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Ted Kappes
Tolono, Illinois,
January 23
I have lived in rural downstate Illinois for most of my life. And that life has gotten long enough that I can remember clearly things that happened forty years ago. To me that seems like a long time to remember things. I enjoy the parts of history that tell how people have lived their day to day lives. I don't care much for the parts where leaders that have come to seem more like gangsters have gotten people worked up to do their killing for them. Anyway I have had the notion that doing some writing might be good for my mind.


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NOVEMBER 1, 2009 9:01PM

First of November

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First of November

November is a between month for the weather in Central Illinois.  Today was clear and sunny with temperatures in the high 50’s – classic fall weather.  Still before the month is out it is likely that there will be a taste of the winter to come.  November seems to be a month that is low in drama, not like October where the distance between this world and the next is supposed to be at its closest, or like December with one of the biggest holidays of the year.  Instead November has probably the least commercialized of holidays.  One mostly about getting together and eating a lot.  Which judging by the size of most people eating a lot is something that most of us do on most days anyway.

If you have been kind enough to read this far you may be starting to think that I don’t have much to say tonight.  And you would be right.  I did make a start of it and not much came out.  My main purpose in posting is to start on a goal of posting once a day in the month of November.  Thirty posts in thirty days.  The thought did come to me today that it might help my writing to attempt to say something every day.  Of course setting some arbitrary goal like this could just be a symptom of an obsessive personality.  Whatever the cause I have made my first post of thirty.


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I for one, will be sure to check in on your blog every day - there the pressure is now on. You have an audience!!! Patricia Scarborough, a wonderful artist here in NE did a similar thing along with a Candadian friend - they each painted a picture a day for 100 days. They came up with some pretty amazing stuff, and I'm sure you will too.
That is a great idea. I like it. November is a lovely month and Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday. It is all about family coming together without the pressure of the Christmas holiday. Everyone is relaxed and happy.
A beautiful picture. I am really enjoying your posts, so I too will check-in. :-) Keep posting!