
recomendation that you see the "Facebook" movie ... it is informative
and entertaining but does not present the female characters that you
might prefer ... see ya, lew
Send me the site invites willya ? I promise to invite you to the first ball on my estate after which we can go sailing on my new white yacht which will of course be a wedding gift from my new hubby of the blue blood fame.
I'm a midwest girl with 25% blue blood. What's my website called? ;)
Betamale, you are one of my absolute faves! I love your comments. You've convinced me - next stop, Facebook movie!

Moana, it's a deal! Will you mind if I come to your yacht party in a second-hand bikini? If I'm really lucky that week, I may be able to upgrade to H&M. ; )

Angel, your website is called luckymidwesterner.com.

Thanks, all!