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OCTOBER 19, 2011 9:29PM

GOP Debate IX - The Lament of Ron Paul

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One thing we know for sure, Ron Paul hates the government, according to him it can't do anything right, which is why he has spent so many years in government... err I think. He's been in congress since 1976! And he says government doesn't work, well maybe that is because he participated in making sure government is dysfunctional and by defunding everything he can, he will continue to assure its dysfunction. How many guys in congress are just like him, and how does he get away with saying this stuff.

So Ron definitely doesn't want anyone to pay any taxes at all, and of course all government spending is eventually a tax, and all the Republicans in the audience clap, clap, clap. He is okay with state taxes I guess, because he truly believes that each state can have better solutions on their own and that there is no case that can be made for a federal centralized government. Ron Paul doesn't want to go back to 1850 as many people have suggested, Ron Paul wants to return to pre-1791! He wants to return to the time when America was governed by the Articles of Confederation. He is a pretty interesting fellow, and a little bit silly, but okay let's listen to him some more.

He is going to cut one trillion dollars in one year by cutting all the taxes I think, he isn't really clear about this, but I know one thing for sure, he is cutting everything.

Health Care, we have too much! People are living longer and healthier, but we have too much health care. And there should be no government medicine, nothing, and doctors should be paid directly and torte reform! ObamaCare! He made the false claim that insurance premiums have gone up since ACA, but that simply isn't the case.

He doesn't want to fund the government but he does want to bring all the troops home to put on the border. I  wonder how he will fund this? Should be interesting. Will he just give back the bases we hold all over the world or will he sell the land on the free market before withdrawing all those troops from all over the world and bringing them home. Will they will all be moving to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California?

He wants to cut all foreign aid, and even though he doesn't believe in government programs he makes the absurd claim that money could be going to America's poor. Can Ron Paul answer that question, would he really use the refund from no-foreign aid to feed and cloth and house poor people? Really? What government programs would he use to deliver? Unanswerable and no Paul follower can answer that question either.

Oh Ron Paul, you are so awesome, because my favorite part of the evening was when he did pwn them all when he told them straight to their faces that St. Ronald Reagan negotiated with terrorists! Oh no he didn't, the look on their faces the rest of the debaters were stunned, silent, scared, you could see it, how would they refute him. It was spectacular.

Here is the video of Ron Paul's hits last night.


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it is not hard to love/hate ron paul. i am a full half in favor of his ideas and totally opposed to the other half. you got to respect him for doing it his way - every day. if you told me any other member of congress got caught dirty - it would not make me blink an eye - except for paul - as far as Reagan goes...those were the days when I was protesting his sad acts. thanks for the post!
While I disagree completely with Paul's solutions, I find it ironic that he's considered a loon by the GOP establishment, when in fact he's the only one of their candidates to have any handle on the problems.
taxation is theft. it is looting, made habitual. nowadays it would be easy to run a society without taxation, and also without politicians. but here we are, unhappy sheep incapable of effective action but certain something should be done about it.

waiting for godot, or the return of tinkerbell.

even republican halfwits like rp grasp the need for change, even if he hasn't a clue about what.

the sad truth is, mother nature doesn't give a free pass to the dim, they are eaten just the same, and i'm afraid that usa will eat its own people since it is no longer capable of eating others.
This is a pretty radical idea, but what if all Americans made April 15, 2012 Pay No Taxes Day? Just shut the whole thing down. The 99 percent refuses to pay taxes until taxation becomes fair and equitable. R