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MARCH 5, 2010 10:25AM

College tuition increase shifted to Atheltic Dept...why not?

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The costs of a basic college education is on the rise...again.  Real soon some folks will not be able to put their kids through a 4-year college on campus without selling the family jewels.  Is this class warfare?  Seems like it.  Grants and scholarships are there but the low and middle class high school graduate, unless a National Honor Society member will struggle for years to come with debt on college loans.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  I have nephews that will be paying on college loans into their late 30s, at least.  Mean time, the ADs and the coaches get huge, I mean huge pay raises and the CEOs of men's football, basketball, and baseball rake it in.  The Athletic Department, many years ago, used to be an office that oversaw "extra-curricula" atheltic activities by the students.  An education was the focus of Joe College.  It seems like the AD could throw some money at "The University" once in awhile, but Noooo!  That would send the wrong message.  Pass the tuition increases on to the students (families).  Some student atheletes have private tutors (Asst. Coaches), on staff and paid by the AD that do nothing more than make sure the "athelete-student" gets all of his/her course assignments completed and  passed, thus keeping their eligibilty current for games and competition.  The popularity of community colleges, technical colleges, and on-line degree universities will continue because of the costs.  The affordability factor and the student's demand for a 4-year college education will decrease.  Who will benefit from this in an ever-expanding global economy?     

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Its time to quit the big lie, college sports are not amature athletic competition. They are the minor league teams for professional sports. Instead of having the university shell out much need cash for these programs just turn them over to the big leagues and let them fund them and pay the students way through college. The schools could still get a piece of the action and put the money back into education.
You know I'm a sports nut, but I totally agree with ocular. Universities receive so much money from sports. Of course, some of it should go to the AD, but when they are raising the costs of tuition so high that people can't even afford state schools, it certainly makes you wonder where that money goes.

I'm going on memory here, so forgive me if it's no 100% accurate, but A&M (yuck, booo, hisss) has a program that if you are a Texas resident, they offer free tuition to freshman if your family's income is something like $60K or less. Now, I don't know what happens when you are a sophmore, but I imagine they are using some of the money the receive from athletics to make that happen. Pretty cool, especially in this economy. I think they've done it for a few years now too. The downside is you have to be an Aggie.