Nobody Can Eat Fifty Eggs
APRIL 30, 2010 12:11AM

Two Truths and One Lie........Open Call

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1) Had the honor of informing Traci Lords, Johnny Depp and some other pair of shoes under the bathroom stall door, "to take the Peruvian marching powder outside, other people need to use the shitter."

2) With my trusty Zippo, I reenacted the burning of the Pentagon while in my USMC dress blues.

3) Slipped a ring I found in a Cracker Jacks on my new bride's finger right after the Justice of the Peace pronounced us "husband and wife."


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truths, lie, open call

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Clearly those are all true. Try again.
Sir, I'll have you know that one is clearly false.
I'll say #3, because I don't really understand the other two. And I also hope you had a nicer ring for your new bride than one found in a Cracker Jack box. ~R~
I never got anything but rub- on tattoos in my Cracker Jacks. #3 is clearly the lie. _r
ok, I think it's #1 that is not true. You probably wouldn't stop them!
I believe #2 because you were a Marine, & #3 although not real classy, rings (ha) true in a quick ceremony...
Ha! Very nice, I choose reenacting the burning of the Pentagon. Everyone knows that was missile, not a zippo.