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Deven McKay
Seattle, Washington,
July 01
I've changed a lot in the last five years, some good, some bad, some things are just different. I'm trying to find a way back to me, but I'm pretty sure that my GPS has dementia.


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DECEMBER 27, 2009 9:25PM

Survey says: Mom's picks

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"Hello, this is your mother.  Is someone dead or hurt?"

"No!  Why would you ask that?"

"You never call me on Sunday afternoons.  I figured you must have finally caught the house on fire with a candle."

"Not yet.  Though I'm thinking of catching the dirty laundry on fire."

"If you do that, put it outside first."

"If I put it outside, I'll just let the crows and raccoons pick over it without the fire."

"I'm watching an old Family Feud.  Name something in New Delhi."

"I.T. call centers."

"What?  That makes less sense than the number one answer."

"What was it?"


"Pickles?  Are you sure the question wasn't 'Name something in a deli?'"

"Oh.  Maybe.  The number two answer was corned beef.  Okay, I'm going to go before they do the bonus round.  I have to concentrate for that."

"Wait!  Don't you want to know what I called for?"

"Not particularly."


"Okay, tell me."

"I knew you'd crack.  The diary people want to know what your favorite posts were this year."

"I liked the Target one."

"Mom, not our posts.  Other people's posts."

"Oh.  I only know the ones you've showed me."

"Yes, out of those."

"I really liked that post you showed me last time.  I didn't have to squint to see it."

"I don't think the large font was the point of the post Mom, but I liked it too.  That was TheBarkingLot4's Christmas Thank You Note."

"I liked what the diary said too, not just the big letters.  I hate writing those Christmas thank you notes.  What you really want to say is 'Gee thanks for the ugly sweater.'"

"I got you a sweater for Christmas."

"Uh huh."

"Any others you remember?"

"I enjoyed that horse that likes gravy."

"Oh, that's Sheldon.  I have a big crush on him. I loved his gravy post too."

"Do you think they'll give him his own show, like Mr. Ed?"

"We can hope Mom."

"There was that one you read me about the dog getting an audit.  I loved the pictures in that one."

"Okay, that's going to take me a minute to figure out..."   [AH HA!  It took me awhile, but I realized she was talking about Lisa Kern's Changing a Dog-hater's Mind.]

"I liked that woman that liked to rock the babies.  I feel the same way.  I think we should come up with some kind of heated, baby scented pillow people could rock with.  We'd make a fortune." [Hawley Roddick]

"Yeah, that's not creepy at all.  We just need one more for five.  Can you think of one?"

"There was that story you told me about the doctor guy.  You laughed and laughed.  But I'm still not sure he was teasing."

"Are you talking about Steve Blevins?  Mom, that post was a joke."

"If it was, it was funny.  It if wasn't, it would be embarrassing for him if you say you thought it was funny."

"It was a joke Mom.  I'm putting it in the list."  [The Secret to a Successful Marriage]

"Okay, but if he gets hurt feelings, you tell him it wasn't my idea.  Now, I'm going to go.  I've already missed the first person up for the bonus round.  Name a place where you find gays."


"That's a final round question.  I think San Francisco.  But the guy got 43 points by saying barn."

"Mom, are you sure that's not 'Name a place you find hay?'"

"Oh.  Maybe.  Though I bet the gays put on a nice square dance."

Things you find at a OS meetup

Picture from screen capture of All Star Family Feud: Battle of the Perfect 10sRichard Simmons is in the ladies group.  I'll let you think about that a spell.

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Yay, Betty. Extra points for The Secret to a Successful Marriage.
Did Steve talk about sad sex? or furniture sex?
Kathy, that would have been my pick for top post for '09.
Thank you mom from the diary people.
Did you tell her about my swollen lips?
The Mom's got good taste!
Getting to know your mom and you has been one of my favorite things about OS. Hope you both have a happy and healthy 2010.
Thank you mg. We've been very lucky with her health this year - and that might continue, unless I show her ablonde's new post.
I think your Mom should have an article picking her favorite of the Mom's Day posts for 2009.
You never fail to make me smile and laugh. Thanks.
Gotta love a horse who loves gravy.
You and your mom are like a comedy team and never fail to make me smile. I like your picks, too.
perfect. rated for 'nice square dance.'
Always a treat! Hee hee hee!

Now I get it. You're not letting Mom read my stuff, now wonder she hasn't named me as a favorite. Is she only knew how much censorship was going on things might get interesting on your next trip to Fred Mayer's.
Absolutely brilliant. Best "Best of" post of all. But that's just my opinion.
Your mom gives us all hope.
I'm blatantly in love with Sheldon... it scares him I think.

Mom rules... again.
Pickles in New Deli, classic. And your mom has great taste in posts. Of course I could never have picked just one of Sheldon's posts as his best of the year.
...but, but... that one had GRAVY.
I have a tattoo and a skateboard--how come that doesn't count??
You had me at "Hello, this is your mother. Is someone dead or hurt?"

Funny, funny stuff. I always love it when you and your mom show up.
I knew Betty would sort this all out. She's always the voice of reason.
this was so fun and clever.
""I'm watching an old Family Feud. Name something in New Delhi."

"I.T. call centers."

~teeheehee~ Or my company's entire programming crew!!! WOOOO!!!

Pickles!! Hehehehe. Mom's still got it!
Deven-The posts with and about your mother are some of the most refreshing reading I've done this year. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Ah, sneaky of you to get mom to pick your favorites.

And damn cheeky, too. :-D

I hope you had a marvelous holiday, Deven. I don't think I could ever thank you enough for sharing your mom with all of us.

*In his best Eddie Murphy as Billy Valentine voice*
Merry NEW YEAR!!!!
Only your Mom could make Family Feud seem so entertaining.
Although if you had teams of OSers playing... ;-)

Great Mom picks!
As always, you and your mom make me laugh and put me in the best of moods. Happy New Year!
Laughing, laughing, laughing out loud.
You're funny, I'll have to read your posts more often! :)
Oh my gosh...Betty reads my blog! This is even better than Joan Walsh (but don't tell Joan I said that.) Please, Deven, give your lovely mom a huge hug from me and tell her that she's always on my Favorites list.

P. S. I really like her other choices, too.
Good list!!! Mama knows.
Deven, yours were the first posts with which I became enamored of this site. I get worried when I can't find one for a few days (no pressure). I believe that every word you quote from your mother is true, because the best stories are true. My mother would have loved to read them
Deven, your mother is absolutely delightful. Please give her my love, and tell her that ... wait a minute ... oh, no ... Latesha is crying again ... I'm so sorry, I've got to run.
I could never pick a favourite for the year. But you and your Mom would be right up there if someone held a gun to my head.

Especially if it was your Mom with the gun.

That would clinch it (not my butt cheeks... the Top Pick thingy.)
Thanks very much to you and your mom. I always look forward to your posts.
Getting in late as usual. This may be my favorite post EVER.

Holy cow, you are some fine fucking talented......
yeah, Dicky Simmons does like being included in the ladies group.
Great "best of" list - loved reading it!
Best ever. You made me snort and belly laugh on several days in 2009.
I love your mom! She makes me feel a little less lonely...and you're not bad yerself, Kiddo:)
Oh my. I think you're my favorite. I just peed my pants a bit just reading this.
Oh I forgot about the gravy piece! I liked that one too. Good choices. Off to catch-up on several of them.
Riotous as usual. I am ashamed and embarrassed. I thought I'd commented but apparently not (and your pitchfork's been pokin me all weekend). Of course you know everything you write is in my People's Choice category, but I have a special soft spot for Mom Day. (Well, spit take is more accurate than soft spot).

I love Betty's eclectic choices, she's got a real gift for spotting talent. Hey, she produced you. Where's that video of her giggling, or was it growling? We need it to cheer us all up.

Oh, and did you ever show her MaryTK's vid on Family Feud? That might cheer Her up. Naa, she has you for that.
The diary people! That is just too sweet. LOL. Great post.
Your mother is funny, intentionally or not.