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FEBRUARY 2, 2010 6:39PM

Chris Matthews v Focus on the Family Represenative over DADT

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Today, while baking maple pecan banana bread, I was watching Hardball. I don't know what it is about Chris Matthews, but for some reason, his outrage more often than not makes me happy.

Today's episode is around 7 minutes long, and Chris Matthews has his friend on who was a sharp shooter in the army, and he happens to be gay. On our opposing side we have a blow hard from some Christian Group, Family Reserach Council I think, he of course opposes having gay people anywhere on the face of the earth, but most particularly in the military, where gay people will harass straight people, (not the other way around of course).

Mostly I don't know what is wrong with these people, but it is instructive to watch them as they mostly believe in stereotypes of people. Of course Chris nor his buddy brought up the obvious  argument, the civil rights argument, because the same arguments the Family Research Council  dude gave were exactly the same ones given by those who opposed integrating the military. But even though that particular argument was no used to refute the FRC dude, it was an excellent debate, that Chris and his buddy owned, the other guy looked like the pawn in the Christian Talibans propaganda arm.


Link To Youtube Video

I will be in Asia for the next 12 days, and I will be blogging my trips to Hong Kong, Macau, and Manila. I will be doing this through my OpenSalon blog account.

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Wow! Have a great trip to Asia. I look forward to reading about it.
Thanks Steve! A picture blog will be fun.
What Steve said, Teresa. CM is caricature not a real person.
I loved Hong Kong and Macau! Have a blast. xxA Chris Matthews...ugh
Is Chris Matthews still on the air? I thought his Obama as black comment had finished him off. Doesn't really matter; no one is watching MSNBC anyway.
I love open salon, you people crack me up and are so damn nice!
Thanks for the fantastic wishes and everything, I am so excited I even fixed my hair this morning! Hah!
I've not ever been to Macau, and the last time I was in HK was in 1982, winter, same with Manila! I was raised there and can't wait to see the changes and take middle son to where I was raised.
I will posts pictures beginning this weekend!
But I feel so damn lucky to be able to go!
Check back this weekend as the photo uploads will begin.
Oh and Eric, yes, exactly, 100%.
Just waiting for those words and pictures...
Not really interested in Chris Matthews and his ego-bloated opinions and rants, seriously wish that Focus on the Family would be identified as a cult and ignored so that the mega-huge ego founder would just "shrivel up and go away" reducing the enmity in this world...
My main reason for writing is why do we use the euphemism "sharp-shooter" rather than "sniper" for Chris Matthew's guest?
Shouldn't we call an "assassin" an "assassin"?
Fun stuff! Have a great trip!!!
@DaveMount, the man you are talking about was a sharp shooter in Viet Nam, not an assassin.