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August 17
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FEBRUARY 7, 2011 7:43AM

Baked Pears & Yogurt

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To say that I like yogurt would be a gross understatement.

In middle school crush parlance, I don't just like it, I really really like it.    That like blossomed into love when I was introduced to the thick creamy varieties that have since taken the yogurt world by storm, i.e. this and this.   Since then, I could pretty eat yogurt in one form or another for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack - happily.

Fruit, of all kinds, is the perfect partner for yogurt.  In the summer:  berries and torn mint leaves, fall:  chopped apples, cinnamon and honey, winter: poached fruit, oranges or prunes, spring:  rhubarb, apricots, early strawberries...the possibilities are endless and so much better than the sugary fruit slush trapped at the bottom of conventional yogurt containers.  Whole fruit + tang of a creamy thick yogurt = simple unadulterated joy.  

My morning yogurt usually tends to reflect what's going on outside.  What I saw outside this morning was heavy wet snow.  OK, that is not so inspiring.  This is about the time of year  when I start fantasizing about open toed shoes and green vegetables.  Despite wanting to believe spring is just around the corner, the realist in me knows it's a bald-faced lie.  It snowed here last May - after being lulled into a sense of springtime safety.  It is also the month when I start to feel like winter may just have a little something personal against me - that extra slush puddle that must be slogged through, the frozen car door handle, and the sad array of wares at the farmers' market (there's only so many parsnips and sprouts a girl can eat).  Given these dire circumstances, I do my best to up the ante at home and that means sprucing up my a.m.  yogurt with a bit of zing to get me through the day.

Baked pears, granola with crystallized ginger, and honey, is a new favorite combo of mine.  It's comforting with a nice subtle hit of spice and crunch from the granola and unifying sweetness from the honey.   A great compliment to a cup of early grey tea before battling winter's long and grudging exit.



1/3 Heavy Cream

2/3 Whole Milk

1/4 c Yogurt with live cultures

- bring milk and cream to a boil, let cool to 110-120 degrees.

-stir in yogurt, strain, and put in a warm spot for 8-10 hours (I used my oven on the warm setting overnight or 8-10 hours)

-check for desired thickness,  I strained mine again to increase thickness.

-refrigerate for up to 7 days.

Pear and Granola

- 2 Bosc pears, halved and cored

-1 c Basic granola of your choice (I like one with small rice puffs for extra crunch)

-4-5 Pieces of crystallized ginger, minced fine

-1/4 c Almond pieces, chopped 

- honey or maple syrup to taste

- bake pears in oven proof pan on a thin layer of oil at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes, or until fork tender

-combine ginger and almonds with basic granola

-place pears over yogurt either whole or chopped, garnish with doctored up gingered granola, add honey or maple syrup to taste. 





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What a nice post to wake up to. I had no idea that there are so many true - blue yogurt lovers - the pure stuff, and it's wonderful to meet you through your mouth-watering recipe. To a great day, cheers !
Yogurt! Pears! Granola! The crystallized ginger kicks this way over the top for me. Yum. :) Rated
Simple, easy...perfect.
Pears and crystallized ginger...mmm. Sounds like a perfect winter breakfast!
Making my own yogurt coudl just be the ticket, considering how much of it my three-yer-old eats in a week. And that crystallized ginger...brilliant!