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MAY 11, 2009 5:24PM

Two Is A Magic Number

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This post has been sitting in my draft folder for almost a week now. Why? Because I was insistent that I wasn't going to post it without the video and I just could not get the video to behave properly here on OS.

It all started when I decided to create my own pathetic little attempt of a video of Zara's second year including her party on May 2nd. Since I know nothing of such things, I think I did OK for a newbie in making titles, creating a photo montage and adding the Happy Birthday singing/candle blowing video from her party. I added 2 background songs and end credits as well. All in all, I was proud of my little video.
So I uploaded it to Facebook to show it to my friends and family before I wrote my blog post. Yet before you could say, Jiminy Cricket, Facebook had pulled the video and I received a little naughtygram in my mailbox: You have uploaded content that violates copyright...
 Of course I'm like, oh no I didn't! But then I realize...the background music. (smacking head) 
 I'm thinking to myself, I bought the one song on iTunes. Isn't this just a version of personal use? Well not according to Facebook and any of the other hosting services, after my reading of their fine print. That made me very sad. My friends would not see my little video.
Then another thought flew into my head: you host your own site...why can't you just run the video from your own site and not a third-party host? Brilliant! Then came the tricky part: and how does one go about this?
After much searching, reading, and addition of Wordpress plugins, I was eventually able to get my video to play in my Wordpress blog. Feeling pretty jazzed, I then cut and paste the HTML into OS to do my little cross post thing. However, OS did not like the HTML for the embedded video. It liked it so little that nothing on the editing page worked until I deleted the little yellow box where the video would have been. I tried again and again. No luck. Worked fine on Wordpress, not fine on OS.
I then asked for help. Oh Kerry, oh Thomas, please help! I received radio silence. After a day and a half I wrote back asking whether there was someone else I should bother with this technical question? crickets 
I even resorted to e-mail the OS help, which I believe would take me to the same people I wrote to from within OS's system. Nada. After that I decided that my momma hadn't raised me to sit back and wait to be rescued (especially by people with penises!) I was going to figure it out, dammit, come hell or highwater.
And I did.
Step one: I changed the file from a WMV file to a flash FLV file. 
Step three:  Do happy dance!
Here's the post:


Saturday was an amazing and special day. The munchkinette turned 2. Two years old! How did that happen? It seemed that all I did was blink and she went from newborn to toddler. I know they say it goes so fast, but does it ever!

The party was a blur, as was my child. The rainy weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of the kids inside Gymboree. Miss Teri did a phenomenal job in keeping them all entertained. I had looked forward to trying out a 50 mm 1.4 fast lens to get some great indoor flash-free shots of the kids, yet between socializing, my child sprinting at the pace of the road runner, and having chosen to shoot on aperture priority rather than shutter priority, I'm not thrilled with my results. But you'll see them in the video below.

Wonderfully, Josie, Zara's firstmother, came up for the big event. I put her cake decorating skills to work as we added Dora, Boots and Swiper to the plain white cake. She, much more than my dear AdoringHusband, became my right hand for organizing and helping set up when we got to Gymbo. She also had a good time playing with the Zizi-blur in the play area. Finally when we got back home, Zara slowed down enough that I was able to get some nice pictures of them together, that is after we went out accompanying the big girl on her first ride on her new bike!

No other gifts were opened that day. Everyone was just spent.

The next day we started the process and even halfway through our family room looked like a Toys R Us explosion! So far there's been one Princess book (I've convinced her that they are just nice ladies and not the dreaded p-word) and one toy related to that spawn of the devil, Barbie, that I promptly hustled out of the house over Zizi's cries of "open, open!"

"Mommy will get you a Dora car instead of this one, I promise! This one needs to be fixed." Yeah, it needs to be fixed to keep the Antichrist Barbie outta my house for another year at least.

Luckily I had the presence of mind during the chaos that was the putting out the food and getting the cake ready to hand my little Sony camera to my dear friend Julie who captured the happy birthday singing for this year. I spent the past couple of days making my little pathetic attempt at a video. Yet when I posted it to Facebook it got pulled for copyright violations (the background music). Well know what? I'm self hosted. I will host it here on my own site, for you my readers. Enjoy my Happy Birthday to my not quite so little girl.

Since this is so late, let me also add Happy Mother's Day to the moms in heart and spirit. And happy birthday AdoringHusband! Hope you enjoy your radio-controlled glider!

Addendum: So I arrive home and view this post on my home machine and see no video at all. Now I am ready to start hurling things. Yet before engaging in such destruction, I visited Adobe and installed/upgraded Adobe Flash Player. Now, as my munchkin says, There It Is!

If anyone is having trouble seeing the video, you might try that as well.

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I see that glitterfly picture but nothing else! Don't get violent teendoc. Put the laptop down! Deep cleansing breaths, yes, that's better.

Someone here must be able to assist. Did you add it after you clicked the html button?
You don't have the box at the end of the post?Arrgh! Do you normally see flash content without problems? OK, now I'm really annoyed because I can see it just fine.
Good to see ya teen doc. Glad the birthday went well. Sorry for the snafu you went thru making a post. I could not get the video to open but this laptop had been acting very weird lately.

Chin up. The kid grows so fast they will be gone away to college before you know it.
okay, if you can see it, I'm going to be there's a platform issue. That is, the platform you're using isn't fighting with a platform on OS. Change to Firefox or some other platform and try to upload the vid again. See if that works. Or, oddly, sometimes, if I leave my own post and walk away, things start to magically work in my absence. Take five minutes posting on some other topic.

If neither of these things work, run in circles, scream and shout?

Seriously, I will happily wait because I'd love to see the vid. :)
Wow. You can see I have a fever. Let me try that again.

That is, the platform you're using IS fighting with the OS platform. I found I had a harder time getting things to go up in Safari. I have no idea why.
First off, I was able to watch the video (it's all the way at the bottom of the post, for anyone who's reading this and stuck), and it was lovely. Second, and more importantly, your daughter is ADORABLE, and I wish her a happy belated birthday. Third, cheers to banning the anorexic Aryan doll--Barbie sucks.
What a gorgeous little girl Zara is! Oh my goodness! And the Dora hat. Precious. You have a beautiful family. I'm so happy for you.
Oh my Lord she is too adorable! A future actress I see. Or another Doc? :-)
Happy Birthday to them both.
Hi teen - repost or PM or something when you get the vid - love to see it, and happy the party was a success! Spent many happy hours with Gymbo.
She is so beautiful.
Great job, Mom. On all of it. The birthday party, the open adoption, inviting the FirstMom, creating the video, posting it here.

What a beautiful child! ...and she looks like a blend of you and your husband, too.
I'm so glad that some of you have managed to see the darn video, finally! I had to install/upgrade flash player on my home machine in order to get the video at home. There was almost hair pulling for a minute!

Thanks for the compliments on my little attempt at a video and on my munchkin. I've been out of the loop a little bit but need to catch up on everyone's blogs!
Yay! I saw the video of your adorable girl and her birthday! Too sweet...now, aren't you glad you made all that effort?
Happy Birthday Zara, you luckiest little girl in the world!
Teen Doc -

I couldn't view the video, but gather it was a wonderful day from your detailed comments. There are many more precious moments to come.
Wonderful, awesome, in all the sweet ways that kids contribute to our lives. rated.
Wonderful, so wonderful to celebrate the events that make us who we are. You did it up right! Makes me smile to see your happy family.
So glad you got everything working at last. Such a lovely video -- thanks for this glimpse into your precious family.