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OCTOBER 16, 2008 8:32PM

Mom reviews the debates

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I thought y'all might like my Mother's take on the debates:

"Obama was slick.  Very slick.  Makes me suspicious.  Normal people aren't that smooth."

"McCain had that look about him.  That look like your Daddy would get right before I told you kids that you better get to your room."

"I wouldn't mind if people that made more than $250,000 a year had to pay $1000 more a year in taxes.  In fact, they should have to sponsor a poor family.  That way they could get pictures of their poor family and letters on their progress."  (I think she was trying to be funny, but I'm not entirely sure.)

"I hate plumbers.  If he says he's making $250,000 a year, you can bet that he's getting paid another $50,000 under the table.  I don't like roofers for the same reason, though I don't mind them so much since they're not looking in your medicine cabinet as they install the roof." 

"Obama needs to eat some potatoes or something.  He's too skinny."

"McCain looks very orange."

"Newsmen shouldn't be allowed to wear sweaters.  It makes them look like they must have dropped their scotch on their suit coats."


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me too. I don't think I can disagree with anything she said.
I'm totally going to adopt your mom. Mine is mad at me right now and yours seems like more fun (other than that throwing you under the bus incident).

BTW, how's Freaky doing? After last night's cover takeover, I thought she might be feeling a little PTSD today.
She's having a party in my purse. She'll probably have something to say about something tomorrow.
The newsman line was the best part. hee hee
Your mom's a gem- I love reading her comments!
gotta agree with odetteroulette - that newsman line was money
Your mom provides entertainment, pure and simple.
Trade you my mom for yours?
I just had one of those moments where you get a fantastic idea - but too late.

Your mom should have moderated the last debate.

You think we could convince them to do one more? :-D

Rated/howled. Your mom rocks (as do you, lady).
How did I miss this one? Your mom is hilarious. If you start that email list of mom posts, please put me on it! Her description of McCain is perfect. My dad gave me that look all the time.