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MAY 9, 2011 11:27PM

Supergirls Need Moms Too

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I'm the mom of a supergirl. Actually let me correct that. I'm the mom of a SuperGirl named, appropriately, SuperZara!

SuperZara is an invincible superhero with a plethora of superpowers. If her SuperZara senses tingle, it tells her that something is awry in her protectorate land, and she is off in a flash to right any wrongs.


She knows no fear, this SuperZara. She will fly into any perilous situation with little concern for her person. Oh no, SuperZara is about truth, justice, and the Zara way.


Danger can be lurking around any corner. SuperZara must be prepared to dash off in the blink of an eye to defeat the enemy and save the day.


There might be the need for some hand-to-hand combat. You just never know.


But she's always prepared (and fashionable to boot!)


She easily leaps tall curbs in a single bound, careful not to crush innocent worms and ants with her super strength.


She balances precariously along high ledges as she searches for hapless victims who need rescuing by SuperZara. Fear? She eats fear for lunch with a glass of cold milk. Nothing can stop SuperZara!


Well, except for a mask snafu. Curses you poorly fitted mask! You will not defeat SuperZara so easily!


I'm the mom of the inimitable, stupendous, fearsome, and formidable SuperZara, my newly 4-year-old daily miracle. How much do I love you, bleed for you, worry incessantly about you, and know that I would die without you? Words cannot begin to describe.


You thrill me. You frustrate me. You move me.


I must protect you (yes, even SuperZara needs Mommy's protection), guide you, and nurture all the goodness that suffuses your heart and being.


I know that you long to fly free, my SuperZara, but not quite yet. There are still moments when my arms and kisses will chase away the bad dreams of monsters in the dark.


But when that day comes, know that you will fly away taking my heart and my love with you...forever.

Thank you for showing me the wondrous state that is motherhood.

PS: I've been pretty well ensconced in mommy-mode for these last two blog posts. But to see some fun studio photography, visit Eclectic Journey Photography.

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Little girls are the best. You've captured yours beautifully here. This is inspiring. Good parents are my favorite. r
Refreshing. Sugar and spice with a dash of hot pepper. Just super.
This is wonderful. Supergirl most definitely has a Supermom...~r
Thanks, everyone! She may be the cause of most of my gray hair, but I wouldn't trade a second with her for anything.