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SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 10:50AM

First Haircut

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Up until recently, I'd not seen a reason to cut Zizi's hair. Her curly tresses were delightful, even though the twice daily combing was not the most fun for either of us. Yet now at 3, when wet her hair reached the top of her butt-butt. That was fine for braids, but not so fine when she wanted to wear her hair loose. It was too much to contain with headbands or clips. Even if I tried to leave it open, the teachers would end up braiding it at school. So with reluctance (yes, I have that black person hair cutting thing), she headed to Superstarz Kidz Salon for her first haircut.

I really didn't want to be *that* parent rolling in with the dSLR for photos of the event, so I managed with my iPhone. Yes the images are crappy, but ça y est.

She was so happy to be able to sit in a pink jeep watching Dora the entire time.

After we got back home, I managed to break out The Precious for a couple of pics of the new do:

20100905-DSC_2763web20100905-DSC_2766webDon't you just want to eat her up?!

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She's beautiful! What a lovely smile.
I especially love the last picture of her. ~r
Great captures, Mom. She's gorgeous. That first haircut is photo-worthy. Don't miss a second.
Yes I could just eat her up, she's adorable! I miss those toddler years :)

I never thought I had that black person "haircut thing" (I've always cut mine without a problem) until my 7 yr/old daughter wanted to have her hair cut. It's actually not very long at all, certainly not long enough to present the problems you describe. She has sister locs, and to me they're perfect, but she thinks the length getting in her way.

Good for you, doing what's necessary. I will still have to think on it a bit.
Every time you post photos of Zizi I can't help but think those very same words, "I could just eat her up."
Dora does do wonders! She looks like she's sitting still so well!

Congratulations on another milestone. And yes, I could just eat her up.
Thanks, my friends! Zizi remains our blessing. She's just fabulous. The day after her haircut she says to me, "Mommy, my haircut is still there." :-)

I'm sorry that I've been somewhat scarce here again. I've had a couple of photo shoots and continue processing...slowly.
How cool to find you on a photo/story of the most darling girl...I refused to cut all three of my sons' hair until they were three. It worked where we lived : ) Something about that baby hair....
Nice post!
she is lovely!! i have five sons and not a single daughter....i bet she's such a joy!!