Nobody Can Eat Fifty Eggs
APRIL 23, 2010 10:20PM

Open Saloon...A Cocktail So Powerful, So Secret I Can...

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only tell you how to make it. It doesn't even have a name yet. After that you are on your own. And please don't name any future kids after me should things get a bit amorous after downing this amazing concoction.


In a pint glass or shaker add a dozen mint leaves, one teaspoon of powdered wasabi mix,  a half tsp of sugar and one ounce of ginger ale. Muddle with a blunt wooden object until ingredients are, well, muddled.

Add ice to fill glass or shaker. Pour in two ounces of rum, one ounce of lime juice and finally two ounces of sake. Shake vigorously.

Pour into glass and drink as is or strain it into a martini glass. Garnish with mint leaf.

I created this drink about a year ago. It was given a name by a friend that seemed to stick. I do not like that name, nor would you. Please feel free to name this drink which is a mojito crossed with a sake bomb.

Enjoy and please give it a really cool name before TGI Fridays does.



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Can I just throw in Wasabi peas instead? Like olives?
Sometimes, that woman above me has really good taste.
Cartouche. You are two wasabi peas in a pod of orcas. And you can both tell a whale of a tale.
Saketini mojito oh my! I'll call it a Fawkestail.
Amanda. I like it. I have a Peter Sellers joke on the tip of my fingers, but I'll hold off...I'm in the middle of making a stir-fry....thanks
Oooh, mint (I have some growing right now) and wasabi peas.
aim. I believe you are on to something with the Saketini intro. Anything that ends in ini you can charge two dollars more for at a bar.
Xe. I'd be beyond impressed if you were growing wasabi peas.
This sounds nice but you left out the triple sec and the schadenfreude.
I'm going to call it RALPH'S BUICK as I hug the porcelain.

Drew-Silla. I have another cocktail recipe employing your suggested additives. However being a Hedonistic-Minimalist, I use quadruple sec and the attar of AnnaFreud.
Stirred with a cigar.
Larry. To a true chef, a fart or a belch says thank you. For a real bartender to hear the words Ralph and Buick all in one gurgled breath, well, it brings a tear to my pants and a lump in my eye.
Token Tarheel.
Sorry, that name has already been given to a cocktail, but splendid try. I had five banjo lippers one night in Jacksonville, NC. Got so polluted I had my way with Minnie Pearl. I do remember calling her Chesty Puller for some strange reason.
Nothing wrong with that morning. Well, as long as you weren't wearing Glenn Campbell's underwear.
It is all coming back to me now. Your googling has cleared things up. I was not drinking banjo lippers the cocktail, I was drinking from some coon hounds dog bowl. No wonder I got so wasted.
How about a shot of Jägermeister then?
Drew. Had a rugged go of Jagger and tequila one weekend in Baja. I dig the opiatic and narcotic qualities but the taste repulses me. It would only lead to Schadenfreude--more Jerry Springer than Real World I fear.