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AUGUST 31, 2010 11:25AM

Gov. Perry a No-Show...WTF?

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White of Houston, TX, has challenged our decades-long Governor, Rick "Good-Hair" Perry to a no-holds barred televised debate.  Guess what?  Governor Perry has declined to accept Bill's invite unless Bill releases copies of his 1990s-era IRS Form 1040s...?  What the fudge?  I bet Bill doesn't even have copies any more of those dad-gummed records.  Does Perry still have his copies from the 1990s?  Who cares?  It's ancient political history whatever they show.  I don't care about anybody's IRS 1040s except my own.  I smell a chicken...? 

Bill is a very successful popular businessman and politician (former Mayor of Houston).  He is as sharp as a tack.  Gov. Perry is a career politician with the State of Texas, except for a short stint on his family's ranch and a gig as an TAMU yell-cheerleader.  Gov. Perry can be a dangerous man though...he has a CHL (Concealed Handgun License), and has been known to shoot coyotes, without warning,  that approach him or his (pet-doggie).  Hell, just about every lobbyist, politician, and wack-job Capitol visitor, i.e. State Executives, have a CHL and carry a pistol in their boot/bra/ass-crack, wherever. 

NEW FLASH...now an Austin TV station (KVUE) reported yesterday that the Texas Department of PUBLIC SAFETY, who is in charge of Gov. Perry's security and the Capitol Security/surrounding buildings, will now have "high-powered" rifles at the ready, if needed.  All visitors might want to consider wearing Kevlar when visiting the State Capitol as a result of this news.  It looks like there will be enough fire-power there to start an insurrection or a legislative mutiny. 

If I was Bill, he might want to Skype-in his debate with Gov. Perry if he can find those ancient IRS documents...   

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