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JANUARY 14, 2011 9:58PM

Honorably Mentioning My Honorable Mention!

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Talk about your good surprises. I won, I won! Well, to be fair, it's more like I honorable mentioned!

So what am I blathering about? To my utter shock, the photo that I entered in the Tamron Fall Into Winter 2010 photo contest was selected as emotional favorite, giving me an honorable mention in the contest! Considering that there were over 1200 entries, one winner and twenty honorable mentions, it still counts as a win to me!

Check out my humble entry on the Tamron site: Zizi & the leaves

What? Don't want to click away from here to take a gander? Okely-dokley. Here it is:


I wonder how the judges felt about my having taken the shot using a Lensbaby and not a Tamron lens? Hmmm....

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That's a great shot. Congratulations!