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APRIL 23, 2011 12:05PM

Holy Saturday

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This is the third of my quartet of poems for Holy Week.
Holy Saturday

it’s quiet now
silent as any tomb
the pain is over
for him

too early though
for others’ hearts to mend
or for their tears to dry up
he is gone
and they do not expect to see him again
at least not in this life

so they go about their day
they rise from their sleep
they eat and drink
they talk in short sentences
and every now and then
someone will break down
in sobs or moans
or sighs too deep for words

tomorrow someone will have
to go to the grave
there are flowers to place there
some prayers to pray
forms to fill out

but for now
there is only waiting
and grieving
and wondering
why did this happen
and to him of all people

he didn’t deserve to die
most people don’t of course
but him especially
a man of love and mercy
a bruised reed he would not break
and a faintly burning wick he would never quench

and yet
he was despised and rejected
a man of sorrows
well acquainted with grief
one from whom others hide their faces
he was oppressed
and he was afflicted 
yet he opened not his mouth
like a lamb that is led to the slaughter
and like a sheep that before its shearers is silent
so he opened not his mouth

and so he died
his life’s blood poured out
and now he lies in a borrowed tomb
with silence his only company
(this poem borrows language from the book of Isaiah in it's sixth and seventh stanzas) 

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and so it is written.
I woke up this morning anticipating the third installment of your Easter quartet - I am not disappointed. Thank you for these lovely words
I am so glad there is a pastor on here for us to read these wonderful words. I am going to celebrate Easter in People's Park with the hippies after service tomorrow.
rated with hugs