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APRIL 30, 2009 3:10PM

2 Truths & 1 Lie

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1.  I was the Federal Law Enforcement Officer of the Year - 1999 Austin/San Antonio, Texas (Southern District of TX)

2.  My brother accidently shot me in my left leg when I was 10 years old.

3.  I've been mistaken for Bob Selleck (Tom's younger brother).


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I would have to guess number 1. The other two seem too possible to happen. I shot my brother in the foot accidentally when we were younger so I couldn't pick that one.
I'm going to guess #3 - sounds like your tongue and cheek humor.
Number 1 is the lie - sort of. You probably received the award in a different year. Clever copper you.
Hmmmm. #1 is the lie.
I don't know anyone in law enforcement who has your light-hearted sense of humor. Seeing people at their very worst moment every day, over the course of a career would make you more cynical, I think.
I'd say three is the lie! Tom Selleck doesn't have a younger brother, does he?
Bubba -- I'll go with number two. You're not related to Dick Cheney. thanks for playing.
Who the heck even knows there is a Bob Selleck? #3.

But if I'm wrong, um, you busy later?
I'm going to go with #1 just because it's so specific.
Numbers 1 and 3 are too specific. I pick Door #2. Do you even have a brother?
#3? Because the others sound so true. I love the tags. hehehehe
1. better be false.... a fed? OHMYGAWD!

2. don't doubt you've been shot ....but was it a criminal when you were a fed?

3. Bob selleck, smellik! But I'd bet you soaked it for everything it was worth.

please be #1......please be #1......please be #1......please be #1......
Gonna go with #2 because OE did. How's that for thinking for myself?
I pick #3, you would totally be mistaken for TOM Selleck!
No. 3. Gut instinct only.
You guys and gals are giving Simon Baker (The Mentalist) some serious competition. Drum roll, please.....here it comes....are you ready?....almost done....#3 (8 of you picked it). I'm so sorry to disappoint you CMack. Actually, some people said my LOUD shirts reminded them of TS. Just a little "white lie". I've always had a good sense of humor, even on the job.
I almost forgot. Thank you to all of you for your comments and playing along. FabF...you'll get over it. Cheers to all!
promise? (I dated a couple of cops, one was a fed...300 years ago. He was a bit of a toad) not that you are a toad..... ;-D