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SEPTEMBER 13, 2008 4:51PM

Sarah Palin's Church tied to Jesus Camp Armageddon Dogma

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The Wasilla Assembly of God church that Sarah Palin attends is involved in a resurgence movement that was declared heretical by the larger Assemblies of God church in 1949. This is the same 'Spiritual Warfare' movement that was featured in the award winning movie, "Jesus Camp," and which is employed by major participants, like Morning Star and Fresh Fire Ministries in The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit, also called the New Apostolic Reformation.


The Third wave is dedicated to raising an army of young soldiers to fight in “Joel’s Army.” The Joel’s Army movement is a Neo-Pentecostal belief concocted from an esoteric reading of the second chapter of the Old Testament Book of Joel, in which an avenging swarm of locusts attacks Israel. In their convoluted view, the locusts are a metaphor for the minions of Joel’s Army. Believers in the Third Wave movement are focused on training a young "Joel's Army" to become an Armageddon-ready military force of young people with a divine mandate to physically impose Christian “dominion” on non-believers of the United States and the world. 


On June 8, 2008 Palin was publicly blessed, during a Masters Commission graduation ceremony, with the "laying on of hands" before six thousand Wasilla area church members, by Head Wasilla Assembly of God Pastor Ed Kalnins.


The Master's Commission is an international program that replaces college with religious training grounded in Third Wave religious warfare ideas. That same day both Kalnins and Palin described another "Master’s Commission" ceremony at the Wasilla Assembly of God church where Palin was blessed, prior to winning the Alaska governorship, by an African cleric, Bishop Muthee, known for driving the "spirit of witchcraft" out of a town in Kenya….”


Palin has attended and been dedicated to the Wasilla church for about 22 years, long enough to become deeply entrenched in their tradition. In 2007, a McClatchy new service story, detailed Palin’s improper use of state funds to travel to Wasilla Alaska on Sept 7th, 2007 and June 8th 2008, both for Wasilla Assembly of God Master’s Commission graduation ceremonies, and also a multi-church Wasilla event known as “One Lord Sunday.”


 It was during the One Lord Sunday event when both Palin and her Lt Governor Scott Parnall were blessed on stage before an estimated 6,000 on lookers by the “laying on of hands” from pastor Ed Kalnins.  One Lord Sunday is an annual multi-church event held in Alaska.  Sermons following the blessing ceremonies were filled with theological concepts detailing the likely possession of geographic territories by demonic possession and the dangers of inter-generational transmissions of family curses.  Also covered was the efficacy of “anointed” blessings from the Bishop Muthee, who was, according to Kalnins and company especially adept a driving out spirits of witchcraft, even from Wasilla. 

Palin's church activity and philosophy is depicted in this  video 

Palin’s church is deeply involved with Morning Star Ministry, who like Fresh Fire Ministry, is devoted to promoting the Dominionist message. Morningstar is a major force in the Third Wave movement and its founder, Rick Joyner, is a prolific author of Third Wave and Manifest Sons of God theology.  Joyner’s books are available around the world, and Morningstar purchased part of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's Heritage Park for their headquarters and conference center. Becky Fischer, whose ministry was featured in the movie Jesus Camp, was a pastor for Morningstar before apparently feeling the “call” to start her own ministry.


The students of the Master's Commission program at Wasilla have visited Morningstar and feature pictures of the visit on their web site.  Some of the events at Morningstar were included in the first video, and include such memorable moments as calling for Jesus to come down from a third floor, lots of jabbering and talking in tongues, and a cell phone anointing ceremony. You can see these rather creepy activities in this video.


Third Wave Joel's Army believers are hard-core Christian dominionists, meaning they believe that America, along with the rest of the world, should be governed by conservative Christians, and ruled by a conservative Christian interpretation of biblical law. There is no room for democracy or pluralism in the doctrine of Joel’s Army dogma, just theocracy.


It is disturbing enough to think that a sitting Governor in the United States believes in witchcraft and curses, but we really have to ask ourselves if we want a woman who believes that a theocracy is her god’s ultimate will for our government, sitting in the office of vice president.  Just think about an Armageddon ready army of Sarah Palin followers willing to subvert your will and force you into religious submission on pain of death, the next time you think about her perky smile and her five cute kids.  Think about Joel’s army before you select the McCain/Palin ticket in the voting booth.


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Just for the record, the camp in Jesus Camp has nothing to do with the Assembly of God Church, except that it was Assembly of God property they were renting for the week, just like many other ministries did throughout the summer there. There is no connection between the ministry of Kids in Ministry (Jesus Camp) and the Assembly of God. Overall, Assembly of God churches are pretty mainstream now-a-days.
RE "Just for the record, the camp in Jesus Camp has nothing to do with the Assembly of God Church...."

Jesus Camp may be unrelated to some or even most AoG churches, but it's relevant to the particular church that Palin attended.

I'm sure that not all AoG churches are involved with dominionist theology, Joel's Army discipling, etc. -- but many of them certainly are. In spite of being denounced by the General Council, the movement continued to exist for decades as a fringe element. Then, for whatever reason, it appears to have had such a large resurgence in recent years that the AoG General Council felt compelled to officially reiterate their previous denouncement. (That was in 2000 or 2001, I think.) The Council, however, doesn't have any real control over individual churches, and quite a few of them are still pushing the "heretical" doctrines (as are many other churches that aren't AoG).

It seems pretty obvious that Wasilla Assembly of God is one of these. A conference with Steve Thompson of Morning Star Ministries (one of the main centers of this movement) is prominently displayed on the church's home page:

Their intensive training program for 18-25 year olds not only visited Morning Star (as mentioned above) but also study from books written by Morning Star-endorsed authors Steve Thompson, Francis Frangipane, and John Bevere. The Master's Commission video and website is full of Joel's Army / Manifest Sons of God buzzwords.

Speaking of buzzwords, the Wasilla AoG teen ministry is called "Nameless Youth," echoing a dominionist prophecy about a "nameless generation" that will rise up and conquer the world (spiritually or otherwise) for Christ. You can see them at a youth conference in this video, with the "Harp and Bowl Intercession" displayed on a screen in the background.

This webpage explains how the Harp and Bowl is connected to people and teachings in the charismatic dominionist groups:

Becky Fischer, the Jesus Camp youth pastor, appears to hold similar beliefs. Those unfamiliar with the movie can see some clips here:

You can also read Fischer's views on her website, here:

(And, incidentally, Fischer's camp was called "Kids On Fire." The Wasilla AoG children's church is called "Kids Aflame." Hmm.)
I stated in my post that the Wasilla AoG was engaged in a practice that has been denounced by the larger AoG church council. The New Apostolic Reformation movement is the practice I was focusing on, as it is the common practice used by Wasilla AoG, Fresh Fire, Morning Star and Jesus Camp ministries. The one thing they all have in common is their desire to raise an army of Armageddon ready soldiers with goal of rebuilding the world’s governments into a Christian theocracy.
"six thousand Wasilla area church members"

Are you sure about these numbers? There are barely 6000 people in the entire town. Also, what building would be large enough to house this many people -- were they outside? It just seems a little fantastical unless people came from all around the state. You have written "Wasilla area". Just wondering.
One Lord Sunday is an annual multi-church event held in Alsaka, and that is where the 6000 on lookers came from. Also, just like Palin herself, many people travel from all over the state to attend special ceremonies in Wasilla, like the Master’s Commission graduation ceremony. I am sorry if I did not make that clear in the original post.