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JUNE 30, 2010 7:54PM

Which Photo to Choose? or More Zizi Goodness

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It's time for a photoblog post, and this one requires audience (reader) participation. There is a magazine cover photo contest that I would like to enter a photo of the Zizimonster, but she looked so cute in this recent shoot that I cannot decide which photo to submit. That's where you all come in. Help me decide on the best, cover-ready image of the Jubbins (yes, that is her nickname and it's a long story why...) Here are your choices:


From Zara


From Zara


From Zara


From Zara


From Zara


From Zara


From Zara


From Zara


From Zara


From Zara

These photos have been processed in a variety of styles so please don't judge on the processing alone. Thank you!

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Geez, I could probably perform brain surgery with less difficulty than to choose JUST ONE of these pictures. These are precious and she is a living doll.
After careful review, I am torn between G & J.
I may, however change my vote in an hour. _r
Just how is someone going to choose from among all those fantastic pics? By what criteria?
I was instantly drawn to D - maybe its how she fills the frame, or maybe its that she's obviously mid-step, but it jumped off the page for me.

I like G too, but the backdrop doesn't work as well - oversaturated and lacking contrast.
You see my challenge here! I thought perhaps it was just "mommy goggles," but from your reaction, I think not! :-)

Reader not Writer: I used Florabella's sweet color action on the version of G that I picked to post. I also have this version with a soft color pop: Version2 and this one using TRA's Oh Snap: version3. Are they better?
For me it is J. There is a pure honesty of expression going on here in her face and for reasons I can't explain I enjoy the tree trunk and textural contrast. The tree trunk also helps my eye to remember that she is a little girl, and keeps the perspective clear.

Then again I think every picture of Zizi is award winning. I wish we lived close by because I would be on the list of stand ins for babysitting duty. No dull moments is my guess.
She's beautiful!

Such a difficult choice, they're all good. My favorites are D and J... I tend to go for photos where she's not looking directly at the camera, but that's just me. Excellent work, and a beautiful girl!

G is a close third.
Version 2 helps a little, but I think its just a challenging backdrop. The yellows in the dress are muted and don't pop against the street like they do against the grass and trees. And I just love the skirt - a little tutu of sorts!
Thanks everyone for the feedback and comments! What I find interesting is that the choices of my bloggy friends are very different from those of the Mommy Photog community that I belong to. There's no overlap! Isn't that wild?
Hard to choose among such cuteness but I'm gonna say E has it all, cover-wise.
WHAT do you mean WHICH? That's impossible! That's...not do-able! This angel? Choose ONE photo? Yeah, right...

Choose one that doesn't look...posed...but captures her essence...and speaks the most to you.

There you go! No help at all! I know...
OK...so all of these are just ridiculously adorable...but I would go for D & J because of the natural shot feel of them. I had a friend whose mom was a professional photographer. She had lots of pictures that were breathtaking but every one of them looked like moments in time. She said her mother forbade them to ever look at the camera. If they did she told them they just ruined the shot. Of course that might have just been her style. I think every one of these is divine.
Wow, we only get to pick one? That's gonna be hard. Love the riot of color she's wearing.

I guess I'll go with D--there's something about that profile and concentration that I like.
Love them all...G was my favorite...it so captures the innocence and playfulness of youth.
Thanks to all of you for the help. My photographer peeps selected E and A as their main choices. So maybe I'll submit E and AdoringHusband will submit G! That sounds fair enough, right? :-)
How am I supposed to choose the best of perfection???? Actually, I kind of like A and I.
C. It shows her sweet little nature.
I chose D, but I also like A, G, and J.
SHE is a Dollbaby!!!! (gosh how I wish I could have more children). My daughter (who is 14) and I pick E and G! (ratings for cuteness)